What gift would you claim from your darkest hour?

mk_treesWhat if, from another point of view, your darkest moment was actually your greatest gift?

When we talk about SPIRITUAL growth, we are dwelling within a realm that does not sync up with human reason. Human reason and intelligence have been evolving over the ages, but they are still not developed enough to properly decode and decipher the true nature of reality.

We tend to think logically, in mostly “if, then” statements.

If I’m a good person, then good things will happen to me. If I follow all the rules, then I will be rewarded. If something bad happened to me, then there must be something wrong with me. If I experience pain, then what’s happening is bad. If I experience pleasure, then what’s happening is good.

But the problem is: human logic, understanding and our point of view are extremely limited. If we truly understood this, we wouldn’t be so quick to apply meaning to the events of our lives. Just because we feel good or bad in the moment doesn’t mean what’s happening is good or bad.

When I was doing drugs and drinking alcohol, in the moment I felt good, unaware of the long-term effects of my actions.

While I’m working out, it hurts like hell, but there is massive long-term reward.

The nature of The Uni-verse is often counterintuitive. What’s bad is actually good and what’s good is actually bad. This isn’t a blanket Uni-versal truth, but it is something I would love for you to consider.

Also, it’s important to mention that even the dance between good and bad is perfect. We need opposites to learn, to grow and to evolve through.

I would love for you to consider that the worst things in your life, seen from a new perspective, are actually your greatest gifts!

I know it sounds impossible, but what if you were sent major pain, not only to learn from it, but to help others, too?

Through the lens of human reason, horrible things happen. Through the lens of Uni-versal understanding, horrible things happen as a path for us to collectively wake up, one person, one light bulb moment, at a time.

What gift would you like to claim for your darkest hour? What treasure is in the cave of your fear waiting to be seen? How can you show up with even more Love in your heart and give it to yourself and all those you meet? What new and empowering meaning can you express and start to live in your life? The choice is yours. Who you are is more powerful than any story you tell about your life, yet the story you tell about your life is what you get to experience. Choose wisely.

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  • Two things jumped out at me in this post. 
    #1:  The “if/then” statements.  So true!!  I can see how I used that my whole life.  “If people don’t like me, then it must mean I’m unlikable or something’s wrong with me,” for example.  I internalized so much.   This is an eye-opener for me, and something I’ll surely think about lots from now forward. 

    #2: “Who you are is more powerful than any story you tell about your life, yet the story you tell about your life is what you get to experience. Choose wisely.”
    Again, for most of my life, I’ve told “my” story (mostly in my head, but also outwardly to some people) that my father left me, so I must not be worthy of sticking around for, that my mother even left me (for a short time, a whole different thing), so I must not be very lovable or worthy of respect and care.  I could go on, but I’ll stop there.  It’s time I “choose wisely.” 
    HOW we tell our stories is most definitely up to us!  We can’t change what others have done to/for/around us, but we CAN change how we look at it and how we move forward.  
    “My parents left me, making me very independent, autonomous, and strong.  Qualities I’m grateful to have and I love who I am!  I AM lovable and worthy, otherwise the Universe wouldn’t have given the gifts I have received throughout my entire life!” 

    🙂  It’s so much better thinking of things that way. 

    There are always so many ways to look at any situation.  And we definitely CHOOSE how to see something and how to let it effect us.  Time to choose wisely and choose in love!  🙂


    • Tiffany

      It is true, I can tell my story differently… 1 that is in powered!

    • You are “lovable and worthy” because you were born! XO

    • Naazima

      Your comment is so much my story! I mentioned you in my comment. 
      It is amazing to see how we are all connected by our experiences, lessons, darkest or brightest hours – no matter how different we may appear to be on the outside…

  • Sandoradesu

    Mastin, I needed this right now. Thank you for the reminder and to continue to see challenges through a more uplifting perspective. This blog fell into my lap at the most perfect time. 

  • Natasha

    This blog was right on time for me.  The gift I claimed from my darkest hour is the power within me.  I have fully embraced that power to change my thoughts, to change my situation, and to live my life’s purpose of empowering others.

