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We Are All Born Psychic!

I am sure some of you are thinking, “Me, psychic? No way!”

I am here in the moment to share with you that YES! YOU are born with highly psychic abilities, or what I like to call them, intuitive abilities.

We use different words to describe our given gift to be attuned to the Uni-verse such as instinct, gut or my favorite, “spidey sense.”

Each of us is born with at least one intuitive ability that will differ from person to person. You might also be born with more than one, which I do see happening more and more. The four main intuitive abilities are feeling, knowing, seeing or hearing or as they are often referred to as Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

One of the simplest and fool proof ways to know which one is your strongest intuitive ability is to listen and pay attention to the language you use to express yourself when communicating with others – you will use the word feel, see, hear or know more frequently.

Do you say, “See what I mean or see what I am saying” often? That’s clairvoyance/seer. Do you say, “I feel or I am feeling that” a lot when you talk? That’s clairsentience/feeler. Do you find yourself saying, “Hear what I am saying or hear what I mean”? That’s clairaudience/hearer. Do you say, “Know what I mean or know what I am saying”? That’s claircognizance/knower.

Have fun with it, pay attention to how others around you are expressing themselves when they communicate with you and you will be able to pin point which one of the intuitive abilities that person has.

Once you have been paying attention for a few days to which word (feel, know, see or hear) you use the most, then the next thing to be aware of is that your intuitive self always speaks first and your ego self will speak directly second. Understanding your ego voice allows you to clearly distinguish your intuitive voice.

Remember that your ego has an important role (see Love Your Ego, Love Your Life) as it was created to give you choice and to help you fully embrace your human existence here on earth, and to learn to grow and go through the soul’s progression to remember to love and be love alongside the help of our intuition. This is our purpose!

I leave you with my deepest truth and that is, “Remember YOU are extremely intuitive! I am with you in this moment to remind you of how perfectly connected you are and of the power that resides within you today and every day. I support you on your journey of remembering your greatness and that you are always in tune with the Uni-verse. I believe in you and that you are deeply intuitive. This is my truth!”

Blessings, love and light,


# # #

Tara Taylor, International Intuitive Counselor & Published Author “Through Indigo’s Eyes”.