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When Nothing Goes As Planned…

Nothing is going as planned here in NYC.

By the time you read this blog, things will have gone back to normal somewhat, but I think you’ll still be curious to hear what we experienced and learned. It has been a time of rich experiencing and learning since–

Nothing is going as planned here in NYC.

What an opportunity to test all my Handel Method® tools. It’s easy to feel powerful and happy when everything is going as planned. But having everything “out of order” tests your inner resources, and how well all this personal growth stuff has taken root.

I laughed out loud when I realized that the term we use in Handel for just passively feeling victimized by life was “weather reporter.” And that everywhere I turned there was an actual weather reporter telling me about various levels of devastation. I could only handle so much negative outer dialogue before it started to impact my inner dialogue. I in no way want to downplay the real negative impact that this weather has had on people. The losses are real and upsetting, but almost everyone I speak with is finding something to be grateful for instead of dwelling on those losses. So many cliches get it right regarding what we are choosing between:

The glass being half: full or empty?
One door closing or another opening?
Grass greener here or the other side?

Again, we are reminded of the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions. What are we going to focus on? Depending on those choices, our moods will be depressed or uplifted and our actions will follow our feelings’ lead. Focus on things and people in your life to be grateful for and you will find the strength and excitement to redouble your political efforts, go volunteer to help with clean-up, reach out to friends or get to the gym. Focus on things that didn’t go as planned and the supposed negative impact, and you will suffer longer, be less help to others and delay the rebuilding of  “stable life.”

And then again, maybe this tumult has made you reconsider everything, and that’s good, too. Because moments like this, when all the circumstances are different, really do help us think new and different thoughts, and do new and different things.

All this logistical upheaval has had the side effect of people actually having more time for/with the kids, the family, the partner, the gym, spirituality and self-care routines. Living without power or light, while inconvenient, takes us all back to basics: community, generosity, inner strength, maintaining peace, nourishing ourselves, and forces us to recalibrate everything in our lives. We are finding ourselves temporarily more connected (in ways more than technological), more grateful, more resourceful and more creative. I say: bless this kooky, surreal time, and may we keep some of its lessons with us.

What do you want to hold onto from this time (even if you were just watching from afar)?

– Do you want to plan a communal meal once a week?
– Do you want to check in with your family more often?
– Do you want to finally start or focus on your own business?
– Do you want to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding, so you can be more connected?
– Do you want to keep at the exercise/yoga/meditation practice you finally returned to?
– Do you want to continue the mindful and environmentally helpful practice of conserving electricity/gas/food?
– Do you want to design your holidays around themes and actions of gratitude and giving?

While the rest of the world is stressing or pitying, I challenge us to be a voice of DAILY LOVE for ourselves, our loved ones and our global community. And most of all, I wish us all the courage to DAILY ACT in the face of any obstacle.

Leave me a comment about what you learned from Hurricane Sandy, and what you are taking on in your life from now on. Let us know if we can help.


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Laurie Gerber is President of Handel Group® Life Coaching, an international coaching company, which specializes in teaching individuals to take focused and powerful action in every area of their lives. You can connect with Laurie on Facebook at HG Life Coaching.