  • Cedwards1508

    I usually never post on the blog but today I was compelled too. I have finally decided to seperate from my boyfriend of almost 16 years (we’ve been together on and off since we were 11 yrs old and we have a 6 month old son together). I have finally decided to be honest with myself and acknowledge that this relationship is unhealthy and although we have some good times overall it is more draining then it is rewarding. I’m hurt but most of all I’m scared. Scared of dating, being a single mother, and not having that safety net that he has provided. But of my darkest moment I plan to become my best self. It has only been a few days since I made this decision, but in those few days I have eaten better, taken better care of myself physically and emotionally, and most of all I’m still here to talk about it. I will speak life to future relationships and even in my relationship with him because we still need to remain friends for our son. This blog really touched me because I feel like I’m in darkness right now, but out of this darkness will emerge the best me!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Jackie Serviss

    The moment I was grateful – genuinely grateful – for my darkest moment was the day my life changed. 

  • Tiffany

    Awesome…the truth is you!

  • Thank you Mastin! 🙂 Your blogs are always on time!

  • Amanda D.

    Any experience can be seen as good or bad, but ultimately it’s what you learn from the ebb & flow of life 🙂 Even today with my sore muscles in neck, shoulders & upper back is learning “hey gotta be careful how you bend & move things around.”  Plus so glad I make microwavable aromatherapy products! 🙂

  • After twenty five years of abusing alcohol and using men as band aids for emotional wounds, I ended up in a very dark hole feeling I had no options left. Death seemed like a really good choice for killing off the pain I was feeling.  That was a dark night of the soul which is often referred to in literature. I was curled up and contemplating death when a voice I had never heard before spoke to me very calmly. I was told that I had an amazing life ahead of me but I had a great deal of work to do to achieve that life. I had many lessons to learn and once I mastered those lessons, I would need to go and teach others. It has been 24 years since that night where I experienced a spiritual awakening. My will stepped aside and allowed something far greater than me to take over.

    I now teach the lessons, the Five Steps of Faith to all those in need of healing their pain and reclaiming their lives. Sometimes we need to go to a very dark place before we can really appreciate the light. The most profiund thing I learned was that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, to reclaim our divine power that we were born with. Our vision becomes clouded as we mature with the opinions and perceptions of others as well as our onw negatine thinking.
    Once we realize that all the power and the answers come from within us, the rest becomes relatively easy.

    Love you blog Mastin and really appreciate your honesty.

    • Aura

      Hi Mal,
      I am in the midst of a dark time, and reading your post gave me hope and inspiration
      Thank you

  • Carolina

    My darkest hour was very much so a gift. It enabled me to let go of my ego, allow God (Love) to fill my heart and soul which sent me on a path of true peace, happiness and clarity for the first time in my life. I see I hitting rock bottom was God’s way to leading me back to Him. This is such a great message Mastin as we all need to grasp on to the fact that our trials are brought upon us always for a good reason, it’s just having the courage to look at them in that way and having unrelenting faith the reason will reveal itself in the future.

  • I often speak about my eye cancer which I have had 2 times (4 if you count recurrences) as a gift. I say…”I am not survivor, I am a thriver.” But, it took challenges with my 5 year old son, who has Sensory Processing Disorder, to REALLY change my life around, surrender, and say, “YES,” to it all. Even when I was hiding in my room from his uncontrollable fits of rage. He has come here to help me raise the bar. To WAKE up and see that LOVE is the only truth. To not buy into the illusion of my EGO and FEAR. He literally kicked my ass into higher consciousness and I am forever grateful. I wouldn’t be writing. blogging, speaking, and living on purpose if I had not had these  (And many more)”So-called” challenges. I would not have been interested in going to Cinnamon Lofton’s, Living Love, class. I KNOW I would have continued to be a walking robot wondering, “Is this all there is to life?”  I am now LIVING THIS LIFE! Despite my critics who do not understand what I am doing. As Big And Rich sing, “I live this life until this life won’t let me live here anymore!” And I will add, FULLY. (Right on schedule Mastin…wrote a blog just yesterday about it).
    The Daily Commenter,

    • LIVE your life!!  I love that!  🙂  May we all LIVE our lives! 
      I also believe we’re not given anything that we can’t handle.  We all have the lives we have, with the issues included, b/c it’s custom designed for us.  It’s what we need in order to grow and evolve. 

  • Wildflower Women

    Thank you Mastin for writing on this subject, and while in our darkest hour we may not be able to see any light, ultimately with time we are able to if we so choose and to move in that direction.  It took a brain tumor, the death of my husband and being left with little financially and having to raise my then 12 year old son for me to begin to crawl out and see the light.  My goal is to share this experience with others so that they might not loose their voice when in relationship, for I was married for almost 20 years giving up a career to further his.  He having his own issues surrounding money,  did not provide for his only minor child or me, his wife, but rather for grown children who thought it all fine.  It was in part my responsibility to look out for my son and me and I did not.  I have worked hard on forgiveness and am taking the next step toward sharing what I have learned.   Thank you so much for your raw honesty, it has certainly been a blessing for me on my journey.  

