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What to do when tragedy strikes.

mk_treesWe are all praying for Boston right now.

If you want to help, please go here.

I write these blogs the day before, so by the time this blog publishes, it might be behind what is going on in the news.

But that doesn’t matter – because what I will write about today is all about Uni-versal principles.

No matter what facts come out about what happened in Boston, I think that we can all agree that ignorance acted yesterday.

Ignorance of how precious human life is. Ignorance of our common interests as human beings.

This tragedy erupted over social media, as have many before it.

And again, my heart wept. The unnecessary bloodshed. The unspeakable horror. The unimaginable pain that swept our nation yesterday has become all too familiar.

My heart and the hearts of the whole TDL community go out to those affected by the senseless acts in Boston.

If you wish to help, click here.

When tragedy comes, we must reflect. And we must take action.

What action? In this case, there are still so many unknowns, I’m not sure.

But I can tell you this: no amount of hate can solve the deep problem of ignorance. Hatred brings more hate. We have enough history to show us this. We have enough evidence of modern day fighting that demonstrates this as well.

What I can tell you is that ignorance struck yesterday. But ignorance will not tame us. Ignorance will not keep us down. Nothing can put out the eternal American and for that matter – human Spirit that dwells within each and every one of us.

I’ve come to believe that acts of violence are ways certain people try to prove how powerful they are. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Violence to prove power, violence to cast a shadow of fear, violence meant to stop progress – has not and will not ever be a sustainable endeavor.

So, what can we do?

We can give, we can donate, we can send Light, we can pray, we can get involved; but there is one thing that we can do that can prove that acts like this, no matter how ill-intended, never truly achieve their intended effect…

We can choose to Love.

Love ourselves. Love those that we are with. Love others even more.

And perhaps, perhaps, Love those that hurt us. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

Loving those that hurt us does not make right what they did. It does not mean we are pushovers. It does not mean that we will not find those who are responsible and bring them to justice.

But Loving them proves that we are more evolved, more righteous and that our spirits and our ability to Love cannot be broken, even in the depth of tragedy.

Loving them does not mean we have to like them. But it does mean that we see that they are simply ignorant. And our Love is greater than that.

So, if we really want to heal, if we really want to do the right thing, then – when tragedy strikes, we must Love more.

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