When the ego’s dream becomes a spiritual calling!

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Well, here we are. Monday, November 19th, 2012.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States. And this week begins the official holiday season in my mind. Today I am flying from Toronto to Kansas City to travel to my hometown of Lawrence, KS to be with my parents.

I can remember leaving Lawrence about 11 years ago with stars in my eyes headed towards Los Angeles. I thought I was going to make it big out in Hollywood as an UBER successful music guy, like a straight version of David Geffen. I imagined myself being rich, famous and most importantly – powerful.

At the time, I thought it was an awesome dream. A kid from a small town in Kansas arrives in Hollywood and takes it over by storm to become the greatest success the town had ever seen. I also wanted to fly back to my 10-year reunion in a helicopter to show the kids how rich and powerful I had become.

What happened instead?

A quick rise to the top of the music business, followed by a lightning fast descent into the depths of addiction and recovery. And on the day of my 10-year reunion I was broke, and couch surfing and didn’t even have enough money to buy a ticket home, let alone arrive in my own helicopter.

It’s safe to say that things didn’t work out the way that I wanted them to. And from the perspective of time looking back, I am grateful for this. I left Kansas 11 years ago with ambition and insecurity. And now what I have is heartfelt desire and a confidence that when I am of service, miracles happen.

My old dream was self-centered; my new dream is service oriented. And the baseline of this sounds cheesy, but it is gratitude. That’s right. Simple gratitude. When I find that I focus on what I’m grateful for, the things I already have, the glorious and healthy body in which I reside, life opens. Problems turn into challenges and the crazy driver on the road turns into a friend who is stressed out right now.

My youthful ambition was naive in that I did not know my own power and I lived my life as “other defined”. Meaning that I wanted power because I didn’t think I had any and I wanted it so that others would think highly of me.

Now, I see the power one person can make in life and know that this power is harnessed not through ego-based action, but through heartfelt service and contribution. Gratitude for what I have makes it easier to bring more of it from within into life. When I know that I am lacking nothing, it is easier to serve, easier to give and easier to add value to the lives of other people.

Have you ever had an ego dream transform into a spiritual calling? I’m curious….

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  • Very honest and endearing as ever Mastin. So many of us head to the big city with dreams of making big and somehow along the way discover who we really are and what we really want. As John Lennon once said “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” and I think that is so true so often. I’m glad you came out the other side a great and honest writer.

    Big love,

  • Meera

    I wasn’t aware I had an “ego dream’ until I began training the assistant manager in our customer service department. I was the only manager in the department for years and finally my boss agreed to hire an assistant.  But it was only after I started to train him that I realized I had pushed for someone to come help me with my workload; not so that this person could grow and discover their own leadership skills.  Once I realized how selfish this was and worse, that I was missing a golden opportunity to help in the developement of another (which was a good example for the whole department) I quickly changed gears and started training this person as if I were leaving and my job was his.   This move has added value to his life but also mine….and my worklaod went down as well!  Share any power that you have…..and watch it grow. 

  • M.T.

    Great story! Who doesn’t want to be rich, famous and successful? I’ve found that as I get older, those desires have faded and now I prefer to just be happy in whatever way that means. Whenever I have been really confused about what to do in life, what direction to go or what job to take, I’ve always wound up in the best possible place once I’ve stopped trying to push so hard. If I just let go and let the universe guide me, I always meet the best people, and land right in the midst of a perfect opportunity. I just have to remind myself to trust and be patient, but I have always been brought to a better place than I could have imagined once I finally stop fighting the wonderful way of the universe! Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

    • Tamdanh1

      what ever I want to say it came out from you.I am very grateful for your writing.Thanks!

  • I have, Mastin!  I used to be in sales – I sold cars and insurance (not simultaneously 🙂  and dreamed of making a crap ton of money in sales but I was seriously left empty at the end of the day.  I wasn’t the best closer, for one thing.  What I ended up realizing was that what I enjoyed about the sales process was getting to know the person.  I took that revelation into my own therapy sessions, to learn that I needed to become a therapist myself!  As a therapist, I get to know people on a very intimate level, not just what their creature comfort preferences are in their Mercedes Benz.  Currently I work in a drug and alcohol rehab program and I feel like I am now in the business of helping people save their lives.  It is incredibly gratifying work AND the income is pretty decent too! 🙂

  • Hchule

    I am grateful for the Daily Love e-mails every day.  I am grateful that my daughter signed  me up for them in this difficult time for me.  I am grateful that your Extravaganza last week was free–I learned so much !  I am grateful that your dream of being on Oprah came true–it was wonderful to watch.  I am also grateful  to know that you’re from Lawrence, KS.  I’m a Kindergarten teacher here in Kansas City and just thinking that you’ll be at KCI sometime today is kind of magical for me.  You’re famous now !  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and thank you for everything you do !

