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Weight Management….Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Robin Lee burgandy102411People call me all of the time to support them on their journey with weight management and weight loss. I find that people are very hard on themselves — and oftentimes make the issue of weight loss far more difficult than it needs to be. I can see a few of you rolling your eyes and saying, “Yeah right, easy for her to say!”

Being in practice for over 20 years has taught me a lot of about people, how they think, and how they treat themselves.

If you are wanting to lose weight, I am going to invite to you to do three very important things that I have seen great results with. If you want to commit to one, then commit to one and you will see results — just a bit more slowly.

#1 Hydrate
When you are putting liquids into your body, get into the habit of the liquid being water. Consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Besides hydrating the body, water also naturally cleanses the body and acts as an incredible appetite suppressant. Oftentimes when we are hungry, our bodies are actually dehydrated or thirsty. The next time you feel hunger come on, check in with yourself and see how long it has been since having had a glass of water. If it has been more than an hour, drink a glass of water, take a breath, and see if you are still hungry.

#2 Be conscious of your portion sizes
There are a million diets and programs out there on the market as you well know — and may have even tried! There is nothing more miserable than watching the scale go up and down like a crazy roller coaster ride. There isn’t such a thing as “good” and “bad” foods in my book. There is such a thing, however, of eating too much of one thing and not enough of the other. Please look at what a portion size is before you begin chowing down on the bag of “healthy” trail mix or crackers. Once people get an idea of what an actual portion size is, a little light bulb goes off and they figure out exactly how they have been gaining weight! If you eat more than a serving size consistently, you will gain weight. It is pretty simple, right? If you find you have no will power and eat a whole box of cookies because they are in front of you, consider only buying single serving containers of things until you get into a different rhythm with taking care of your body. Chew well. Eat a bit more slowly. This will help too.

#3 Record the foods and liquids you are consuming
It is said that people who write down or record the foods and liquids they are consuming get 25 to 30% better results with weight loss. I have seen this to be so very true. You can write your daily dietary intake down on a pad of paper. I record things as I am about to eat them and am often surprised by what a serving size is still!  I personally love and use the app My Fitness Pal that I downloaded for free on my iPhone.  A lot of my clients use My Fitness Pal or The Weight Watchers app.  Logging one’s diet is an incredible tool to create clarity and connection to what we are putting into our bodies. Logging foods is a pain at first, like any new habit. After about a week of logging your diet, you will notice gratitude for the awareness that the habit of food logging brings.

I have to say before I go, the easiest way to lose and manage weight long term is through consciousness, awareness, and gentle understanding. Everything in our lives that we do is a habit. If we don’t like how we are feeling, we can identify the habits that create the feelings and experiences we are having. Once we identify the habits, with patience and commitment, we can create new habits that will create different outcomes. When you make different habits and choices, you have to get different outcomes. Isn’t this so?

The relationship that we have with food and our bodies is a very intimate journey. Please take time to slow down, be willing to understand yourself , and most importantly, please be gentle with yourself. Your body is incredibly resilient and supportive of you and all that you do. Choose to feed yourself in a way that feels loving and supportive to your body.

Huge hugs to each of you reading this! I hope you found this supportive! Please say hi in the comments below! 🙂

In Health and Love,



Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.