What is your Personal Legend?

mk_treesOne of the top things that will block you from success is lack of focus.

This is what I was reminded of when I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I was probably the last person on Earth to read this book, but I still received massive value from it.

Coelho’s story is about a young shepherd who is called on a journey in search of treasure and realizing his own “Personal Legend.” A Personal Legend is something that only you are called to explore and give to this world. In TDL-speak, I would say that a Personal Legend is your own unique gift that the Uni-verse created you to give to this world.

Now, if you were living under a rock like me and haven’t read the book, I am warning you that this blog has spoilers!

Our hero, a simple shepherd who loved to travel, went on a wonderful journey where he left his familiar world by following omens, met mentors, was placed in situations he never imagined for long periods of time and was finally brought to his true love (which he had to leave in order to realize his Personal Legend). One of my favorite lines from this book is, “When you REALLY want something The Uni-verse will conspire to bring it to you.”

On the surface though, it seems it isn’t true in this story.

What the author does so well is point out what we really want. As our hero falls in love, he thinks that is what he truly wants, but that isn’t so. He wants the self-respect and knowing that he accomplished his Personal Legend and that he gave his unique gift to the world. To do this he had to leave the woman he loved and face the possibility of death. Our hero gets the girl in the end, but as a fulfilled man, rather than one still yearning to realize his Personal Legend. Loving from a place of fulfillment is what true love is all about! (Click to tweet)

I love this message; it speaks to me in so many ways. I am a lover. I’m such a lover that I created The Daily LOVE (lol). All I truly want is to love and be loved, but I believe that my Personal Legend is much broader than that. I don’t want this for just myself; I want this for every person in the world. I desire strongly for everyone on this planet to realize that they have a unique gift to give to this world and they have the tools to give that gift. I want everyone to be strong enough and to love themselves enough to love and be loved in return. I believe if more people were in a state of loving most of the time that many of the world’s apparent “problems” would fix themselves and our man made world would come back into alignment with the perfection of the Uni-verse.

Time and time again I have had to put off that Love I want so much with another person for my Personal Legend. And sometimes, The Uni-verse keeps it at a distance from me, too. The message of The Alchemist is clear: you have a Personal Legend that the Uni-verse WILL support you to fulfill; all the resources you need to achieve your Personal Legend are within you right NOW; and don’t settle for someone else to fill you up – fill YOURSELF UP by achieving and becoming the embodiment of your Personal Legend.

Are you settling in life? Is there something greater calling you? Heed its call. There is a great adventure waiting for you if you just say YES with your thoughts, actions and desires. You WILL be supported. You WILL be challenged and you WILL face the death of your own ego. BUT – on the other side of this adventure is self-respect, a Light and a Love about which ALL the epic stories are written. This kind of life is possible for you! Are you going to answer the call of YOUR Personal Legend?

On behalf of The World, I say to you, “We hope so!”

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  • Nell Desmond

    Great post! I wonder if Paolo is versed in Joseph Campbell? I’m guessing so:-) I love The Alchemist and loved teaching it to students. Our seminar discussions were always so lively and enlightened. Powerful messages do that. It was also interesting to see how various cultures interpret the message of the book. I taught it to English language learners from all over the world and so many times students had their own cultural version of the story-The Hero’s Journey.

  • Kathleen Chelquist

    Yesterday, I wrote about conceiving my son through IVF. Let me tell yah, now that’s a woman who wants a baby REAL badly to go through all those self injections, appts., etc. But I do know other woman who wanted a baby more than I, and never conceived. It simply wasn’t in their soul’s contract or “personal legend.” (I have been apparently under a rock, too…but I am inspired to read the highly recommended book. Thanks.)

    Recently, I have come to experience the pure joy of the “What Is” vs. the “In Search Of.” The PRESENT MOMENT is exactly where I am supposed to be: writing my daily comment, taking my son to school and therapy appts,, working as a dental hygienist 1.5 days a week, wife, friend, student of Cinnamon Lofton’s, laundry, dishes, you-mom’s- know the drill.

    My “Personal Legend” has been calling me; and I am its’ servant. But I began to notice that I wasn’t creating happiness with my present moment. I was constantly in my imagined “Personal Legend” future. Feeling in my bones that I am supposed to be “Out There” doing something like Mastin, but different.

    I trust the Uni-verse knows what it is doing, and timing is everything. For now, I am so happy to be where I am. Right here, drinking my cup of joe, and realizing… I am a gem; in the process of being discovered.

    By me.

    The Daily Commenter,

    • Willow Vetch

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Big love to you, Kathleen xx

      • Kathleen Chelquist

        Thanks Willow! Happy Saturday to you! I hope you tune into “Sundays With Cinnamon” tomorrow. It will no doubtedly stir up some emotions. The topic? Suicide.

  • Doodles

    When I was 23 years old I had made a comment in a long conversation I was having with a man I ended up being married to for 32 years. He picked it out of this three hour conversation. It became my mantra. The comment was “The neatest feeling in the world is to know you are loved.” What I was talking about then was the love between a man and a woman, but what I’ve learned over the years is it really is the love of any kind, from anyone. We all want to know and feel love. I have been very blessed to be loved by so many in my life and to give that love back too.
    Thank you for your “daily love” it is inspiring.