  • Josh M


    Just watched you on Super Soul Sunday, and have to say that it was amazing to see and hear you and to know that I am not alone in my thinking.  A spiritual path is what I am doing with my life.  I too suffered from addiction, and found AA over two years ago… I have also incorporated meditation and prayer which has changed my life.  I am a bit torn by how depressive AA meetings can be, and how they balance with my spiritual pursuits….Do you think they go hand in hand?  Do you still go to meetings?  Can they work together?  Or is the goal of meetings to develop a spiritual practice?

    Josh M (NYC)

  • Ben

    Gosh, I couldn’t agree with this more. My parallel is coming out and learning to accept my sexual orientation. I was unable to really find my purpose until I’d accepted myself as I am and understood that my life was a gift to be invested. Thanks, Mastin, as always.

  • d Mpshe


    I stopped taking the things I had for granted, wanting things that I already had because I felt that they were old…I’ve learned that I have to work with what I have n pray about What I need.Love everyone n always be happy even if sad:-)

  • Rleea

    Hi all, I just finished writing my gratitude list before going to “tDL” and as so often happens you said all the right things. I am gratefully to you for that. I continue to struggle with alcohol each day. I wake up with that feeling of today I will be sober and by 5:00 rolls around my resolve goes someplace else. Having had sober periods, the longest being 3 years I know how it feels to be free but the power of addiction is strong. So each day I will continue to go to you for inspiration and hope.
    As Thanksgiving comes it is a perfect time to remember to be gratefull for the universal power that is bigger than all of us and only wants the best for us all. My intention today is to stay in this gratitude if only for today. Namaste

    • Vippystar

      I feel your pain. I was an addict for 30 yrs. You will get through this. This pain is whats makes you so grateful when you reach the light that is calling to you.  Everyday, your one day closer.  Just keep drawing on that positive energy. God puts people in our path to help us through.  A gratitude journal is how I started my recovery and it’s really helps. Just know that are people that can help you through and keep reaching out to them.  My thoughts are with you.

    • anonymous sober alkie

      this is what it is to be alcoholic. powerless over alcohol whether we are sober or drunk. the illusion that we ever have any power to choose…even after we put the drink down…is just that: an illusion. for me, admitting powerlessness then and now is what forces me to rely upon a power greater than myself. 

      instead of you trying to stay sober, what if you just allowed a power greater than you (and alcohol) to take care of it. just for today. you don’t have to take care of it. god can. 

      i hope this doesn’t offend you, but i figure if you are on the daily love, you must believe in some sort of god…spirit…or whatever you call it. 

      • alison

        oy! i just tried to post this anonymously. but for some reason that didn’t work! oh well……. 

        • K.R.

          Whoopsie-doo. I am cringing for you right now, after a day rich in frustration and handful of  “oh–shit” moments of my own. Hope you’re ok. On the bright side, I enjoyed seeing your pretty face next to your honest and inspiring post. Your coworkers have probably never seen this blog, and if they do follow it then hopefully they’re not the kind of people to judge, should they even think more of the pic then “Hmm…that girls looks like Alison.” Anyhow, don’t fret. As you said, God will take care of it for you. I’m sorry for your incognito malfunction, but I have to admit after a particularly difficult day at work it is comforting to know that there is some girl out there with equally good intentions whose “oh–shit” moment trumped my own, if only for a day. Chin up sober sister–you are spectacular, and humbled. 

  • Fawnie

    Dear Mastin,
    I couldn´t watch Super Soul Sunday yesterday  because I was busy  with my Show making people happy so I had a super soul Monday today! I can´t tell you how cool it is that all 3 of you were on…I am flashed. Proud of you guys for living the best you can be! I am so inspired now. 

  • Soulflowerinc

    This post resonates with me completely. My dream was introduced to me 6 years ago, and I saw the money immediately, and all the material things I could have with this dream. And life has happened, and amazing shifts have happened that have directed me inward and helped me to reflect truly on what I am meant to be doing in this world. Empowering and helping people. I learned that it’s more than the size of my paycheck, it’s more than what I can do with the paycheck for myself, it’s also about the people that I connect and build relationships with, the people I coach and inspire to live their best life and dream bigger than they ever have before. So I have been a work in progress in shifting my what’s in it for me mindset to a how can I serve others with the gift I have been given. I share amazing products with people that help them get healthy inside and out, but the bigger gift is showing someone how they can do what I do and pass that along to others. 

