What It Truly Means To Love Someone

Love is letting go.


It’s the Energy of Love that binds The Uni-verse together. Love is what breathes life into us and gives all living things this chance to be alive.

One of the most Loving things that we’ve been given from our Creator is the gift of choice. Choice is a fundamental part of life. Free will is one of our Creator’s greatest gifts to us.

Free will boils down to this: you can choose to connect to Love, or not.

Since we’ve been given the privilege to choose for ourselves, that means if you Love someone, you must give him or her that privilege. Trying to force or manipulate Love never works – it’ll only backfire.

If you say you Love someone because of what they can give you, that’s not Love, that’s selfishness. When you Love someone, it’s always from a place of overflow rather than lack.

Respecting someone’s free will can be both devastating AND truly rewarding. When you let people go to decide for themselves, they may choose things that don’t match up with your desires. There have been many times in my own life where this has happened, both in business and in my personal life.

But every time this shattering of illusion has happened, it’s brought me closer to the Truth. AND it’s brought me closer to Love.

At the same time, when you let go and honor someone’s free will there is also the possibility that they will choose you; and when that happens you have begun to plant very strong roots for a relationship.

Love is letting go because no one feels Loved when they are controlled or manipulated. No one really feels Loved when they can sense that someone is trying to take from them instead of give.

There is a difference between taking and receiving. It’s sooooo important to be able to receive Love. But to try to drain others of their Love isn’t Loving – it’s being an emotional vampire.

All this can be flipped and applies to YOU, too. You deserve to be with someone who Loves you right where you are. You deserve someone who is so connected to Love that they have the confidence to let you choose for yourself. You deserve to be in relationships where people are sharing from overflow rather than trying to be emotional vampires.

Choose to hang with people who give you the respect to let you decide. And at the same time give those you Love this same respect.

Remember, you are always provided for. The Uni-verse and The Energy of Love are always with you. Ask to feel Love’s presence and you will be filled – not by someone else, but by The Uni-verse.

Tell yourself, “Love is letting go. I am ok. Love is letting go. I am full as I am. Love is letting go. The perfect Love will find me. Love is letting go, so I let go and let Love decide”.



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. To follow him on Twitter click here.

  • Kerry

    thanks for the great message Mastin:)

  • Louise

    Lovely.. yes indeed at this point in my life right now, whomever is willing to recieve all this love overflowing, Im able now, where as in the past I couldn’t. Great Post~!!! Love is what keeps us alive and well!!!

  • great message on love, straight to the point since the beginning of the message. “Love is Letting Go”….you should write a book!!! 🙂

  • Daphne

    This is so true,I’v lived it because somebody has unconditional love for me.. They let me go when I needed to go..and I came back.

  • This is so beautiful and true. Love is letting go and letting people be who they are. It’s acceptance despite their flaws. No control. But surrender!


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  • Hi mastin,

    I must say that I have really learned a lot and still learning to accept the irony of life and love through your daily teachings. I feel you in every love posts that you’ve written. I was heartbroken and left alone by my ex more than a year now and Im still in the process of letting go.

    It’s very hard to accept that you cant be with the person that you truly love but you are making people like us realize that it’s not the end of the world. It’s only the beginning that the uni-verse will help us to achieve true love and to learn to love ourselves.

    Indeed, love is a choice. There’s always someone who is more beautiful, smarter and sexier than her but the fact that you chose that person to be with u in a lifetime and she chose you, is love…

    Thanks for inspiring us!!!

    Christian of Singapore 🙂 my idol, ur fan! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Great post! This was so well written and well said. It always amazes me how you can go through something and then boom, someone writes a piece that reflects what you are feeling and/ or going through. Thank you for sharing this as it has solidified my understanding of what love really means. I appreciate it.

  • adnan


  • cat

    Truly inspirational words & some I truly needed to hear after a 1yr long battle to get back a love lost. Letting go & letting love decide our fate is truly the better choice rather then forcing him into a love he may or may not feel.

