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We Attract Everything That We Are!

Jenna012313If you’re reading this blog, you’re an emotionally intelligent human being. You KNOW that you can manifest, create, and attract ANYTHING that you want. You know that speaking into the positive is the awesomest way to bring yourself closer to everything your heart desires. So the quintessential question is: “why don’t we have everything already?!”

I’ll answer that question with two other questions:

What if we DID have everything we’ve ever wanted in this exact moment?

What would we have to look forward to?

Life would be so boring! We’re MEANT to be challenged warriors in this lifetime. We all have a vital purpose to contribute to the world.  We’re meant to be seen, heard, healthy, and happy.  As long as we’re on this planet, we will continue to expand our container or stretch our plate. There will always be more to get/accomplish/discover/breakthrough/attain. We will never stop learning, and we will forever need to have reminders to stay connected to our vision and authentic self (our ego loves it when we forget).

We CAN have whatever we want if every cell in our body KNOWS that we will get it and that failure is not an option. When we’re clear about what we want, but our energy and actions are not in alignment with our goals, the end result is exactly what we’re afraid of. Being afraid that it won’t work out will prevent us from really stepping into our power. Lingering doubts will tempt us to engage in actions that will produce our fears.

When we’re afraid that we won’t get the job we want, we show up nervous and not our authentic selves or we don’t follow through with certainty. There is nothing magnetic about that!

Don’t make yourself “wrong” for not having a certain something, opportunity, or experience yet. While action steps are vital to physically bring us closer to our desired destination, it’s our ways of being that function as our star-stuff magic. It’s the stuff that either pulls our desires into our reality at lightning speed, or pushes away people and opportunities into a whole other time zone.

We want the body of our dreams while we scrutinize our present physique. We dream about having more than enough money to cover all of our bills and expenses, but we still say words like, “oh I can’t afford that right now…” instead of declaring that we will buy it. We want to have deep and meaningful relationships but the fear of someone breaking our heart causes us to build a wall around our authentic self.

Being with scarcity conversations produces scarcity, while being in gratitude for everything you have attracts even more abundance.

Being with abandonment issues keeps people away, while being open and vulnerable invites people to connect with you on a whole new level.

Being with the fear of not accomplishing our weight loss goals will tempt us to give up, while being committed to our results will ensure that we eat mindfully and exercise even when we don’t want to.

How we do one thing is how we do everything, so if you want something in your life to change start doing everything differently one step at a time. Instead of running for 30 minutes like you always do, add an extra 5 minutes on top of that every week. Rather than avoiding that beautiful person standing behind you in line at the store, make eye contact, smile, and say “hi!” Instead of being mad that you can’t afford those new boots for the winter, go into the store and try them on with joy.

Continue being clear on your intention and taking action steps that’ll support your journey. We can’t receive what we truly want while simultaneously being fearful that it won’t happen. Our thoughts become our reality. No way around it.

Powerfully think, be, and do so you can have all that you want. We attract what and who we ARE, not what and who we WANT.

Love all that is you,

Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is a Total Wellness Philosopher, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & the founder of her lifestyle brand I’m On A Mission. Follow her on Twitter and be inspired.

  • Mischa Estrada

    Thanks Jenna! Walk into the reality you want is my motto. One intentional step at a time. Your story is uplifting and your passion illustrates an intentional life is a great one! Especially when we go for our bliss and say “yes” to “I can make that happen”!
    Bliss and double bliss to you.

    • Jenna Phillips

      THANKS! Bliss and double bliss right back at you!!! XO

  • Sarina C. Oden

    Thank you for this…so very true!!! Great read today!!!

    • Jenna Phillips

      Happy you liked it! :) Thanks for commenting :)

  • Jill_Hallgren

    Thank you for the reminders, Jenna!

    • Jenna Phillips

      Thanks for reading! :)

  • David H. Breaux

    Thank you Jenna for words of widsom. I concur–aligning thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds brings harmony into one’s life. Also, makes for an easier day living Truthfully to one’s authentic Self.

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

    • Jenna Phillips

      Thanks for the LOVE!!

