Visual Inspiration: You Deserve Awesome Love!

  • Angie

    I love TDL!  I really do.  Thank you, Mastin, for your wisdom and honesty!  This is my first time to ever comment, so I’m a little ‘fearful’.  ha!  Anyway, this one question spurred me on to comment:  “Where can you make a decision that is in alignment with your integrity instead
    of your fear?” I’ve recently had to finally make a decision that I knew was going to hurt one of my colleagues, but it was the right thing to do for the church (that’s where I work) and for integrity purposes.  This person was taking advantage of the flexibility I offered and it was looking as if I was playing favortism to the rest of the staff.  This has been going on for MONTHS and I did NOTHING about it because of my FEAR of her reaction.  (I happen to know her husband is without a job and they are financially strapped).  Well, just today, I had to act with integrity and conquer my fear (with sweaty palms and shaking hands) to tell her…..well, basically ‘no’.  No more of this.  It was hard.  She was upset.  She’s currently not talking to me.  I’m actually still shaking.  But, boy do I feel better.  The load on my shoulders that I’ve been carrying around for months now is lighter.  Whew!  Hope this makes sense and is not too long.  Why didn’t I do this earlier???!!  Because of FEAR!

  • Disida

    You deserve awesome love: 

    I believe in extraordinary love. I feel it everyday in my life and not only with my Love but with my close friends, with my family, with great food, with new experiences, with music that moves my soul and travel that opens my eyes and my heart.
    I have learnt that to receive this ‘out of this world’ love, you must GIVE it. Yet, to be able to give it, you must know, without a doubt, that you TOO are an amazing and loveable person. When you are blessed with this TRUTH, it is like exhaling a deep breath that you have been holding for a ridiculously long time without even knowing it.

    You deserve awesome love because you are a unique being, because you hold the ultimate superpower of giving love and doing good in your world, because you are you. Treat yourself in love and honor, know how beautiful and original you are and you will receive more love than you know what to do with.

    I do, everyday, and I can assure you that I am no different from you…Xx