  • Jshea

    I didn’t realize my dream was an ‘ego dream’ , until reading this.

    I realize now that I’m not looking for Power;  I’m looking for Control; so I may make people HAPPY!

  • zengirl81

    What a great awakening! My story is very similar only a female version. I grew up in a very small town in California and had big dreams of leaving, becoming rich, successful and the envy of all. Ha ha makes me laugh to think of that now. Anyway went to an amazing college met a ‘perfect’ man moved to an awesome place and for 12 years lived a crazy life. Chasing the ego and all of it’s trappings is a soulless endeavor. I was never thin enough, happy enough or satisfied with anything regardless of all I had. It all crashed – I had a moment of clarity I ended the relationship, within 4 weeks of that my father died and my world seemed to be spinning out of control. My weight was at an all time high and life felt hopeless. Ironic that it was 9 years ago on Thanksgiving that my car broke down and so did I 🙂
    I decided I needed change and I moved back to the place I said I would never return – home. I got a staff level job in my profession and I was at an all time low but I had a job and a roof overhead. In the past 9 years I have discovered the place I grew up is filled with love and kindness and all those people that used to annoy me are wise teachers and just reflections of me. I found a yoga and meditation practice and I am grateful and content beyond measure. As an indication of my happiness this past August I was selected for a high level leadership position in my profession. No chasing no craziness it just came without drama!

    Thank you Mastin the Daily Love has helped me to find the center and the awareness to stay there! Much gratitude!!


  • jessica Scheer

    great post Mastin!! Proving a good inspiration for me right now when I can tell that the ‘signs’ are calling me to love and GIVE. xox 

  • Danielleyd

    Hi there, I saw you on Oprah yesterday, brought tears to my eyes to know that our generation is awakening spiritually and had the ability to discuss it on such a great platform. I have been on a spiritual “quest” so to speak since I was a child. I traveled, I read…and then frustrated found drugs and alcohol. When sitting in a rehab 2 years ago at the age of 35, it struck me…while reading an article that said the “solution” or “cure” for my addiction was of a spiritual nature…I gave myself to God at that moment & thanked him for getting my attention in the way that he/she/it had.  I now work with children and believe that the minute to minute connections that I have with them on a daily basis…allows me to be present available and give them the attention, love and guidance that they crave.  I am now on a quest or mission to help these children in schools who are MEDICATED unnecesarily 🙁  Rather than changing the environment for children to learn in…they try to change and numb the child. Here in lies some serious opportunity…healthy children…drug free. New innovative ways of teaching…brick buildings and boxed in spirits leaves little room for growth and imagination.  This has become my passion in life today and I am grateful to “Follow my bliss” and I am grateful for you and this blog.

  • Elaine Grindle

    I loved seeing you, Gabrielle and Marie on Super Soul Sunday yesterday.  I loved hearing your story and your passion.  Keep up your good work.  It is an inspiration to a grandmother like me and I sent your wed address to my grandaughter.  There is truly no age in spirit (inspiration). 

  • Jachol4

    Yes I have.  Thank you for sharing this great great story of truth.  I am here! Tearing……………………………………………………………………………………..Amen.

  • Tadams74501

    My big dream at 16the was to leave Oklahoma live on the beach learn to surf and party my ass off. Never made it to the beach instead I spent 16 yrs. In the depths of addiction. My onlychild died and I spent alot of time trying to kill myself. When I finally gave up my HP showed up and showed off. I got into recovery and life was good. Still something inside told me I was a peace of crap which left me searching for.something. 14 yrs later and at the young age of 45 I feel a awakening in my soul. Thanks to Oprah, the wonderful book a return to love and people like mastin and Gabriel I feel like my life is only just beginning. Thank u for all u r doing! Hope the whole world has a blessed thanksgiving.

  • Lei_l21

    What I’ve started doing to put me in a position of gratitude is writing down 3 things I’m thankful for right before I go to bed. This seems to stop my mind from racing and I can sleep with no worries. I’m still trying to figure out what my true big dream is and where that fits with me. I’m 24 and I know it’s definitely not too late to open up and look inside of myself and really find what that is!

