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Want to IGNITE your creativity? Get uncomfortable…!

I’ve come to believe that creativity stems from an unmet desire. A desire to be seen. A desire to be expressed. A desire to make something as close to perfection as possible. And many times that desire comes from being uncomfortable.

The pain we often feel is our creativity dying to be expressed. But what do most of us do? We stay safe, WELL inside our comfort zone because we fear death. And in that fear, what happens? Our creativity and our soul begins to die as well.

This year has been an amazing year for me. Falling deeper in Love with Jenna, being on the Lifeclass Tour, signing with Hay House. going to London, and then Maui soon, speaking for the first time at Marie Forleo’s “Rich, Happy and Hot LIVE” and speaking at the Hay House IGNITE Conference in NYC in November, plus launching a new site soon. It’s A LOT. And TDL is still a really small team.

And each, is a step outside my comfort zone. And each step outside my comfort zone brings fear. And with fear comes resistance. And with resistance comes friction and in that friction life is born. And in that new life, I get a new perspective and in that new perspective dawns NEW creativity.

It is in the uncomfortable, scary place that we create the best. When our survival is on the line, our evolutionary impulse to create or die emerges. THAT is when the best stuff comes out of us. Which is why I’ve set one of my main intentions in life to always be on the knife’s edge of my comfort zone and always a little bit afraid.

I think I’ve been MORE afraid this year than in any year in the past. And that is by GRACE and also by choice. What’s happened to me and TDL this year has been total GRACE, but the CHOICE that I have made to say YES to the adventure is what keeps me and TDL in the GRACE ZONE. And being in the grace zone is terrifying because it is a direct line into the unknown, into necessary uncertainty. And in that space, new content for blogs comes, new creative ideas come.

While I’ve been in London I’ve been TOTALLY inspired for the design of a new online product I’m launching in the fall. ALL the design elements for the site have come from being in London. Who knows what they would have been if I would have stayed at home. But, yet again, more creativity, new insight, new perspective and new life are born from risk taking.

That is where the richness of life comes from. From diving into the scary unknown with nothing but passion, and FAITH and then coming out the otherside ALIVE, WELL and freshly INSPIRED.

This is how to ignite your creativity. Where in your life can you ignite yours? Leave a comment on the blog and let me know!

Love from London,


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