  • Not only does this apply to love and relationships, but it can also apply to the letting go of attachments in all of life. In fact, that’s one of the yamas of yoga. In order to truly be free, we must let go of anything -physical or emotional- that is holding us back.

  • Ismile4u3

    it is uncanny how you provide the information I am in desperate need of. Also a question can you love uncontionally and also let go?

  • kaycee

    soooo true Mastin… that was a very striking message! Have a blessed day and continue to inspire people 🙂

  • Cara

    This seems to be sooooo true! I think that “Letting Go” is the hardest part of life period! I am not sure if anyone can COMPLETELY let go….but I have fond this to be one of my biggest challenges. I want to let go….I just am not sure HOW??? I really enjoyed this post! Thank you! <3

    • Dragjenfly

      People so seldom say “I Love You”, and then It’s either to late, or Love goes. So when I tell you “I Love You”, It doesn’t mean I know you’ll never go, only that I wish you did’nt have to.

  • Lily

    Love is letting go AND Letting BE.

  • Jackie

    Yes yes yessss!!!

  • Tanisha

    I needed to read this today! 🙂

  • sanjina

    yes,,love is simply giving.. and feeling genuine happiness in that giving… loving someone with all vices n virtues belongings,,,

  • Alllison

    Letting love go is hard, but I know it’s the right thing to do, esp when I know he isn’t coming back. I never thought I could love someone like I did, but I am ready to let go and find new love that awaits me.

    Thank you for these articles….I know you have helped so many, including me….

  • Kareemah

    Tell yourself, “Love is letting go. I am ok. Love is letting go. I am full as I am. Love is letting go. The perfect Love will find me. Love is letting go, so I let go and let Love decide”.

    I feel relief after saying this……. This statement makes me smile


  • theprincessofvenice

    Now THIS was really good and helpful stuff. Thanks.

  • Maggie

    Thank you for this post and all you’ve written lately about giving rather than looking to “take” from others, and finding your happiness within so you can give instead of looking to external circumstances/others for that. It’s exactly what I need to hear right now!! Please keep sharing info on how not to be an emotional vampire and have love and peace inside that you share and that attracts the right people into your life.

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  • Nick

    Thank you… I was dumped by someone I really genuinely loved – and I only want the best for her, and I know that she was faced with a choice between fear and love and at that fear won out… I know that I want so much to say “NOOOOO! It’s a mistake!” but I also know, that Love says it isn’t… this had to happen for her, and though it breaks MY heart I need to let go… thank you. I’ve emailed this post to myself to remind myself I have let her go and that I did show her love in the time we shared and that in the end Love – real love – will win out over fear in her life… and heart, which is all I want for her.

    Thank you.

  • AE

    The end touched me very deeply, BEAUTIFUL.

  • Tenderheart

    You really hit it for me!!!! Love is certainly a choice but to fully feel loved is very hard to feel. The only love that I have truly felt is the love from my mother and father. I am 36 now and it pains me each day to not feel love and a true connection with another. I feel alone and feel that I have given so much love and have not received it in return. So as you say it is time to let go and love will find me…. Thank you for your insight of what love is.

    • summer

       hi tenderheat its going to be okbare yu a male or female

  • summer

    this is so right i can’t say how many times i din have to do this

  • SachiiBzz

    hi can i speak to u?

  • Kriharv1224

    I agree with most of this! I am still a young adult and for the first time have a boyfriend who i’m really starting to feel deeply for. I’ve only been in love once and it actually turned into the strongest friendship because he loved me like a sister instead of being in love with me back which actually turned out wonderful. I don’t know how to love or anything. All i know is i have someone who loves me where i am at and respects me and my decisions and such. I hope i learn how to love and grow with these feelings. But everything you said makes sense, love someone where they are and let them love you back. Love like you’ve never been hurt, because that feeling of utter contentment and joy outshines event he worst heartache. God Bless. 

