What Would It Feel Like To Trust The Uni-verse?

So much of the anxiety, stress and inner-turmoil that we experience comes from our lack of faith in the Uni-verse. We believe that we need to make everything happen and control every detail in order to feel safe. We live our lives controlled by outcomes and future plans. In fleeting moments we reconnect with the flow of the Uni-verse. Maybe on a meditation pillow or in a yoga class. Fleeting moments of connection remind us of our truth. But what would life be like if we always remembered that we were being guided? Watch this video for more on the topic.




Gabrielle Bernstein is the bestselling author of Spirit Junkie, Add More ~ing to Your Life, and  May Cause Miracles.

  • It is SO true what you say. Thanks for reminding me of it. I needed this Today. Much Love & Namaste!

  • Iva

    Thank you, Gabby. Beautifully said…thank you for the wonderful remainder

  • Amy Kelly

    Love it! Thanks so much Gabrielle. I’m definitely going to say this prayer and listen to some of your guided meditations. Namaste.

  • Lisa

    For me it is the fear of the unknown that I have immense anxiety about. Learning new things scares me and life is about learning, every day, especially in my field of design, graphics and marketing!

    How do I go from angst and “I will never be enough, I am not capable”, to, “I am capable, I can, I will”?
    Or is it I am working in a field which no longer brings me joy or passion? For many technology is embraced and sought after. For me, it’s scary as I am a perfectionist and was raised that I had to be the best which is not a good way to approach learning. I have allowed myself to get left behind because I do not face my fears.
    I am wanting to leave the business I’ve been in for 20+ years and become a writer.

    I have heard you speak before and know your past comes from alcohol and addiction. I too have both. Your teachings sound like a combination of a Course in Miracles and from the Big Book.

    Please address how to approach gripping anxiety and fears of the unknown.
    Tony Robbins calls it uncertainty. If I never try, I will never fail. I will never succeed either.

  • Love the message in this video! Thanks Gabby!

  • Ilonda

    Love this message!

  • Brian

    Love Gabby, the vulnerability of her message is wonderful.

    What I have found is life is about being the gift to others: stop playing god and be god. Specifically, be love, be forgiveness, be light, etc. What would forgiveness do? This takes me out of self, out of planning my future and controlling my life and focuses me on service.

    And for Lisa: begin to look at the stories you are telling yourself. Fear is stories I tell myself about everything, its a spiritual sickness that ran my life for years. Katie’s The Work was very helpful to me in releasing this. And Tolle taught me to gently observe, that is the work of spirituality. By watching, observing these stories they begin to lessen and float away. AND the truth emerges: I am perfect, whole, and complete… Everything is inside.

    Love the line: power flows to those who serve. And living from this place changes everything. Love Brian in Denver.