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What’s Your Theme?

0932 Terri Cole HI RESIf you’re on a spiritual path, you know that growth and change are constant. The ‘work,’ however, that we do on ourselves, can often stay the same. Year after year, I  journal. I meditate. I pray. I practice surrender. And I still read a lot of spiritual and self empowerment books.

However, what does change is the way that I do these things. For example, I often modify my meditation practice and I love learning about a new perspective on surrender or mindfulness.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s a New Year of course! With the New Year usually comes the same kinds of resolutions, and even if your resolutions aren’t the same, the way you go about making and keeping them is. So I am here to offer you a new approach to an old tradition.

This year, rather than focusing so intensely on what you are ‘resolving,’ instead  focus on your ‘theme for the year.’

My theme for 2014, is BALANCE

Throughout my life, I have consistently struggled with the  issue of work-a-hol-ism. Over the years, and as I have become more illuminated, I’ve worked (no pun intended) very diligently to find a balance between work and play. Yet the challenge remains. I successfully create balance, then lose it, regain it then lose it once more. Therefore, this year, I am recommiting to myself, and making BALANCE my theme and intention for the year. Here’s how…

1.  Daily Mediation

And by daily I do not mean 3 times a week. I mean I-meditate-every-day-no-matter-what, kind of daily. Meditation buys me response time so all of my decisions come from a mindful place rather than a reactive place. It’s scientifically  proven to lower your heart rate, calm the mind, ease physical pain, along with a zillion other benefits. Mediation works so well for me, as long as I am willing to work for it. Daily!

2.  Working Less

Meditation will help with this as well. The simple act of writing my intention to work less creates a feeling of possibility. I love my work and my family and know that to honor both of my loves I need to have a schedule that I run, not the other way around. I am creating a work schedule with my team on Monday… and sticking to it!

3. Create

I am a creative person. Creating anything, whether it be a meditation CD or a group coaching program, lights me up and serves as expression of my inspired energy. Creating can refer to creative arts like writing, painting or sculpting but for me, it also means creating beautiful energy in my home, or a healthy meal, prepared with my whole heart for my husband, Vic. This year I will consciously enjoy creating.

4. Becoming the Observer

Writer Tom Robbins writes that two of our most basic thought forms are either: ‘yum’ or ‘yuck.’ Yum, as in I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. Yuck, as in no thank you, get it away from me, never again. This yum/yuck mentality is constant; it’s judgment, and we do it with everything. Balance to me means finding a middle ground between yum and yuck, where I simply observe, rather than judge, all that is happening around me. I plan to view situations, circumstances, people and behavior (including my own) with curiosity and interest, minus the reflexive yum/yuck labels.

5. Date Night

I think we could all have more date nights, whether it’s with our romantic partner, ourselves, or with pals. Whether it’s day, night, during the week or on the weekend. Making time to nurture our intimate relationships brings balance and richness to our lives. Balance to me is at least one date night a week with my husband, Vic.

Now that I got all emotionally naked, it’s your turn.

I want to inspire you to revamp your resolve.

What is your theme for 2014 and how are you going to make it happen? Make sure to post below so our amazing Daily Love family can support you. See you in the comments and as always, take care of you!

Love Love Love



As a licensed therapist, transformation coach, and mentor to well-known personalities in wellness, empowerment, and entertainment, Terri Cole is honored to help clients, and now listeners like you, remain present and grounded, despite life’s complexities. She provides sustainable, action-oriented solutions you can implement TODAY that allow you to live a life that thrills you. Follow Terri on Twitter @terri_cole.