  • Lauren

    Thank you SO much for this post. I am currently going through a break-up (my first one…), and although it is not devastating, it remains very painful. I have a lot of trouble understanding why I was rejected, and how can someone refuse to receive my love, and it is also difficult to simply give up on hopes of an eventual come-back together. However, this article really helps me understand the importance of not forcing things and just letting go. No kidding, I was seriously considering to beg my ex to take me back. But this would not be love at all, I would only put unnecessary  pressure on her. So thank you for this insight. Your two last lines, especially, have done me a lot of good. You are right: I am full as I am. I have love in me, and I can only wait for the right person to come around! Love shall decide.

    • Is the high worth the pain? Taylor Swift has a great song out called Blank Space. The meaning of filling that space with your love’s name. Love forever, some will want. But, then it’s over.

      The highs, highs, and lows, lows are not love. That is toxicity. Going back and forth. That is toxicity.

      When you send love to someone and they don’t send love back, one can try to force it or manipulate it, but that is not love either. That is selfishness. The “I want what I want” is not what they want or they would be consistent with you. They would love you back.

      The hardest part about true love, is knowing when to let go. When you feel high, high with them and then low, low, one too many times, that is when it is time to let go.

      Renew yourself and start over with someone new. Someone who wants what you want and most of all, WANTS YOU.

      My advice column: http://www.facebook.com/singlesloveandtoughadvice

  • Chelsea Postema

    Someone in my family got engaged yesterday, but I feel that the relationship may not last. Partly because the girl told the guy that she would only say yes to him if he bought her the ring she wanted. Another reason they have dated on/off for 8 years and she would break it off each time. She doesn’t tend to want to visit with his friends when they get together, but she has they guy visit with hers. I feel like she accepted the proposal because he did get the ring she wanted, but also because all her friends are married and has been to so many weddings that she wants that for herself. I also feel that he puts more into the relationship than she does.

  • Mohit

    Hare Krishna! Love is the essence of the universe. 

  • Regina

    What a GOD-Spiritual thing to say; Love Is Letting Go; Let Go and Let Love Decide. In Other Words, Let Go And Let God. God’s Will Must Be Done.

    • I feel this way too. I didn’t even realize that I was forcing it. I justified by it stopping for two months and then emailing once a month. I am intelligent but logic goes out the window, but I see now more than I ever have before. I want to be with someone else finally, someone who loves me back.

      My advice column has this post today: http://www.facebook.com/singlesloveandtoughadvice

  • KasandraSt.Amour Dely

    I  did a random look up, this is nice to read.

  • bins

    Thank you!this article gave me an insight.so I am letting go, and letting truelove find me!

  • Stylein_oz

    i would beg those of you who r forcing to be loved. love is about the feelings and emotions for each other but when there s no connection u just have to let it go. some one who bought me frommy parents and culture dwants to be loved by me. i don’t know why i cn’t love him inspite of his pressure.. his force and pressure has taken my life. i left university, work and hv even given up eating..i find my life a hell but he feels good coz he got me…he will never get my love..by his threads like throwing acid on my face etc and killing my loved onse i hv to giv him fake love but is that called love..i will kill myself when too sick giving fake love then what has he achieved?

  • Xrndzeru

    Its something that grows within you,
    Something that only your heart and ur body can experince.
    You can’t force love if you don’t have it.
    Let’s respect our partners and love each other with no expectation for the Love which is within you will reward u for the rest of your life!

  • Monica

    Love is a feeling , an emotion and if we do not nurture, water, gently care and cultivate that feeling everyday with a smile, hug, kiss , kind gesture it slowly dies like the flower or the plant that we forgot to take care of.
    Sometime we donot have choice but to let go and let GOD. We make deposits in the love bank but the person we are with only makes withdrawals. Then comes the point where the bank is empty and depleted and desolate. We have to let go and if they come back they have to be ready to make deposits and not only continue with the withdrawals.
    I had to let go of a 3 1/2 year relationship because of the emotional abuse and destruction after a series of withdrawals that left me desolate and emptied. I love him dearly and unconditionally . Sometimes is better to let go so that people can learn what is true love and how to love…If ever?!
    Make love deposits in the love bank of  the hearts of your friends around you and learn how to receive love 🙂

  • anonymous

    i personally don’t have love for anything or anyone yet but i do respect it… i don’t think i am kind on the idea on accepting love in the form of a “Uni-verse” though but it is some food for though for me… thanks anyway. 

