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When Sh*t Hits The Fan!

Jordana Jaffe portrait 052112If you’re familiar with my work, you’ve probably heard me say (more than once or twice) that there is always a breakdown before the breakthrough. Every single time in my life that was super kick a$$ started out as crappy as they come.

I came out after six months of dating an amazing man (and realizing that I wanted to keep the amazing part, but just not the man part…) — I met said amazing man at a job I got after being rejected from a position at O Magazine (which at the time was my dream of dream jobs).

live ORGANIZED (business numero uno) was born during two+ months of agoraphobia (don’t know what that is? look it up. It was a party…an indoors party, that is.)

I became vegan after watching Food Inc., Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and lots of other plant-loving documentaries, and the only reason I watched so many hours of them was because my back went out for a week. Right after my birthday.

If it weren’t for being rejected from my dream job, suffering from agoraphobia for two+ months, and having my back go out for an entire week following my 29th birthday, I might still be a heterosexual (albeit inauthentic) corporate meat-eating kinda gal.

Now, I’m all for all of you straight corporate carnivore ladies! I love you guys. It’s just not for me. We all have our truths. And for me, my truth involves having a wife, running a business, and overstocking my fridge with fruits and veggies.

And those are all pretty big truths. Love. Career. Health. All born from moments when I was either nearing or hovering very closely over rock bottom.

I remember the day I heard from O Magazine that I wouldn’t be getting my own cubicle. I stayed in bed for the entire day, sulking and lamenting my life, and wondering how oh how I could possibly be happier at any other job in my life.

I remember when I realized that I was agoraphobic. The LAST thing that entered my mind was that a breakthrough was around the corner. At the time, I just wanted to make sure that the breakdown wasn’t going to be life-long. I wasn’t focused on the light at the end of the tunnel here. I wanted reassurance that the tunnel actually ended at some point, light or no light.

I remember when my back went out and I couldn’t easily do work for a week and I felt lonely in my apartment and oh so sorry for myself.

We’ll call those times “woe is me.” And I was woe-ing it big time.

I also remember the day I broke up with my last boyfriend. It was a Saturday in late July 2006 and even though I had tear-streaked cheeks as I rode in the cab uptown from the East Village (breakups are always hard for me, regardless of the circumstance), when I met one of my best friends at a diner uptown, I jumped up, ran to the juke box and blasted, “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. And then I danced in my seat. True Story.

I remember when I realized that organizing was not only going to be a hobby for me, but an actual business, and feeling so clear, empowered, and *happy* for the first time in so long.

And I remember going food shopping for the first time and filling my cart with fresh produce and foods with few ingredients and feeling like I was being my body’s bestest friend ever.

I call these moments, “wow is she” (she, being the Uni-verse, source, your own personal power, whatever or whoever you may believe in). And yes, these moments were certainly wow-filled.

So, dear friends, here’s the moral of these stories:

The sh*t will hit the fan. In fact, maybe it’s hitting your fan right now. So that’s going to happen. Know it. Expect it. Accept it.

And then know this: It’s all good. 

Yes, that’s right. Every little bit of it is good. It might not look very pretty or feel very good today, but I promise and feel so certain, from the depths of my core, that the sh*t is here to serve you in some way.

Think possibilities, opportunities and openings. Consider that all of this sh*t is magical fairy dust in disguise. Because IT IS.



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