  • Susan

    Hi Mastin,
    Thank you for a thought provoking column. Amazing how many lives The Alchemist has saved. Mine included. I have to question though, if this post about going after your personal legend is somewhat contradictory to your message of being in service?
    Isn’t seeking success at your personal ‘legend'(even this word implies greatness) ego driven and doesn’t it have an agenda? When you do something with a set of expectations, or trying to anything but your best personal self, the feelings of stress and fear are sure to follow. So does the little ego brain that says “What if I fail?” Finding your life’s purpose through service seems a little different. Well, actually, a lot different. You CANNOT fail.
    I wonder if Byron Katie started helping people with ‘the Work’ because she wanted to live her personal legend, or did she simply want to help people get unstuck from their drama story….. and knew she could. Did Wayne Dyer set out to change the world? I don’t think so. ( but I haven’t been able to ask him personally, so I am making an assumption here 🙂 But, he did.
    I am not saying people should not follow their passions and step outside their comfort zone to follow their dreams…. because they absolutely should! That’s what we are here to do.
    I believe you have to take this journey called life from a place of loving yourself, and trusting all is in divine timing and the right audience will come. Maybe that audience is one person who will impact 10 more, who will impact 1000 more. Success is not always realized in this lifetime, but sometimes the impact is felt for generations.
    Susan Moore http://www.create2speak.com

  • Amber Campion

    I love your blog Mastin. Thank-you for your insights. This one in particular really “got me.” Well served my friend, well served! ~Amber Campion, Creator of Yogaeira™

  • David H. Breaux

    It’s liberating knowing one’s Personal Legend. It simplifies many things and eases the mind, body, and allows spirit to fully shine. I choose to live through a Personal Legend; I bring awareness to compassion. I also vouch for the fact that the Universe speeds toward you as you take this spiritual endeavor, providing everything in its own timely manner–aka Grace. I encourage everyone to step into faith, be lifted, and discover the gift(s) you are here to offer to all.

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

  • Kris Wolfe

    I love it Mastin! I’m going to read this book now. Thanks.

  • Maz

    Leave a message… Hey Mastin. I just lost the message I wrote so I’ll try to remember some of it. “When the student is ready……” Thankyou for being my teacher in this instant. I have been pondering this story – The Alchemist and the exact message you speak about in your blog. Amazing. I came home from a hort bout in hospital with mania (bipolar). I decided that it was my “carrot” that enticed me into mania every time whilst in search of my Truth – all the time thinking I was surrendering, I never could whilst I genuinely desired that carrot, Interesting metaphor – lol. I always wondered and still think about why Narcissist is the story in the prologue to that book. I read last year whilst doing some work on my shadow that narcissism is the shadow borne out of having your light squashed out of you as a child. This interests me very much.
    I wrote this meditation a few years ago – long before I discovered Jung, Campbell, The Alchemist etc. Interesting about the red sail….. the collective unconscious. I saw it again whilst watching “Puff the Magic Dragon” with my little grand daughter yesterday. My blog page is http://www.meccamaz.blogspot.com


    Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing on the
    edge of a vast desert. For miles, there is nothing but sand and above you, a
    clear blue sky. You feel strong. You sense you are on a mission.

    Almost confirming that feeling, a vessel appears out
    of no-where. It emanates the words “trust me”. It’s earthy and solid but is
    steered by a red sail. You step aboard, confident, knowing you are safe and
    that the journey you will undertake is meant to be for you. The “all knowing”
    wind blows you smoothly across the expanse. Your head held high and a smile on
    your face. You have waited all your life for this moment. Shut your eyes and
    surrender to the wind and for a couple of minutes (2 mins) quietly lose
    yourself in that feeling of anticipation.

    After a while you arrive at an amazing oasis, a
    contrast to where you came from. Beautiful trees and vegetation, birds of all
    kinds, lots of colour around. The centrepiece is a mass of sparkling blue water
    which is calling to you. Waiting right there is a diving board, all white with
    sparkling glitter inviting you to dance aboard.

    The water is calling to you and you dive in
    confidently. Of course you find you can breathe freely. You swim down and down
    until you come across a portal leading to a place beyond the water. You swim
    through……………. Come to rest in this space. Stand and experience the scene (4-5

    In the distance you see someone calling you. They have
    your prize. You know it’s yours. You know that when you trust and surrender,
    the prize is waiting for you. As you get closer it becomes clearer and clearer
    to all of your senses. Familiarise yourself with that special thing which is
    uniquely yours and uniquely you. Hold it close to you and share the love with
    that person who bears the gift. You know it was meant to be. Your sense of
    gratitude is overwhelming.

    Sit peacefully on the nearby seat and open your heart
    to the unconditional love that you are feeling. Experience the light
    surrounding you yet feel your feet firmly on the ground. Breathe deeply and
    relax. Smile and know that you are unique and special yet one with the world.
    Namaste – thankyou so much, Maz

  • Pridel

    I am coming out by saying my personal legend is the same as yours, so thank you for articulating it so clearly that I could resonate with it Mastin! I have done those things as stated in the Alchemist, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and so many other things and books and people that have kept saying those same things, just at the right time. Those whispers and encounters have brought me here, have held me up and held me true to its love and guidance. So, that Personal Legend has brought me here, made me brave enough to say it up front. I act as, at times, a bridge between different worlds (to be clear between communities) and mind-sets. Just by being in those places. So, I want to teach about love. Stating that more honestly to myself this past year has started to open up moments of exquisiteness and beauty. Wow! It’s easy to write all this down! Gosh, so easy and flowing! I am connecting. Am learning to let down the defences that don’t work now and see what happens. Am gifted (as in given to) and very lucky.

  • Melanie Smith


  • Andrea

    Hi Mastin! How can I find my Personal Legend?