  • Xamira

     I wanted to take a minute to thank [email protected] for bring back my lost lover. I requested a 2nd Degree binding love spell and received the strengthen our relationship love spell as my free spell and within 2days Sanuel was back home with me and we are finally talking about marriage and kids! I cannot thank you enough for your spell casting services! I have already recommended you to two friends of my to you for help with their love lives!!!

  • 17sjag

    Thank you so much. This would have been so helpful, but it is not for me. I still don’t feel loved. I know how to love someone, but no one loves me enough for me to let them love them back. I still cry a lot when no one’s around. Could this be depression? I don’t really think it is because I’m barley a teenager!

  • Masoodaryan24

    im  man who never crys even when my gradpa die but today reading made me to cry because  i miss my son

  • Elliott

    Thank you for the inspiration my friend! I don’t want to be single for the rest of my life!

  • Shivdarshandutta

    Beautiful sir. God bless.

  • I have been in a relationship for 14 yrs and just starting to believe we are no longer in love (I feel) 🙁

    • SicknessofChoice

      Relationships, even when madly in love, take work and it must come from both sides! I never take for granted my lady and do things for her daily as if I am still trying to win her affection and likewise she does these things for me! Love changes over time from the googly eyed affection and extreme physical desire you initially experience to a deeper, higher, type of love? It matures, of course this does not mean you will be able to keep your hands off each other still, on the contrary! You both must remember what it was that drew you together and remember those things you did for each other initially to attract each other and continue treating each other as you first did, assuming you treated each other well that is? If you neglect doing things to build and maintain the relationship then it will die of neglect! Relationships don’t just happen, you must work at them, despite kids and job or whatnot you must make these things a priority to keep the relationship healthy and fulfilling! Prayer and Faith are also a big help for me! God Bless!

      • Amen! I learned that before I left my wife. Sadly, when she realised she has been neglectful—because she didn’t know she was being neglectful, my pride, ego and whatever else you might call it kicked in and I went stuff you I’m done with this. Now, I am the one who’s regretting the decision (sorta) for leaving. All my relationships, my now ex-wife is the one that his the healthiest, filled with love and most successful. We worked together so well that my best friends thought we would stay together until the end.

        But I gave it all up because I got the shits.

  • kimberly loves her baby

    this is wonderful….letting go is not always letting go of the relationship,..i could be just learning to compromise and learning to let go of some of those old attitudes and behaviors that we have.,.i didnt let go of the relationship, but i let go and decided to let my baby make his own decisions and not be so aggressive, and it has lead our relationship down a phenomenal road,,,,letting go is always amazing in the end : )

  • I just want to share my experience and testimony here.. I was married for 6 years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture.. he started hailing me and he was abusive..but I still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost…then he filed for divorce..my whole life was turning apart and I didn’t know what to do..he moved out of the house and abandoned the kids.. so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster…so I decided to try it reluctantly..although I didn’t believe in all those things… then when he did the special prayers and spell, after 3days, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn’t believe it.. anyways we are back together now and we are happy..in case anyone needs this man, his email address [email protected] his spells is for a better life. again his email is [email protected]


    Love is infinity + 1. I say this because many times we are in love with another person, and sometimes that person gets involved with the wrong crowds when you are trying to be with them. They get too consumed with them, and they don’t know what is going on in front of them. This is where you have to express it to them verbally (graphically speaking), and sometimes you have to let them fall down. Just remember to be there for them after the fall, because they need to know that love
    is unconditional. Just remember Love is important and without God love is meaningless.