  • Andjela

    Thank you so much Jenna. You just made me leave my couch!!

    • Jenna Phillips

      HAHA!! YES!!! :)

  • Rosanne

    That was an amazing thought for today. Thank you!!!! It is exactly what I needed :)

    • Jenna Phillips

      YAY! Happy you loved it!

  • http://www.sarahdizney.com/ Sarah Noel

    Yaye, Jenna! I’ve been away from TDL for a while (busy working on other stuff) and picked the PERFECT day to come back! :) I love your blogs, Jenna!
    And this post is especially funny b/c I blogged about it recently too.

    I’m working on being even more positive and drawing what I want TO me. I feel that I’m SO CLOSE…. yet…. I don’t know what to do to get over the hump, so to speak. I guess just keep the positive thoughts flowing, and continuing to take steps, one at a time, towards what it is you want. Right now for me this is building my new business. I can SEE my life with plenty of happy clients, an abundant stream of income flowing in every month, and ample free time to continue to do what I love. I can SEE it. I can FEEL it. I BELIEVE it. So why isn’t it HERE yet? It’s coming….

    Things show up when we NEED them… not necessarily when we WANT them. I’ve recently gotten into watching Joel Osteen’s Sunday morning sermons. This is atypical for me (not my usual “kind of thing”), but Joel is awesome! Yes, he quotes the Bible sometimes, but it’s message is so much MORE than that. It’s all about positivity, the power of our thoughts, and creating the life we want. The same thing TDL teaches, and many other spiritual leaders. Anyway… this past Sunday, Joel’s message was that things will come to us when we need them. So we needn’t worry or be afraid we won’t have whatever it is. We will. WHEN WE NEED IT. If we don’t have it right now… chances are, we don’t REALLY need it right now.

    I know I’ve found this to be true in my own life. Money seems to show up JUST when I need it the most. People show up just when I need them the most. Stuff happens just when I think it won’t, and at the perfect time.

    So… deep breath… everything is unfolding perfectly, and will happen at just the right time. :) In the meantime, stay positive, stay happy, and enjoy your life RIGHT NOW. :)


    • Jenna Phillips

      I love Joel Osteen! Thanks so much for letting me know you love my blogs. I’m happy they resonate with you! We totally speak the same language. You sound like a solid and grounded woman! Full of love and wisdom! :)

  • Tinemi

    While reading this I remembered a line from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” where the boy says “We accept the love we think we deserve”.

    • Jenna Phillips

      YES! I love that!

  • Deseree

    Jenna that post was great i loved it.Thanks a lot. God Bless

    • Jenna Phillips

      So happy you enjoyed it! I appreciate your words :)

  • Cecilia Villalon

    It’s been rough last few months of attracting the things that I don’t want. I can feel that things are turning around and feeling the abundance come back into my life again. It’s so easy to forget that we attract what we think, so I am so grateful for this reminder.

    Much gratitude,

    • Jenna Phillips

      Thanks for reading! XO

  • Ellen Greenlaw

    Thank you Jenna! Just what I needed to hear. So inspirational that you had a head
    injury in high school. Car accident gave me on in 1991 and I am still recovering
    and learning and reconnecting my neurons. Any suggestions for head injured
    people in particular. Hard sometimes for me to stay off panic/emotional/desperation
    mode. Thanks for your life and for flourishing. Keep at it and keep us posted.

    • Jenna Phillips

      I know the feeling. It helped me to write about my frustrations as much as possible. Practice self expression! Surround yourself with positive people and LOVE yourself!

  • Valerie Marie Rutherford

    “We can’t receive what we truly want while simultaneously being fearful that it won’t happen. Our thoughts become our reality. No way around it.”

    My problem with this kind of thinking is that it can actually breed more fear in me. If I believe can’t manifest my dreams without getting rid of ALL my fearful thoughts, then it seems that I’ll never reach them. I’m not perfect, and I will never get rid of my fears absolutely. I like the power of positive thinking, but when people make it seem like any fearfulness at all will disrupt the process, it makes me want to give up.

    • Jenna Phillips

      Trust, trust, trust! :) The Universe will not let you fail!