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Want to thrive? Stay focused on your ideal outcome!

One of the main reasons why I see so many people unhappy when I start working with them one on one is because they are so focused on the cause of their problem, aka – the pathology.

And while it’s all well and good to know where your problem came from, and very important to know where your problem came from, if you only stay focused on that (the pathology), you will not thrive.

To thrive, in any way – medically, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually – you’ve got to have an ideal outcome or scenario or destination that you are headed towards.

This isn’t to say that you should be SO fixed on an outcome that you are inflexible and rigid – on the contrary! I am a BIG believer in flow. But, if all you do is spend time focusing on what the problem is, you leave no room open for the solution.

This isn’t as easy as “being positive”. I would not be so naive as to say that a positive attitude is enough to make you feel better or heal – especially from very extreme illness. However, what I am saying is that without a positive and optimistic outlook, the possibility of healing and THRIVING is almost 0%.

When we focus only on the problem – we get MORE of the problem. And it becomes not only the story of your life, but also your IDENTITY. And when you identify – as in  – who you are is now the problem, the likelihood of thriving reduces significantly.

If we wish to thrive, if we wish to live an extraordinary life, if we wish for miracles and to be able to SEE solutions – we must go looking for them. This means that we become aware of the pathology, understand the pathology and then set our minds (i.e. our psychology) on to an outcome of thriving, rather than on the pain of the problem.

This is not a prescription for a spiritual bypass of your pain. You must feel your pain fully in order for it to heal. You cannot will your pain away or just wish for life to get better.

The body responds to what your mind feeds it. Healing is a medical process, an emotional process, a physical process AND a spiritual process. To have fixed in your mind a thriving outcome of ideal health and abundance are the cornerstones of creating miracles in your life.

Anyone who has come back from massive failure or had a medical miracle in his or her life operated this way.

Can you? I’m curious.

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