When Someone Doesn’t Support Your Spiritual Path

When we embark on a spiritual journey, so many awesome shifts begin to happen. It’s easy to become overly enthusiastic about them and want to share every detail with your loved ones. But the new developments in your life may not be easy for people to understand, especially if they’re not on a spiritual path of their own. In this video I offer up tools for how to handle people who don’t support your spiritual path.




Gabrielle Bernstein is the bestselling author of Spirit Junkie, Add More ~ing to Your Life, and  May Cause Miracles.

  • Paulissa Kipp

    Thank you so much for this! Love that “Let them reap the benefits without having to know why.” I have the tendency to think that others should be as excited as I am about my path. Time to drop those expectations.

  • Karen

    Thanks Gabby! On the mark 🙂

  • Wendy

    Ah, thanks for this dear Gabby. :). This has been a subconscious question I’ve had as of late in regards to moving closer to my more-fundamentalist family. :). This helps, and quite lovely and respecting. Thank you again! 🙂

  • lizilynx

    Thank you, Gabby 🙂 You nailed it again! Love and Gratitude :o)

  • David McDreamy


    Simply salubrious & something I am taking much heed & responsibility for as of right now. Thank you Gabrielle & on a completely separate note my spiritual guide who was a soulmate like never seen before(she was inspirational yet still drove me crazy lol) revealed the path I’m on now had your book above on their bedside table I remember now. Yours is the first of what is now a huge archive of spiritual wealth of information. So inadvertently you too are my guide who set me on the one & true path to self enlightenment. I’ve written a few comments today as I watch the sun rising over the horizon with the shrine waters of the ocean lapping against my deck chair in Bali…time to go hiking up a mountain today. Thank you so much say the apprentice.


  • sarrah

    I found this video and blog very helpful in my journey. I recently had an experience where I arrived for a family dinner with everyone being in town, and was instantly confronted by a family member who made the statement, “why are you posting mystical crap on facebook.” I became very quiet when this statement was made, and it stung because for a long time, I had been in a habit of not talking about my thoughts, my beliefs, or my point of view because I fear conflict. I explained that I have a right to express myself and what I am going through, everyone has a choice to follow me, read what I post, and to not follow/not friend me. I am open and honest in what I am learning and what I am going through at any given time because being honest in such a public forum is a form of therapy for me, it allows for those in my life to hold me accountable.

    I am learning so much through all of the spiritual thinkers and leaders who I study and follow. My mind has become opened and I am constantly putting myself in check when I read a thought, comment, or blog. The Daily Love community has really had a strong impact in my life, and I pass along the link daily to those who cross my path who are in need of words of love and kindness.

    I am going to take Gabby’s advice to let those around me who feel that I am sharing too much see what is happening in my life and on my spiritual journey through my daily living. I will continue to express myself through social media because there may be someone out there who is in need of the lessons which I have learned!! 🙂