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We Are ALL Sources Of Glorious Possibility!

Ryf-Van-Rij-199x300Each one of us is the perfect expression of Source mind.

However the frustration of our potential is at the foundation of all our maladies including emotional, mental and physical problems.

There is a plan for each one of us connected to infinite mind which creates a deep seated urge within us.

This could be described as Source/Uni-verse/Higher Power/God’s will for us.

There could never be a hint of limitation in Source mind so it follows that the ceaseless desire of Source is to express perfection in the creation of us.

Our challenge is to allow that perfect idea to flow in us and through us so that we can allow the magnificence of who we are within to manifest in our external worlds.

Of all creation, man alone has the power of thought and the ability to exercise free will.

And yet we suffer from sickness, unhappiness and want.

This is because in our freedom we have neglected to stake claim to our divine inheritance, which is abundance in all things.

Any religion, church or personal growth offering that is not at its foundation encouraging us to release “Source within us,” is counter intuitive. What religion teaches us as “evil,” Source sees as the concealment and frustration of our own inherent good.

And if we listen carefully even during our darkest hours, the desire of Source to express perfection in and through us will prevail and we will be comforted and supported.

We are all the activity of Source/Uni-verse/Higher Power/God, manifesting into us as people.

These have been exciting revelations for me. After being indoctrinated into my parents religious beliefs I always felt a deep disconnect from religion and what I intuitively new were mistruths. I questioned why the creator of all the Uni-verse would purposely design one race inferior to another or one sexuality right and the other wrong. How could the creator make one religion right and all the others misguided? Would the creator even design religions knowing full well how much harm they would cause? It just didn’t add up.

We are ALL Sources of glorious possibility.

Our journey is about becoming transparent to transcendent.

However, Source can do no more for us than Source can do through us.

It’s up to us to remove the roadblocks to become all we can be.

Much Love & Welcome Home,



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