What if your pain is a gift?

What if, from another point of view, your darkest moment was actually your greatest gift?

When we talk about SPIRITUAL growth, we are dwelling within a realm that does not sync up with human reason. Human reason and intelligence have been evolving over the ages, but they are still not developed enough to properly decode and decipher the true nature of reality.

We tend to think logically, in mostly “if, then” statements.

If I’m a good person, then good things will happen to me. If I follow all the rules, then I will be rewarded. If something bad happened to me, then there must be something wrong with me. If I experience pain, then what’s happening is bad. If I experience pleasure, then what’s happening is good.

But the problem is: human logic, understanding and our point of view are extremely limited. If we truly understood this, we wouldn’t be so quick to apply meaning to the events of our lives. Just because we feel good or bad in the moment doesn’t mean what’s happening is good or bad.

When I was doing drugs and drinking alcohol, in the moment I felt good, unaware of the long-term effects of my actions.

While I’m working out, it hurts like hell, but there is massive long-term reward.

The nature of The Uni-verse is often counterintuitive. What’s bad is actually good and what’s good is actually bad. This isn’t a blanket Uni-versal truth, but it is something I would love for you to consider.

Also, it’s important to mention that even the dance between good and bad is perfect. We need opposites to learn, to grow and to evolve through.

I would love for you to consider that the worst things in your life, seen from a new perspective, are actually your greatest gifts!

I know it sounds impossible, but what if you were sent major pain, not only to learn from it, but to help others, too?

Through the lens of human reason, horrible things happen. Through the lens of Uni-versal understanding, horrible things happen as a path for us to collectively wake up, one person, one light bulb moment, at a time.

What gift would you like to claim for your darkest hour? What treasure is in the cave of your fear waiting to be seen? How can you show up with even more Love in your heart and give it to yourself and all those you meet? What new and empowering meaning can you express and start to live in your life? The choice is yours. Who you are is more powerful than any story you tell about your life, yet the story you tell about your life is what you get to experience. Choose wisely.

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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

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  • Everyday, I’m learning to embrace the good and the bad in every situation, even when it sucks and it’s so great.  The magic in all of that is knowing it all happens for a reason and to eventually, learn and grow from it. It took me a very long time to realize that! Thanks for a great post!

  • The synchronicity I have with you and your blogs is ridiculous!!! I have been having an AWFUL week full of tons of change, sadness, stress, and extreme discomfort. I said to my boyfriend just last night…”The Universe wants me to suffer for some reason.”. He suggested I sit on my meditation cushion and ask Spirit “what’s up with that.?”. my response to him was “uuggghhhhhhhh.”. Lol. I know in my heart this is the approach I need to have but it’s especially hard when I feel so hurt and so angry, So, today I’m really going to work on releasing that pain so I can be available to hear the answer to that question for Spirit.

    thanks once again for your blog, Mastin. love and light,Brooke. @Brooke_R_Baker

  • Seriously, Mastin, I LOVE you! You literally have some intuitive way to speak to your readers EXACTLY when we need it.  I re-read this line several times “But the problem is: human logic, understanding and our point of view are extremely limited. If we truly understood this, we wouldn’t be so quick to apply meaning to the events of our lives. Just because we feel good or bad in the moment doesn’t mean what’s happening is good or bad.” What a smack-you-in-the-face beautiful realization. Thank you. Thank you for your daily knowledge love bombs you drop on us to shake up and wake up our worlds. You. cannot. fail. Have a wonderful day and keep up the excellent work! @JAMinCLE

  • Brendylynn

    This is so true Mastin. My darkest hour waas the best thing that ever happened to me. At the time, I didn’t understand and I was asking “why me”, and now I every time something happens that I may perceive as bad or negative, I see it for the blessing that it is. I am forever changed by that experience. It totally changed my life and my perspective. Thank you Mastin for your wonderful and insightful words.

  • Jodi B

    LOVE this. My favorite question is “where’s the gift?”  Sometimes it doesn’t show itself right away, but I always encourage people to look for it.  If they open themselves up to the suggest that it really is possible for a gift to be in any ugly circumstance, they will find it….eventually.

