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What It Feels Like To Actually BE On The Journey That You Asked For!

Drew ParalesDo you ever wonder what it would feel like to actually be present and aware when you are on the journey and path of personal growth? Have you said over and over to yourself that “It is about the journey, not the outcome” and still felt a little cheated or empty inside like you were just spinning your wheels, waiting to really feel what it is like enjoy the journey? Let’s discuss!

It has been an AMAZING month for a few of my clients and me. In our sessions, we discuss goals, situations, go through exercises, and even get real about what we are going through.

Every single time, I can tell you that my clients also have some very rough patches of time that they experience when going through these “growing pains.” (They don’t call it personal growth for nothing!) *wink* My clients want to do better, feel better, and have more abundance and self-love come into their lives.

So as you might suspect, when you ask, when you take a risk, when you work with your support group or a mentor, you are going to be moving through motions to achieve your goals. Within the very first moments, it always seems a great novelty and so much excitement is abound when you have made the decision to move forward and go after your dreams!

Then the tough times arrive. The challenges you didn’t see coming hit you pretty much right in the face! My clients can probably say to you, “What the hell did I do?!” These rough patches have come so that you can finally jump over them and embark on the journey…

You see, before you get to where you are going, there are going to be many scenic views to be experienced. You might also break down a few times. I know that I did, and still do. Within those moments, I believe that we are meant to have revelations or epiphanies. We might get these revelations that we truly are feeling, being spiritual, having the human experience, and this is before we get to our goals!

Along your new path, some of your deepest fears and a few demons are going to come knocking on your door and want to come in. You will be asked to do many things by your fears, like loving yourself more and stop leaving yourself behind to please people. Or giving to yourself as often you give to other people. Or Forgive yourself often, and letting yourself off the hook by modifying or leaving relationships that no longer serve you in order to rescue yourself. The list goes on an on…


And though it took some of my clients a few months to figure that out, with all the action, dedication to themselves and walking through the fear it took to get there, they all seemed to finally get that their journey is ALL ABOUT THEM! Not in the narcissistic media flooded way you think, but it in a self-Love kinda way.

For example, they stayed true to themselves, they gave up behaviors and patterns for 30 plus days, they learned how to say “no” when they used to say “yes”, (to pretty much everything.) They got up early, they meditated, they exercised, they gave up food, they detoxed, they confronted situations they have been avoiding for YEARS! They purged, they cried, they looked at fear in the face, and even disliked me for some moments because I challenged them do it! ūüėČ

Like an amazing jolt of synchronicity on my end and a ton of bricks hitting you all at once, all these clients had the same revelations within one week of each other. It gets even more interesting. They all began to speak differently. They now tell stories naturally about how they lovingly asked people for space and for time for themselves that they NEVER gave to themselves because they always gave it all to others.

They began to care about how they were going to make better choices in their moments of fear because they learned how to ask for the tools and put them to use in their lives. They realized no one was going to do that for them, and that they should stop looking to others to provide that for them! Once they learned how, they felt that they can give to others from a very different place in their hearts.

And even better, their goals and dreams finally feel in within reach! And more achievable than EVER!

So what I am saying here? Ah- my point!

You know what it feels like to actually BE on the journey you asked for? It NATURALLY feels like Love… It feels like respect. It feels like worthiness, it feels like deserving, it feels like self-empowerment, it feels like you’re in the driver’s seat, it feels like YOU take credit for the amazing experiences happening in your life, it feels like liberation, it feels like joy, it feels like openness, it feels like everything that you have been missing that you finally get to give to yourself. It feels like you are a champion. It feels like you are seen…

And the BEST part: On this journey, you will have reached this point where you aren’t the least bit concerned with the outcome. Meaning, you care less about what you are going to get and care more about the process. Because THAT, my friends, is how we find ourselves and truly grow!

When you care less about what you’ll get and more about what you are doing, THAT is when you know your path belongs to you!

Finding the road to the TRUE YOU takes time and dedication to YOURSELF; it takes knowing that more than likely you’ll be facing some serious challenges and breaking some serious patterns in your life. If it means that much to you, you will make the effort! (Tweet-worthy!) If it does not, you could remain in the space of making excuses…

It takes the true, honest-to-goodness work, and sometimes tears streaming down your face (you know, the ones that have been waiting to be released that you have been holding back) to arrive at the point in your life that you have been wanting to reach. This could be about writing a book, losing weight, breaking free from a toxic relationship, breaking free from an addiction, building a new business, or really anything you have been wanting to achieve or overcome.

But the magic is with you, it is not so much in the wishing, and DEFINITELY not in hoping that someone will come along and rescue you. It is YOUR journey that awaits and it is your path to walk. It is up to you to find and discover your purpose, your passion, and the road you were meant to walk. And you’ll know that you are on that path, when you care about how your walking it, and not what’s waiting for you at the end.

So what can you do in your life to get motivated and start on the road to success? What fears do you think you might face? Do you have the will within you to walk with your demons and fears and experience your journey? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Big Big Love,



Andrew ‚ÄúDrew‚ÄĚ Parales is the Creator and Mentor/Coach of ‚Äúi LOVE Liberation‚ÄĚ specializing in Personal Growth and Fitness! He is also a vocational rehab educator for students with disabilities in transition & employment, and the school site program events coordinator/trainer. Connect with Drew at:¬†www.iLOVEliberation.com¬†and on Facebook:¬†iLOVELiberation¬†and Twitter:@iLOVEliberation