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If we only did things when we WANTED to do them – we wouldn’t get much done. That’s what I’m learning.

The physical transformation of my body is teaching me so much. This morning at the gym, I REALLY didn’t want to be there. I would have rather gone for a gluten free donut.

But I didn’t. I showed up. And with the help of Pam, I was able to push through.

I’m learning that it REALLY is about showing up. Not sometimes. Not when I feel like it. Not when it’s nice out. But every day.

And when I think back about the success of TDL, it happened because I wrote every day. Not some days, not when I just felt inspired, but every day.

And what I’m seeing is that in the areas of my life that aren’t thriving, it’s just that I’m not doing them every day. I already have the skill in one area of my life, so all it takes is transferring that skill to another area of life.

And boy, the blocks come. I’ve decided on a new workout maxim, “The best time to workout is RIGHT WHEN you don’t want to.” That maxim is going to help me break through the resistance.

The things that we want are on the OTHER SIDE of showing up for them. And there will ALWAYS be resistance. Expansion always requires stepping outside our comfort zones and that brings up fear and in that fear and in that brattiness lay our doom or our salvation.

Do we let our fear and our inner brat win, or do we let our higher self win? My life coach, Laurie Gerber, taught me all about fear and my brat.

These two guys come up when we expand. Fear of the unknown and the brat says that we shouldn’t have to ‘cuz we are so special. Transformation and expansion requires two things: courage and humility.

The courage to show up (EVERY DAY) even though we are afraid. And the humility to admit where we need to grow. And I guess one more thing: the WILLINGNESS to go through it and be embarrassed that we are not as all powerful as we may think we are.

So, where in your life do you feel entitled, like you “SHOULDN’T” have to do something? Where in your life are you afraid? Where in your life can you be a little more willing to go through it, instead of holding yourself back? Where can you show up, even if you don’t want to?

Something to think about… Consider that everything you desire may be on the other side of answering these questions.



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