What if the world is willing to pay more than you will accept?

So – I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to announce – FAMILY – that your Daily Love has a BRAND SPANKING NEW WEBSITE!

It’s been a labor of LOVE for the past five or six months to get it right! We are creating a QUOTES section; we have a CONTRIBUTORS section so you can browse all the blogs; we have a section for the TDL Mentoring Program and a section for you to share what you’re going through with the TDL Community!

The site isn’t fully finished yet; we have a lot more stuff to upload – but the basics are there! We will keep updating the site often to make it better and better! The current site represents about 5% of what I want to do, but it’s all about balancing VISION with RESOURCES! Check it out!

Today I want to talk about expansion. Our new site represents a step forward for TDL and our community. It’s an evolution. It’s change. It’s growth. And from my perspective, growth is scary.

One of the things I’m learning most as TDL grows is how vital it is to invest in yourself. And not just a little – but A LOT and with the BEST STUFF. I’m the first to help out a friend or help others. I LOVE to help others. But when it comes to me, I’ve always shied away from helping myself. I’m the kind of guy that will put myself last and put others first. I’m constantly giving. I give a lot. And for TDL to grow, there are two core lessons that I’ve had to begin to learn and embrace.

The first one is:

1. You must invest in yourself to grow.

It’s scary to invest in yourself. We think, “This isn’t a necessary expense,” or “I’m not worth this” or many other kinds of limiting beliefs. But it’s not true. Some of the things that have propelled me forward the most have been moments when I put my money where my mouth is and took a risk and invested in myself – in some kind of education, learning, infrastructure for my website, or a personal trainer to help me learn about my body. All these things can seem “unnecessary” or “entertainment”. But I’ve come to see that they’re not. By investing in myself with a trainer and getting the best of the best, my actions are changing. And my body is, too. And it’s also helping me value my own time even more as it relates to my mentoring one-on-one time.

It’s a cycle. The more I respect myself, the more I respect others and that helps me respect myself more. If we aren’t investing in our growth, our education (which doesn’t stop after college) and infrastructure to support our dreams, we are dead in the water.

2. You are worthy of receiving abundance.

I used to pray and pray for abundance and it never came. It wasn’t until I took action and offered things of VALUE to the world like mentoring and Love Uni-versity classes that money started coming into my experience. But a strange thing happened – I didn’t think I was worth it.

And isn’t that funny? I started to get a little bit of what I was praying for and acting towards –  and yet as it came, it seemed like I wasn’t worthy of it.

I’ve had to change this belief. It still hasn’t fully changed and I’m still working on it. But as we look at the value we provide other people, we begin to feel good about the value we ask in exchange.

There is this myth that “spiritual” people should be broke. And I think it’s total BS. I think seekers, wisdom bringers, Lightworkers should be compensated GREATLY for their contributions to healing the world. What’s funny is that the main thing stopping us isn’t what the world is willing to pay, but what we are willing to accept. This is a master lesson for sure!

So – what do YOU think about all this? You know that the conversation is always awesome over on the BLOG – so hop on over there and let’s discuss!

Lots of love,


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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

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  • TDL reader

    Dear Mastin, this is something I am working on too. I invest in myself every day, either through my studies, reading TDL and other things for self growth, exercise and health & wellbeing. I have had opportunities of abundance too and wrote a list for a special ‘someone’ and when it came, I didn’t think I was worth it :-(. Now, instead of judging myself and feeling bad about the whole thing I actively take small steps each day to have overcome what ever objections I have had. I can’t say I’m there 100% but I can say I have moved forward in leaps & bounds and this is amazing – the steady progress. My health is peaking too and the more this happens, the higher my integrity rises in all aspects of my life and I just feel so much more in alignment. If I feel I’m doing a lot if negative self talk, I actually look up TDL and read the twitter feed for a quick check in and I realize things ain’t so bad :-). I also like Mike Dooleys TUTS notes from the universe for daily inspiration, and also read my Doreen Virtue angel cards – these keep me knowing too. It’s so important to stay positive.

    • Julius

      How do I inquire about one of your “scholarships” for your online courses, Mastin? Love your work! Very powerful and profound. 

