Visual Inspiration: Shine On!


  • Brenda

    I so needed these very wise words.  I am facing a lot of changes and I am in a major mid – life transition that I am very excited about, but also very fearful because I am living right in the midst of a totally clean slate…a brand new start!  I’m excited but scared because I don’t know what my new life is going to look like.  It can be anything I want….for real.  I am afraid to take the first step and I know I have new friends coming to me on this new journey.  My old buds just don’t get what I’m doing, so it’s hard to talk to them.  So….I want to turtle and hide and wait until the storm (there really isn’t one) is over.
    I love what you said today Mastin.  I need to stay out of my shell, open to the world and really start to work on creating my NEW LIFE.  We all get to do whatever we want and I think I’m afraid of how awesome it’s going to be….lol.
    I read your TDL shining words every day and they have helped me to stay out of my shell, especially the one today.
    Thank you so much.