  • Shun Hill

    This post is beautiful. I am currently growing up emotionally and learning to have more endurance with the man I love.

  • Brandy Micheal

    My mouth is full of testimonies, Am BRANDY my husband
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  • JoJo

    That’s beautiful!

  • Charlie T

    After several years of being alone (and contented) , i met and fell in love with a colleague at work. It was not an infatuation thing but a relationship nurtured with kindness, understanding and mutual interests. We connected on all levels – body, mind and soul. She was in a loveless marriage but cared for her child deeply. She told me repeatedly that i was her first and only true love. If not for her child, she would have left her husband for me. I tried to dissuade her from embarking on arelationship with me eventhough i am a single guy. But she was relentless and fully committed to me even to the point of refusing to sleep with her husband anymore. She said all this while , she had existed as a dutiful wife but aft meeting me, she finally knew what living truly meant.

    After three years of bliss, the guilt of carrying on this clandestine affair was too much for her to bear. She said that some of the initial intense feelings for me have faded and therfore, we were better off as friends. She still wants me in her life but have boundaries in the relationship. I was deeply hurt especially when I am still in love with her but cannot touch her. If i tell her that I love her, she will no longer reciprocate.

    A few weeks ago, we had a pow-wow. I told her plainly that I still love her and seeing her daily without our usual hugs and kisses was so unnatural. Also, I truly believed her when she said that I was the love of her life and that we would be together forever. She cried and told me that she had never loved anyone as much as she loved me; but as time went by, her feelings started to recalibrate and this situation of a close but platonic friendship is what is best for us all.

    Can true love fade? Were all those promises and declarations of eternal love just empty words?

    Should I accept this situation of being a close and supportive buddy eventhough my heart is being ripped to shreds? Should I be contented by the fact that we still get to see each other daily, albeit in lower doses and in a ‘formal’ and controlled manner?

    I love her and inspite of what she says now, i do believe that she loves me still. Am I just a fool in major denial

    • Lauren

      I hope you see my reply. First off, even though I don’t know your situation and you two well enough, I still truly believe that the love you two had was honest. True love is very hard to find. Seriously. Many people claim to have found love, only to have realized that it was infatuation or just an excuse to fill in their holes. This woman has probably been beating herself up for a very long time because of how guilty she felt. Especially with the constant care of her child, she probably felt like a complete sinner for not only lying to her husband but also her child. She still loves you because as painful as it is to set boundaries with someone you love, the fact that she’d rather you be her in life still instead of never talking to you anymore means something. I’m sorry you wrote such a long and heartfelt response, only to have no one respond to help.
      Honestly those promises and declarations were not just empty words but they can in fact get emptied out if you let them. By “if u let them”, I mean if you force and push for love from her. If you show her how upset you are all the time, if you focus on what is lacking rather than what you two still have, if you invite negative vibes then you’ll make her think that the love is dying when in fact you have just forgotten to appreciate her as person instead of appreciating the possession of her or receiving her love so you can feel secure. When you love someone for a long time and receive much love from them, after a while it gets easy to forget that you love them. *Like a family member* Don’t take it personally, because everyone processes and receives love differently than each and everyone else. Give her that freedom again to do whatever she pleases, love her so freely and graciously that she’ll want to always be with you, rather than feel like she has to.
      Work on yourself and continue growing in self-love so not only will she remember the light within you but you will too. Show her that you love other things just as deeply and you have a drive in life. If you make her either consciously or subconsciously think you’re all about her then that is what will kill the love. If you want more advice you can email me at [email protected]
      I really hope this has helped you in some sort of way.
      Don’t lose faith in yourself and in the Universe, love always prevails and the truth will always rise to the surface. Remember that when fear appears, love fades but when love rises, fear runs. Know that in a pitch dark room, a single flame of light can immediately banish all that darkness. Never forget the love that is innately within you.
      Much love, Lauren