  • Guest

    This hits so close to home, especially the last paragraph. I bought a house 2 years ago and even though God blessed me with that, I still felt undeserving and guilty about having it sometimes because there are so many of my friends my age that dont have one at this time. Also mostly because the very person I was seeking acceptance about this and to be happy for me, they weren’t. Jealousy kicked in big time and the friendship continued to go down from there to pretty much non-existent now. Still til this day I feel guilt and undeserving of this great blessing, yet thankful, and I can only imagine how that makes God feel. I’m sure it makes it harder to pour out many greater blessings.

    • I am human


      Congrats on the house.  I am sorry about the end of your friendship though. 

      I just wanted to encourage you that we are already worthy of the blessings.  We don’t have to earn them.   Learning to accept them can be difficult as many societies require us to hit benchmarks to achieve our worthiness in its’ eyes, so it makes it hard to break that cycle since we are immersed in it everyday.

      Just breathe.  We aren’t ‘in charge’ of God’s feelings, that is a burden to heavy for any human to carry.   His blessings aren’t conditional on what we do or do not do, we just have to accept the grace and space for his love.

      You are LOVED!

  • I love the new look. I look forward to the changes. This is great post. I have been studying abundance lately. I read something that asked, “Who are you protecting by not succeeding?” I had to think about it. There were a bunch of people in my family and inner circle that I was afraid that I would either make jealous or lose if I really pursued my dreams. As I thought about it deeper, I realized that the thoughts were irrational. Was it better to lose myself and deny myself for something that might not even happen? I believe that I am meant to be abundant and that fear is no longer the doubt that it holding me back. 

  • Joianne

    Mastin you are so right, as usual, about us being able to accept the abundance. I too notice that I shy away from opening my hands and receiving all that the universe has to offer. It does go back to our feelings of unworthiness. Thank you for bringing these things to our attention so that we can work on chaning them. I have enrolled in your FEAR class and I will continue to work on me. Thank you for the blessings and let me add that for all of the wonderful gifts that you give us readers you deserve to receive more than you can carry!

  • allison

    I almost couldn’t believe it when I read today’s email subject and quotes. For about a year and a half I have been financially on the rocks, and today begins the negotiation process for a freelance job offer. I was thrilled to view today’s TDL as another sign that I’m on the right track. Of course, negotiation can be scary — you’re talking about money with strangers and are put on the spot to define your worth. Thanks for inspiring me to go for it and confidently express what my service is worth and why.

  • allison

    Another thought regarding taking action to propel abundance into reality: I just moved to a new city and began interning with a designer in exchange for a small sum of money. Even though I was in need of much more cash, I accepted the opportunity to gain hands-on business experience and help someone who is just starting out and can’t yet afford an employee. Just a few days later, I received a letter from a company that I didn’t expect would contact me, offering me an even better opportunity than I had imagined. Reassurance of being on the right path is amazing motivation!

  • Concerned Onlooker

    You know, as much as you harp on the importance of “receiving abundance” and “investing in yourself” (because you know, you’re worth it), I would think you might be a little more INVESTED in INVESTING in the people who work with you and help make TDL possible. As in, paying them fairly for their work. As in, valuing other people’s time as much as you value your own. As in, realizing that if you don’t treat the people who support you with love and respect they’re going to leave… and your message will look pretty meaningless if you can’t walk the walk you’re talking.

    You claim to give to others so much, but as someone who is in your community and sees your interactions with colleagues and employees from afar… all I see is self-righteousness, narcissism, and fear-based behavior. It’s not all about you, Mastin. And if you’re going to be the wise, benevolent, LOVE-driven teacher/speaker you make yourself out to be, you need to start considering how your actions impact others. And maybe start thinking about someone other than yourself.