  • Michell359

     Thank you Mastin for writing about our darkest hour. I have been off
    of work for a week after struggling with a ridiculously high work load,
    never dropping the ball, doing an excellent job for nine mos, while
    allowing my health and family (I am a single mom with two daughters) pay
    the price. I have worked for this system for 8 years and have received
    excellent evaluations. Then my supervisor spoke to me, again, in a
    horribly demeaning way in front of, and to, another co-worker. That was
    my breaking point. I went home sick, saw my Dr and e-mailed my union
    rep. Union rep shared my e-mail with the director of the dept. with my
    permission, and they have reduced my work load and said they would work
    with me re: my supervisor’s mgt style. Instead of feeling happy with the
    outcome I was feeling like a  bad person because something bad was
    happening to me. Then I read your blog and changed my perspective.One of my favorite affirmations is one I learned from Deepak Chopra:

    I am beneath no one.I am fearless.I am immune to criticism.

    What I needed to add for me in the affirmation was that I am immune
    to criticism, even from myself. As for many people, I am my own worst
    critic. You helped me to silence the critic (negative) and look at the
    positive.I will no longer  tolerate verbal abuse, intimidation and
    bullying from anyone, even a supervisor. Ironically, I work in Mental
    Health. I am not the only one being bullied in this system. I feel good
    about saying something as scarey as it has been, especially when my dear
    friend pointed out “You are standing up not only for yourself but for
    those who are unable to do it for themselves.” All I want to do is help and grow. Thank you so much.

  • Megan Densmore

    I read TDL daily but this is my first time commenting. I deeply relate to this post. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when in my early teenage years and have since been able to completely recover from all symptoms using all natural, and no pharmaceutical treatment methods. I am also now a competitive athlete. I blog about my story and am preparing to write a book. I know there are many people who can benefit from what I faced with eyes wide open as a learning and growing experience. You can find me at meganmasterfit.com. Thank you for writing this today.

  • This post is really encouraging. Not only does it reinforce the concepts that I’ve been learning lately as far as pushing through your fears such that you can conquer them, but it validates concepts I’ve known for a long time that people always fight me on. I’m not crazy! Those concepts are that just because something is pleasurable in the moment, that doesn’t mean it is good for you in the long run. I was fortunate enough to be raised to always view things in the long-term (which comes with its own set of problems), but most of the people I’ve encountered seem to have the opposite view point. A couple years ago, at the age of 23, I honestly started to doubt myself. I was overwhelmed by a harsh rejection of my morals. I was told my morals and values were “irrational” and “illogical”, which made Mastin’s comment about “human logic” all the more entertaining for me to read. The naysayers were right in that people do behave that way, which I was not arguing. I know that to be true. I just wasn’t enlightened enough yet to put into words why, exactly, it was not the right way to do things. To me, people doing things “wrong” made them “bad”. Now I realize that they are not bad – they are just broken and/or misguided. They are living by the ego, which we all do, just in different ways. So instead of viewing it as “you are wrong and I am right”, I can now accept better that we all have fears that the ego exploits to manipulate our behaviors. My own fears were, in fact, causing me to get so upset about the argument in the first place.

    Thank you for this post today. It helps refresh my desire to use all my fears as gateways to enlightenment, and helps strengthen my confidence at the same time.

    The gifts I claim from my darkest hour are determination, self-love and self-care. In our darkest hours our self-love feels the most sweet, and builds our resolve to conquer anything. Self-love is the only way we can escape from the darkness while remaining free. I will not depend on anything external to myself to bring me love or confidence. I will not rely on external things for what I need to have within me. I choose that freedom and self-love.

    Much love,

  • Veronica

    The day I gave up my condo 10 yrs ago was one of the worst, but it opened the door  to go back to school and  find work that I am passionate about.  I just recently checked and the exact unit I lived in has not  appreciated in value which means I would have lost money on it.  Also I am about to launch my own company doing this work I really love. As bad as that situation seemed, it was really for the better.

  • Len

    The gift of the inner self – that spirit, that voice inside you that reminds you what this life is all about. I agree there are moments of what we perceive as pain is an exercise of the soul. In Greek there is a saying: the captain shows what he or she is made of in a storm.

