Visual Inspiration: Miracles Await

  • Robin Stetler

    Mastin, I never comment about your daily blogs, but have found so much comfort and joy from reading them.  Today, and again, you did not disapoint.  Thank you for your heartfelt writing.  I just wanted you to know I appreciate you.

  • Rckymtngal73

    When I heard of the tragedy in Connecticut, I looked to the sky and screamed, out loud, why! This type of evil should not come upon anyone, especially onto such young children of pure heart and innocence. Acts of violence of this magnitude truly tests my faith. I always question how does evil slither it’s way into a faithful and connected community like Newtown? Why weren’t they protected by the one they so trusted to protect them the most. I understand that we will never truly understand the reasons why these things happen to such good people; however, in my personal experience, when my faith in God has been tested, I know that He will embrace us all and Good will overshadow the evil that has tainted this country and World. My prayers go out to the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut. They are not alone because we grieve with them. Love to all! Amy

  • Etwilms

    We often hear this type of thingin the media, this does not happen in these “towns/neighbors”.  Unfortunately, statistics show it happens more in thesse towns/neighbors and so many more places – less we forget Timothy McVey( bombing a federal builging with a day care center)?  In a movie theater, a mall, churh, Mosque, college campus and so many more “unexpected places…

    We must wake up and understand that EVIL does not recognize those demographics we so often quote,  rich/middle income, race/ethnicity, education, gender, religion.  We are in  a war of evil verses good.  And as you have noted LOVE is the only thing that can combact evil.

    I applaud  and your work through the Daily Love to lead this fight.  you have been highly favored to to know your purpose.

  • vipen

    I never comment either although I should if only to let you know how much I take-away from what you give.  Today was no exception, you said exactly what I feel everyday about our world and country – our world is consumed in it’s addictions.  My heart breaks for us all,  but my Faith is strong. 

  • Sara A Mann

    Hello Mastin; and thank you so much for your HEARTFELT SHARING: you have echoed that which has been in my HEART and my THROAT to share…..I felt totally awash in confusing emotions on Friday; till the Evening, and then somehow I started to rise out of the drowning waves of reACTION and into RESPONSE…and was able to work my way up….out of the waves of despair and into the ‘space’ which you have described.  You do us all such a SERVICE with your sharings which I have come to believe in as genuinely heartshared and soul bared.  Keep on keeping on with your growth so that those of us who are on the journey with you; at least on the main road will have companionship as much as we choose to; or walk a solitary path when we need to and know that there are wonderFULL people waiting in the light here for us and on the other side as well, IN courage IN us to keep on till the time is meant for a rest!!!!! NamasteBlessedbe Sara A Mann

  • RC

    You are reaching many through your web site in a postive fashion. (thankyou)  We live in a fallen world and although love is a cure, it’s not “all we need”.  We need a Rock, a Moral Standard, a Devine Savior to hold on to.  That Devine Savior is Jesus Christ.  He tells us to knock and He will open the door to His welcoming arms so we may dine with Him..  The Apostle Paul said the greatest of all gifts is the gift of Love, all else is secondary..  You are right on with that Truth..  However we were all born into a world of sin and therefore we can’t save ourselves through our own efforts, only modify behavior, great start, but not the answer.  Connecticut is an example of a misquided person in a misquided world.  We pray for the families and the children and adults that lost thier lives in this tragedy.
    Jesus proclaimed I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through Me.  Now more than ever we need to cling to Him and realize we are in a fallen World. 
    May the God of Love and Peace bless your Web and your blogs now and throughout the Christmas Season.