    • WOW (With Out Worry)! Great growth opportunity for both the “Concerned Onlooker” and “Mastin.”  I have some quotes that may work for both of you… “I take full responsibility here and now for EVERYTHING I experience for it is my own programming that creates my actions and also influences the reactions of people around me.”  (6th Pathway to a Higher Consciousness) ” I act freely when I am tuned in, centered, and loving and AVOID ACTING when I am emotionally upset and depriving myself of the wisdom that flows from love and expanded consciousness.” (9th Pathway.) ”  and how about this one, “I always have everything I need to enjoy my here and now-unless I am letting my consciousness be dominated by demands and expectations based on the dead past or the imagined future.(4th Pathway)  “Everything that shows up in your life is there FOR you, NOT against you. ” CInnamon Lofton “Often when you are taking offense to what someone said, if you go within, you will usually find that there is in it a grain of truth, a truth that you are resisting. Explore this courageously and you will find insight.” AND, lastly, “The difference between thriving and surviving is found in the breath. BREATHE NOW.”  Cinnamon Lofton…hope these help.  If you read them over and over-they will.  Are you willing?  From my heart to yours, Kathleen   butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/ 

    • Hey there – thanks for your comment. A side from giving away $30k of scholarships to our online courses for free every month, employing people who are my friends and family (and we love each other), giving away amazing free content to hundreds of thousands of ppl a day – I’m not sure what you’re talking about. 

      Feel free to reach out to any member of the TDL team, they are all avail via social media, @LiziLynx, @SeeJennaLove, @ChrisAssaad, @MadelineBGiles & @CarolineIsRad.I’m also not sure how much you know about start ups, but it also takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make something happen and a “do what it takes” attitude to bust through a threshold of momentum where you are in integrity and cash flow positive.

      It’s so easy to make anonymous jabs, if you want to have a real conversation, feel free to reach out to me through whoever your contact is and I’d be happy to talk to you about it or tweet me @MastinKipp:twitter If you want to keep making baseless anonymous claims then I’ve said my peace. Otherwise, happy to have a real conversation about the truth, rather then rumors and hearsay.

  • First of all…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Love the idea of a quote section. Your entry today is such an interesting topic for me since my mentor, Cinnamon Lofton (The most abundant person I know and author of Here, Now), was guided years ago to not charge for her services.  When I first started going to her, I said, “So how much to I owe you?” She replied with a laugh, “Kathleen, you can’t pay me for what I am worth.”  At first, I thought, “Well, that is a confidant thing to say ,” as I put my money back in my purse.” Now….two years later, I KNOW…she was right. My entire life has changed and I know my seas would have been much rougher if she had not been around.  God did not give me anymore than I could handle and the Uni-verse knew Cinnamon would be my spoonful of sugar.  She does not make ANYONE wrong for charging AND because of her services, God has COMPLETELY provided for her. Because her heart is so filled with love, all she desires is to give and reminds me that it is “In giving that we receive.”  Her energy is boundless. With this being said, she was GUIDED to not charge years ago and hasn’t since.  This goes back to listening to our whisper, heart, knowing, soul, or direct link to the ALL MIGHTY UNI-VERSE.  I know there is no rule book or cookie cutter way on this or anything for that matter. Take Oprah for instance who does AMAZING things with all her money.  So, in conclusion…as in all areas of my life…I will do as I am GUIDED and know that when I follow that whisper, I will create the ABUNDANCE I so desire.  Go Mastin, GO!!!!  butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/ 

  • Your investments have been totally worth it!  Congrats on your success with TDL and your new look!  Congrats on all your hard work creating the bod you want too!

    I invest in myself by spending a pretty penny for regular therapy sessions, spending money to increase my online presence, paying for workshops that enhance my personal development and skills, paying money for gym memberships and athletic events, just to name a few!  

    The thing that makes me nervous, is taking that leap of faith when spending money on something and hoping it will be worth departing with my hard-earned dough!  It sure can be scary sometimes when you don’t exactly have the funds to spare.  And I am constantly working on feeling my worthiness for abundance.  

    Thanks for the reminder that I AM!  
    Love and light,

  • Congrats to the new website!
    The universe is always ready to give but the question is do we allow it? YES! 

  • i cannot thank you enough for what you do and how much you inspire me to keep going. I started my page on fb over 2 years ago – juan cuba nation – and it is steadily growing. TO know that there is a future ahead for us healers and helpers makes it even more exciting to keep pushing when the light may not seem so bright. you are amazing at what you do and inspire more people than you know