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What’s Your Sign-Off?

trinkaThey say that we come here to teach the things we need to learn the most, and I couldn’t agree more with that. In my experience as a counselor, I’ve learned more lessons through my interactions with my clients than I would ever have if I were just bopping around in the world—and these are lessons I really needed to learn.

One lesson that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how I now feel comfortable telling clients I love them, and it all started with Mastin Kipp. Mastin and I began working together about eight years ago, and after he had worked through some major stuff, he was feeling really solid and powerful. That day he sent me an email and signed it, “Love you, Mastin.”

That email sign-off got me thinking about affection and sharing: Why don’t I sign my emails to clients that I love with the same genuine message? The first real barrier to this was because of my training. I’d been taught (like so many of us from various institutions we are exposed to) that letting the professional guard down was detrimental to the client. But was that really so? Would Mastin, for example, think less of me if I reciprocated in my email sign-off? I didn’t think so, and it turned out that this was a place I could grow!

What ways were society’s messages about loving opposite of what felt right for me? In this example, Mastin’s pushing forward and being open about saying the simple words “love you” at the end of an email gave me permission to say it back. His boldness (and perhaps just his innate ability to love) let me let the reigns out a little and feel comfortable with being more authentic in my practice. This doesn’t always mean I tell people I love them, but it does mean that I have the permission to do so if I choose to.

I used to sign my emails, “Blessings, Trinka.” But now I’m comfortable with signing off, “Love, Trinka,” if I really do. I don’t toss the word around lightly, but love is something that makes such a difference in the world, that if we are able to express it, we reap enormous benefits. They say if you want to change the world, change yourself. I’m doing my part to change the world by looking at where I can change, myself.

What ways can you do that today, even if it’s something simple? Can you be a little braver, love a little more? I’d love to hear in the comments below!!




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Trinka Terra is a counselor and has run her private practice in Los Angeles for 20 years. She has been Mastin’s personal therapist for many years. Check out her website here.