  • I definitely have chosen to be victim in my darkest hours of eye cancer (twice) leaving me almost blind in my left eye that drifts to the left.  I have also CHOSEN to be a victim of my 5 year old son who was literally hitting, kicking, spitting, and screaming with seemingly no conscience in daily uncontrollable rages where my husband and I  would lock ourselves in our own room in tears of terror.  I feared, like in a show that Oprah had, that I would have a knife in my back by the time he was seven. My mentor, Cinnamon Lofton, plopped right in my dental chair and invited me to her Living Love Class.  She facilitated my awakening and said, “His fear is bumping into yours and he will have a knife in your back if you continue to be in fear.” I knew I needed to be the change he needed to see. I knew he was waking me up to LOVE… AND he did.  What a precious gift I was given. Treasures to not only survive, but to THRIVE and serve the one and only truth-LOVE. My darkest hours have been my greatest gifts and I know my purpose is to now help others’.  I am so grateful and wouldn’t have it any other way. My eye and my son are my greatest teachers.  I am so appreciative that I chose to say, “YES!”  Check it out on…butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/ 

    • FOR PARENT OUT THERE….PS…I Definitely could have thought my child was “bad,” and often did. After many Living Love classes, I knew this sort of thinking would not create the onenesswith my son that I so desired. I would often think of my parents waving their finger deciphering if I was a good or a bad little girl when growing up.  This old, worn out  programming DOES NOT WORK. I could have easily told my son that he was bad when he would go into his rages.  Instead, I like to replace the words “Good” and “Bad” with “This works for you and this doesn’t work for you.”  It softens Santa’s meaning. Notice the “FOR YOU” part.  I will not THROW away my peace when he is not being who he really is (Pure Love). He is left with his own actions and knows I will have a reaction after he settles (Einstein’s rule). His heart is begging for me to love him unconditionally NO MATTER what he does as his EGO tests me to my core. I continue to no buy into who he is being (His tantrums.)  I tell him to be who he REALLY is and continue to see his innocence. The more I am letting go of the rope of war with him, he is willing to notice that he is 100% responsible for his tantrums. Our relationship has changed completely and I had to keep the focus on ME- NOT HIM!  Parents need to know this. So, when you call yourself bad, you might want to change it and say,”Well, this behavior of mine did not work for me, thanks for the lesson.”  You then could say, “YES,” breathe, and move on because you are in a new moment. After all, THIS ONLY HAS THE MEANING I AM GIVING IT” Cinnamon Lofton

  • Maryliselle

    I felt drawn to your website today- and now I know why. This is exactly where I am at today. The Universe’s synchronicity amazes me! So thank you Mastin!!! Namaste.

  • When I was going through my divorce, I thought my life was over.  It was as if my entire future as I imagined it had disappeared.  It turned out to be one of biggest growth experiences of my life.  Had it not been for the divorce, I would not have become the person I am today and met a wonderful man who loves me without my having to jump through hoops to be someone I’m not.  I’m grateful every day for this.  I’ve learned that even when I label certain events as “bad,” something positive always seems to come from it, but only if you’re looking for it.

  • Lisa

    Wow, thanks Mastin! Yep, I am trying to use human reason to solve an issue in my life that lives in the spiritual realm.  I keep trying to apply the “if, then” solution to the things that I am struggling with and it just isn’t working.  I can’t figure it out and I can’t “fix” it. I feel like shit, but hey, that doesn’t mean that I am a bad person and things are bad.   I love what Brooke’s boyfriend said, to ask Spirit, “what’s up with that?”  What is the Universe revealing to me through these feelings and this experience?  Rather than coming from a place of fear and negativity, I can connect to my source and bring some love and acceptance into my experiences.  You’re right Mastin, it is a choice.

  • Years ago, I  realized that I am thankful for the bad things that had happened to me, because so many good things came out of them.  I survived a terrible car crash that left me in the middle lane of the expressway on the downside of an overpass and my vehicle nowhere in sight at 10:30 at night in the rain. The next car in my lane didn’t finish me off and had a CB radio to call for help. (Yes, it was that long ago!) The rescue professionals who picked me up off the pavement and took me to the hospital. All the people who cared for me in the hospital during the next 3 weeks. All my family members who came from hundreds of miles away to visit me  in the hospital. Because I survived the accident, I became more empathetic with the patients I cared for as a nurse for the next 35 years. Because I survived the accident, I was eventually able to meet the man who became my husband and the father of our two children and now the grandfather of our first grandchild.  Bad things do happen to good people. Finding blessings after the pain is a gift.