Visual Inspiration: No More Excuses!

  • Nivia

    Thank you today’s message, I’m enjoying the comfort of my bed and the sound of the rain as I read today’s messages from TDL. That post was right on time for me and gives me true validation that I am on the right path and that my journey is blessed, divinely ordered, and guided. Much love to you Mastin!

  • I have received this message in a few different ways this week… appreciate it and hearing it loud and clear.

    thanks for being you and sharing all you do… appreciate that too :~) 
    wishing you an amazing day

  • Lisbethkramer

    How did you know this is exactly the way I was feeling today? absolutely not interested in giving up, but times when you feel vibes of those around you thinking…judging…how you gonna make it happen after all this time……….takes every bit of me to accept me, believe in me and keep moving forward. And I do believe, just when it is nearly right in front of  you is the time when so often…we try another road as we believe that one won’ succeed. New road is cool, but complete detour..don’t think so. THANKS SO MUCH for the love…………….

  • AA

    I really love how your blog entries have been speaking to me, Mastin. Right now, I just feel so overjoyed that I just felt compelled to comment on this particular entry. 

    I’ve been feeling up-in-the-air a lot these past few months, and I really hit bottom when I joined a company wherein I wasn’t able to be of value; it really stresses me out when I’m not doing anything, as opposed to doing a whole lot of things. Anyway, I was about to feel resigned to the fact that that was what I signed up for, and so I had to endure it. Thank Goodness for your blog, and again, for entries such as this!

    I empowered myself to make the most of that situation — I started using the Internet at the office to look for potential employers, instead of just whiling my time away on Facebook and whatnot. & now, just weeks after that, I shall be starting a new job (better than what I was aiming for in the first place), under a very inspiring individual, who promised that I would be able to reach my full potential in this position.

    I am just so, so thankful right now & I wanted to share this with you, as you are part of this. So, to all the Daily Lovers out there, keep the Faith; keep pushing. Live in Love. 🙂


  • “Everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end”

    This quote has gotten me through a lot of hard times and it seemed to fit perfectly with the blog today 🙂

  • Each day I pray each day I photo walk each day I never know what I may encounter but when it does so with love my world is complete. <3 xoxo to all daily lovers