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What you see depends on HOW you look!

Being in London with Airbnb has been amazing. Jenna and I are filming a web series with them during the Olympics; to follow along – check out the Airbnb blog here. We are following some awesome people around London who use Airbnb to help them live their dreams and be creatively expressed! It’s going to be rad!

One thing that I have been KEENLY aware of while I am in London is how different my life looks through the eyes of London. Being so wrapped up in my normal every day life with the same basic routine for a LONG time, I only saw life through a certain lens. It wasn’t a bad lens, but by being here in London I’ve gotten some S P A C E from my daily grind. And even though it’s been non-stop filming and mentoring, I’ve been able to get perspective on my life.

I’m REALLY present to the idea that what we see in our lives depends on HOW we look at our lives. Because, the truth is, life is what WE MAKE IT OUT TO BE. I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen, of course they do; they always do. But what determines the outcome of our lives is much more greatly influenced by how we interpret what happens instead of the events themselves.

In London, it’s SUCH a different vibe than L.A. or even NYC. I love both L.A. and NYC, but London has a feel all to its own. People seem to be a bit more laid back about things that we take much more seriously in the States. Even something as simple as being able to drink a pint on the street outside the pub – this is unheard of and even unlawful in the States (except for places like Vegas). With that being said, London certainly has a spiritual side, but it’s nowhere near as in your face as the vibe in L.A. or NYC. There’s yoga. There’s green juice. There’s gluten free stuff. But it’s subtler. Everything here seems a bit subtler and matter of fact.

And it’s been really healthy to be in that environment because I live in a bubble of people who are SOLEY dedicated to “transformation,” “spirituality” and the like. Here in London – these things certainly exist, but I feel like everything is a bit more real to life than in a lot of the circles I live in.

And what London is teaching me, above all else, is to not take myself so seriously (I know that I can do that sometimes) and to let go and step into being human. I can get so wrapped up in TDL-speak and transformation that I forget the whole point, which is to just be a mostly happy human living a mostly happy and fulfilled life. As I write this blog from East London from a flat that is right above some pubs and restaurants, I hear laugher, good cheer and good talk. It’s grounding. It’s real. And it’s helping me to get a little separate from The Daily Love and just be me with no expectations of what that means.

It’s beautiful, indeed.

In your own life, where can you step away and see things differently? Is there anything that you need to pull back from and see from a new angle? Are you too close to something or someone and could you benefit from a little space?

Leave a comment on the blog and let me know!

Love from London,


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