    • SicknessofChoice

      You should let the situation be as it is, if you are destined to be together then it will happen and there is no way to force it. I had to wait 9 years for the opportunity to be with my true love after both of us endured much pain in failed relationships! I was still in love with her and she was in love with me, yet neither was aware! We had been together briefly 9 years earlier, but circumstances in our lives at the time forced us apart. We both were in relationships with other people afterwards, but for both of us they ended badly! She loved me and let me go, thinking it was best at the time and I let her go as well, though painful, also thinking she would be better off? But, I was unable to forget her, though I tried by getting involved with someone else, yet that only ended up making me realize that I was still in love with my ‘ex’ if you will? Likewise my ‘ex’ after a long term and abusive relationship had begun looking for me, but I was not aware she was until recently and 9 years later? I prayed daily for her after we parted the first time, but thought I would never see her again, much less ever be with her! Eventually both of us realized we had made a grave error in letting each other go, but perhaps it was a necessary life lesson which has made us more appreciative of having each other and it seems our love is stronger now than it was before! Sometimes you have to let go to have a chance at truly being together…

  • Thank you for this. I have been struggling letting go for the last 2 years. I knew the phrase if you love somebody, let them go. I could not let them go in my heart. Even to this day. But you have gave me a new angel to look upon.

  • guest x

    Let me share a bit of my experience…well calling it experience might not the quite right but I hope you will listen to my “unromantic story”. I met someone online few week ago and the meeting was quite accidental. Usually at morning I will greet her and she will talk about many things in general. I don’t know if I would even like someone online. First thing first I never knew her appearances. Is she pretty? Is he rich/poor? Is she even a woman? (my aunt tease me as if she might be a guy in disguise XD).
    Second I never know about her true intentions “does she being honest, or does she just toying with my feeling” I am not a God; off course I can’t do online mind reading ;P. However, I know one thing she made me realize that I could love someone entirely. Every time she felt sad I would listen to her and interestingly enough we have many similarity in hobby. She said kind & warmth words and they are enough for me to love her. For some time being I was blinded by the feeling but since then I realized that our relationship is just an illusions. Why? because she already engaged to someone.
    Still even knowing her status, I will not lie to myself “I Love Her, I love her enough that I want to see her happy, I love her enough that I would not care what she look like, I love her enough that I want the guy who stand beside her become a guy who never, ever hurt her cause if she sad that would make me so angry” Um sorry for my ranting.
    Now you see I learnt something that love can come through two human soul who can communicate which each other and appearance means nothing in my case. Right now, every time my aunt and cousins keep worrying about how they look like, about how fat they become,I would tell them that sometimes it is the inside that matter the most. It is the beauty of the character that made me love someone and here I am ready to get many angry responses from those who idolize beauty and just as I want to conclude, it was not about beauty, it was about giving all and letting go

  • donnajane

    i was so feeling sad for the moment and i just read this and thank for the post – now i know i am not the only one!

  • Is the high worth the pain? Taylor Swift has a great song out called Blank Space. The meaning of filling that space with your love’s name. Love forever, some will want. But, then it’s over.

    The highs, highs, and lows, lows are not love. That is toxicity. Going back and forth. That is toxicity.

    When you send love to someone and they don’t send love back, one can try to force it or manipulate it, but that is not love either. That is selfishness. The “I want what I want” is not what they want or they would be consistent with you. They would love you back.

    The hardest part about true love, is knowing when to let go. When you feel high, high with them and then low, low, one too many times, that is when it is time to let go.

    Renew yourself and start over with someone new. Someone who wants what you want and most of all, WANTS YOU.

    My advice column: http://www.facebook.com/singlesloveandtoughadvice

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  • Lea Cadiz

    Hey guys..I need some insight of this..I’m talking to a guy and he said to me..WE JUST DREW FAR FROM EACH OTHER AS TIME WENT ON…is this positive reply or not?is he cutting the communication?Really appreciated if you could give me some explanation please..thank you.

  • Tracey Danny

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