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What if the world is willing to pay more than you will accept?

So – I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to announce – FAMILY – that your Daily Love has a BRAND SPANKING NEW WEBSITE!

It’s been a labor of LOVE for the past five or six months to get it right! We are creating a QUOTES section; we have a CONTRIBUTORS section so you can browse all the blogs; we have a section for the TDL Mentoring Program and a section for you to share what you’re going through with the TDL Community!

The site isn’t fully finished yet; we have a lot more stuff to upload – but the basics are there! We will keep updating the site often to make it better and better! The current site represents about 5% of what I want to do, but it’s all about balancing VISION with RESOURCES! Check it out!

Today I want to talk about expansion. Our new site represents a step forward for TDL and our community. It’s an evolution. It’s change. It’s growth. And from my perspective, growth is scary.

One of the things I’m learning most as TDL grows is how vital it is to invest in yourself. And not just a little – but A LOT and with the BEST STUFF. I’m the first to help out a friend or help others. I LOVE to help others. But when it comes to me, I’ve always shied away from helping myself. I’m the kind of guy that will put myself last and put others first. I’m constantly giving. I give a lot. And for TDL to grow, there are two core lessons that I’ve had to begin to learn and embrace.

The first one is:

1. You must invest in yourself to grow.

It’s scary to invest in yourself. We think, “This isn’t a necessary expense,” or “I’m not worth this” or many other kinds of limiting beliefs. But it’s not true. Some of the things that have propelled me forward the most have been moments when I put my money where my mouth is and took a risk and invested in myself – in some kind of education, learning, infrastructure for my website, or a personal trainer to help me learn about my body. All these things can seem “unnecessary” or “entertainment”. But I’ve come to see that they’re not. By investing in myself with a trainer and getting the best of the best, my actions are changing. And my body is, too. And it’s also helping me value my own time even more as it relates to my mentoring one-on-one time.

It’s a cycle. The more I respect myself, the more I respect others and that helps me respect myself more. If we aren’t investing in our growth, our education (which doesn’t stop after college) and infrastructure to support our dreams, we are dead in the water.

2. You are worthy of receiving abundance.

I used to pray and pray for abundance and it never came. It wasn’t until I took action and offered things of VALUE to the world like mentoring and Love Uni-versity classes that money started coming into my experience. But a strange thing happened – I didn’t think I was worth it.

And isn’t that funny? I started to get a little bit of what I was praying for and acting towards –  and yet as it came, it seemed like I wasn’t worthy of it.

I’ve had to change this belief. It still hasn’t fully changed and I’m still working on it. But as we look at the value we provide other people, we begin to feel good about the value we ask in exchange.

There is this myth that “spiritual” people should be broke. And I think it’s total BS. I think seekers, wisdom bringers, Lightworkers should be compensated GREATLY for their contributions to healing the world. What’s funny is that the main thing stopping us isn’t what the world is willing to pay, but what we are willing to accept. This is a master lesson for sure!

So – what do YOU think about all this? You know that the conversation is always awesome over on the BLOG – so hop on over there and let’s discuss!

Lots of love,


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