Visual Inspiration: No More Excuses!

  • LOVE this one!  (and every one.. but this one a little bit more!!)

  • Irene

    If I waited until I was ready I would have never gone out and climbed a mountain (twice).  It is not about being ready it is about doing, perfectly or imperfectly.  There is no better time than now.

  • Christie

    You r message was so “on time” for me today!  I have been dragging my heels on a new project because I have been feeling scared…not ready but I know there is greatness around the corner.  I just have to do it-even if its not perfect.  I thought I learned this, guess I need a refresher course, lol. In my heart of hearts I know the only thing that is “perfect” is God’s love for us. 🙂

  • Cbaltzell10

    This blog fits my current situation perfectly! There is a particular project coming up and I really just need to go for it but I haven’t felt ready or 100% prepared. Although I am ready, I keep holding myself back because I feel like I’m not ready. By not being ready, I’m really saying I’m just waiting for the perfect moment. Which, as Mastin said, will never come! Today’s particular blog has definitely given me the perspective that I need for this project! All the love in the world to you guys!!!

  • Jodi Brown

    ABSOLUTELY.  When I started this business I jumped off before I was fully ready.  One of the things I learned from Tony Robbins is that business success comes with your ability to be able to detect (problems) and correct (them).  No matter how much you plan, once you get rolling, things are gonna change, so step into the flow and start swimming.    You’ll work out the kinks as you go.