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When not getting what you want is exactly what you need

Getting what you want: we think this can be what life’s about.

But many times we don’t get what we want. And when we are young or immature, we complain about it. We worry about it. Without really getting clear on the bigger picture.

My friend Agapi told me: What is yours can never miss you. What misses you was never yours.

Learning this can be stressful. And this is one of the most profound lessons I’ve learned in life: sometimes Grace feels like a giant kick in the teeth.

I write all about this major life lesson in my new book Growing into Grace and share with you some of what I wrote about in my book in today’s Daily Love TV.

In the comments on the below, please let me know – has not getting what you wanted ever turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to you?

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Hey I’m Mastin Kipp, founder of TheDailyLove.com and the author of the new book “Daily Love: Growing into Grace.” I am so excited because my new book “Daily Love: Growing into Grace” is coming out September 9th, so in honor of my new book coming out, I want to share with you a little bit about what’s going on inside the book in little tiny bit sizes for this Daily Love TV episode.

So in my book, one of the things I talked about is, you know I used to be a music Manager and I started managing a band who was kind of in the spiritual realm and they actually had a song in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and this was the film that kind of started the personal growth moment in film and “The Secret” was followed shortly thereafter. But they had a song that put me in an environment that I had never been in before, I was in Hollywood, I was a music manager, and I was running around LA and all that type of stuff and all of a sudden I find myself at a personal growth conference in Santa Monica completely out of my element and I felt really strange.

At first I judged everything as strange and woo woo and I remember one time at this event, there was this woman taking chakra photography and I didn’t know what chakra photography was and I still don’t know what it is today, but what was fascinating was that she was really beautiful so I went over to her and I started talking to her. And I had this desire, at the time I was single I was looking for my partner, looking for my girlfriend, and that didn’t end up workout with this girl but it was funny because she did give me a cd set called “Energy Anatomy” by Caroline Myss which completely changed my life.

And the lesson in this story is that sometimes we are going for something and we are trying especially in the relationship department we can try and try and try and it doesn’t work out and it can be so frustrating right? I totally can understand how frustrating it could be when you are trying to make things and trying to make things work and it doesn’t work.

And here I was, you know, freshly sober looking for a relationship and instead of getting this relationship with this girl, I got this cd set and first I was pissed, I was like this is stupid this is B.S. I don’t want to do this I am just going to put it aside, and it sat in my car for a little while. Then finally one day I decided you know what I am just going to put it in. This cd set “Energy Anatomy” completely and totally transformed my life, completely and totally transformed my life.

And so the message is this; many times ‘When You Don’t Get What You Want, You’re Getting Exactly What You Need.’ When you don’t get what you want, you’re getting exactly what you need.

So think about the different areas of your life, right, think about your relationships, or business, or jobs, your family, friends, your finances whatever it might be have there been times or are you going through those times right now where you are so frustrated like gosh, I really want this thing to happen like the relationship or the job or the increase. And could this be that this delay and not a denial? Right? Could it be that there is a deeper gift for you? Could it be that there is even something more meaningful for you with not getting what you want? And I am curious did this happen in the past? I am sure this has happened in the past as well.

Just think about this because there are so many times we get comments and emails from people, honest people, who truly want and truly desire things to happen in their lives whether its love, or business, finances, or family or whatever it might be but, ‘could there be a larger plan? Could there be a plan for something even greater down the road? And could you choose to see not getting what you want in this moment as grace as an opportunity for you to go even deeper and to see maybe not right now but in a day, a week, a month you’ll get some perspective on why you didn’t get this and perhaps just perhaps it could be a little stroke of grace for you?

In the comments below, I’m curious, please let me know is there something that is not happening in your life, and could you chose to see that as a gift?

In the comments below let me know.

Can you believe it my new book “Daily Love Growing into Grace.” is out September 9th, I can’t wait to share it with you. To check out all the information on how to pre order the book head on over to growingintograce.com for all the information.

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