  • Mgdsm13

    Check out the book, “The Necessity of an Enemy: How the Battle You Face Is Your Best Opportunity” by Ron Carpenter Jr. 🙂

    • Naazima

      …another good book that is helping me  to avoid “running” from the feelings of my darkest hour is “The Wisdom of No Escape” by Pema Chodron.  

  • Naazima

    My reaction to today’s blog was nothing less than pure stupefication. I had only tossed and turned most of last night because of the story I have been telling myself about the sad ending of my off and on “love” realtionship that seemed to always leave me jilted,  disappointed and lonely. As I was approaching my 50th birthday this past January I realized that I could not continue to be co-dependant AND  be at my best. I knew I had to standby my personal committment to breaking the cycle of women in my family who stood idly by and supported men who were active addicts and alcoholics.  
    Tears of confirmation that I am not alone, welled up as I read Mastin’s post and today’s affirmations! When I read the comment posted by Sarah Noel her words resounded deeply with me, because her story is MY story! We are all connected. I have been  changing my thoughts as introduced to me by the writings of Louise Hay and every single day of my life has been more positive. Today’s post was the icing on the cake – yet another confirmation, yet another step on my path to discovering my true and greatest purpose, the purpose of my soul and how I can serve the world.

    • Wow…it’s humbling to read my name referenced in someone else’s post!  Thanks so much!!  I totally agree – none of us can be co-dependant AND be our best.  I’m still learning how to be a part of a relationship AND remain independent and not “lose myself.” 

  • Michelle Crowley

    OMG Mastin, You, my SoulFriend, are on Fire!! :0.D

    Thanks for sharing.  Believe what you say and do so for Yourself as well…Always!!

    michelle crowley

  • Ted

    I know in my darkest hour as a child when I experienced a traumatic event that no child should ever go through I learned my greatest gift of all and that is that I have a huge heart and undying compassion and empathy towards others that sometimes may confuse people.  But I know whats inside of me.  Until you walk in somebody elses shoes you do not know.  I love that about me.  It is my greatest gift and I will never stop feeling it or expressing to others in need.

  • Aura


    I usually never comment on posts… Thank you for this one. I am in a very dark hour at the moment, and feel like there is no hope, your words of compassion helped me this morning. Bless you.

  • Tal

    Yes! This post is so true! When I am going through trouble, no matter how small or big, I always feel terrible and I think all sorts of horrible things about myself and my future. However, looking back, every time I’ve emerged from a tough time it’s always ended up for the better. It always seemed to benefit me in some way that never seemed obvious while I was in the middle of it, but made perfect sense after. These days, I’m back in those rough patches again, but I know that something good will be coming out of all this at the end, and what I do to get through it will give me personal growth I can’t learn any other way.

  • Kaitlyn

    I was just told about this blog/site yesterday from my college professor. Now i am so thankful to know about this, i’ve been struggling with my mom’s terminal illness and trying to understand who i am lately. So much “bad” has happened to me in my 19 years of life but this is by far the darkest part of my life right now trying to accept that my mom will be gone soon. I’ve developed a problem with alcohol and drugs in the past few months and i made the step to go to my college counseling services and get a drug counselor. It took me so long to realize that what I am going through is not really a bad moment in my life but a learning gift. I realized how much life means to me and how important it is to do good not only for myself but for my mom. This blog really spoke to me today.


    They say in life there are no coincidences, time and time it is proven. This is yet another one. I happened upon this blog and come to realize that Mastin Kipp is going to be a keynote speaker at I CAN DO IT. IGNITE! in NYC that I am attending this weekend. I was supposed to go with my ex but I caught her lying to me again. This is the second time. I gave her another chance to be in my life but lying to me is the worst thing you can do to me other than cheating. At first I felt I was at my darkest hour and yesterday was the first day with me cutting her out of my life. She is just starting on her spiritual path and obviously she has a long way to go. I cannot be her guide anymore. It was very painful to be faced with this again but I believe in my Guardian Angels! I believe that there is a plan that I wasn’t seeing then.

    In my darkest hour I will bring faith with me because “Faith is Fear that has said its prayers”

    Today I feel spiritually ground just knowing that my Angels ALWAYS takes care of me even when I struggle with the journey sometimes. I am now reaching for a friend to take her place, my hotel is booked and I am so ready to get to a higher ground this weekend.

    Hugs to All! and keep the Faith