When it's dark outside, remember the Light within. - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

When it’s dark outside, remember the Light within.

The world can often be an extremely heavy place.

The past few weeks have been laced with sadness after the horrible events occurring in Japan. I had a student who is currently working for Disney Japan email me saying that everyone in the cast feels so dark and lost. She was hoping for some advice to help ‘rally the troops’ and get them back on the right foot after so much tragedy. There was a major lack of happiness or even the ability to have ‘the right’ to find lightness in the middle of so much shadow.

I sat down and dug into my love reserve. The idea of darkness immediately made me think of the opposing energy – Light. They go hand in hand, just like the stars that light up the inky night sky. It’s the stars and moon’s determination to shine regardless of it’s veiled home that weaves beauty into the sky every single night-even when it threatens to envelop the world in darkness. They persevere and shine all the brighter, and the results? Beauty. Pure, inspiring beauty that often leaves us in awe.

It reminded me of a favorite quote from an anonymous source:

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.”

Stars give off light in the dark whether they realize it or not. It’s their luminosity that lights the path for others who are stuck in darkness. It is our job, as believers and warriors of love, to shine all the brighter now. Not only for Japan, but for anyone around us who struggles.

Be a source of inspiration to those who feel that they have no more to draw from. Be a place of warmth to those who have only breath to blanket themselves with and be a fountain of love for those who are completely parched and drained dry by fear.

I know this may sound daunting, but it’s actually rather simple. How?

Continue to be yourself. Continue to remember life is full of beauty and that there is something to be happy about every single day of your life.

Begin your day with gratitude for any and all of your blessings. Your belief and memory of such things keeps it alive even when darkness threatens to steal it away.

I often reference an Irish prayer taught to me on one of my trips:

“Drop to your knees and give thanks that you can stand.”

It’s the simple things.

It’s times like this when we can’t forget to have fun. We need to remember to laugh – it’s an instant vacation from anything holding you down. Remember to smile – it immediately alters your state of mind; and remember to love – it has the power to change the world.

Be a star; be yourself; be a beacon of inspiration. A shining reminder that the world moves on and love can never fail. My heart goes out to anyone in need of support and my wish is that we all do the same. Your glow will fill the world, sky and hearts in need of magic, creating a constellation map back into the light.

All love,


Kathryn Budig is an LA based rockstar yoga teacher. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website.