• ReNewed Mind

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have been trying to feed/fill my spirit daily over the past year.  I call it filling the tank.  It’s the same premise as filing a tank with gas.  You and go and go and look at the needle getting lower and know it needs to be filled, but if you are not careful and the gas is low you can run out if you hit a traffic jam.  Inevitable the traffic jam comes, just keep your tank full so you never run out of gas. 

  • Miriam Soberanes

    My favorite part of your post was “with our spiritual practice we can accept what happens in the outside world without it needing to define who we are.” I think it’s brilliant and the key to achieving true inner happiness. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is so awesome. Thank you for this reminder. Something else that comes to mind for me is that I am enough now, i am worthy..