  • Hi, Mastin!   Thanks for all you do!  I too have found my way from an ego driven life to that of servitude.  I feel so free.  🙂  I am pleased to welcome you back home here in Kansas.  I am not far, just down the road near Manhappiness.  Yes, even after the lose to Baylor.  😉  I hope your visit is one filled with love and many things to be thankful for.  With love, Angie

  • Rachel

    What a wonderful way to start this week, and YES is the answer to your question. After losing a well-paid executive position, my home, and nearly my marriage, I found myself in a place that I had always been trying to avoid. As if I had control over it all. 15 months later I now find myself grateful for my faith, family and journey that lead me to a calling to help others that I have always been searching for. It has given me a confidence in simply being myself and fulfilling what God intended for me in a way I never imagined. Money, power and people liking me cannot replace being empowered with a spirit to serve. So cool to wake up to take on the day excited to learn something, help someone and not fear challenges. Sometimes I’m not fully adjusted the new normal, and not everyday is perfect, but I don’t let that worry me anymore. It’s simply a chance to check in with my body, mind & spirit to examine what needs attention.

  • Vanna

    I think it is difficult for people to realize just how much of their own personality is actually “other defined.”  We often think we are our own person, but the reality is that our beliefs and our values are very often other people’s beliefs and values.  As children our parents are always teaching us about what they believe and what they value. Unfortunately, some of those beliefs and values may be faulty but most of us absorb them without another thought.  So we might be nervous in certain situations because those situations made our parents nervous and we don’t stop to think that perhaps they got nervous because they lacked the skills to navigate through what was making them nervous.  So if driving downtown in a big city made mom nervous some of us might shy away from that experience because we think that it makes us nervous, too.  Maybe we were too young to understand that what made mom nervous was her fear of making a wrong turn, or becoming confused as to how to arrive at her intended destination with all the one way signs.  As young and impressionable children, however, we come away from that experience with a fear of driving downtown in a big city instead of the opposite of that experience, seeing all the beautiful buildings and all the unique shops and the people scurrying around and all that traffic!  More importantly, what isn’t taught  is that life has challenges that require us to develp the skills we lack to overcome those obstacles.  Although the process of sorting through the values and beliefs that we hold dear to discover if those things lift us and others up or instead diminish us and others and drag us down is a daunting task,  it is a very defining moment in one’s life.  It’s the dawning of our personal empowerment and is a moment that I wish everyone could experience because it is so reverent and holy!X!

  • Oh Yeah, I had a dream to make it big…as an actress. To show the world, I am enough! My parents said, “Once you get through college and have a ‘stable job,’ then you can take all the acting classes you want.” I put off my dream for my imagined future. I graduated from UCSF as a Dental Hygienist with straight A’s. It fed my EGO, since I knew I did not fit in with the rest of my “left brainer” classmates. I, being a “right brainer,” simply felt…dumb. The A’s SEEMED to help me, but I knew…I was NOT where my heart desired to be. I graduated in 1993 and 6 months later…I was diagnosed with eye cancer at 24 years old. I knew Hollywood would not want me now since my appearance had changed. “Bye-bye dream,” and the years dragged on. Until, I realized my eye was my greatest gift. A gift to help others’ see that suffering is a choice. A gift to help others’ concentrate on our INSIDE light; the most beautiful of all. A gift to be of service whether people receive it or not. A gift of seeing what is REALLY important! The Daily Commenter, Kathleen are-you-there-kathleen-its-me-god.blogspot.com/

  • Diana

    Thank you for this!  Like you, I was OBSESSED with being in the music industry…more so as a performer, but I have been working in the actual business for 5+ years.  I believe when I was younger it was a heartfelt calling, but when I got to NYC it quickly turned to ego.  Which, as it usually does, made me hit rock bottom, re-discover God and feel more connected to music and my community than ever!  During my 2-year existential crisis/awakening, I constantly questioned my motives for wanting to be a “successful musician.”  I’m currently walking the line carefully, because I still feel in my heart this is my path and way of sharing spirit with others.  I just had to get all the BS out of the way!

    Wonderful job on Oprah and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, brother!

  • Brittanybe

    I haven’t done it yet, but I think I’m in the process of it now. My ego dreams began to feel like such burdens. I have cast them off, but haven’t found my calling yet. I trust I will.

  • Cabliss

    WOW!!! Thanks so much for this message. I joined this blog only yesterday after watching you on Oprah’s Super Sunday show. What a blessing that was. I now look forward to your lessons each and everyday. Bless you!!

  • Krystal Two Bulls

    Hello All! After reading the majority of the comments below, I too am new to TDL blog. I watched the Super Soul Sunday show and was so inspired and moved to find that within myself. I have reached this point in my life where I have become stagnant. I have always given so much of myself and sort of got burnt out and lost. I wasnt putting good stuff back in. I lost that passion in me, that deep down fight for something good. I moved home with my parents in search of what will make me happy. Always feeling like the power, and ego based goals will be what makes me happy. However, after being home with my parents; listening to a lot of the self help and empowerment based audiobooks and shows they watch, and reading the same type of books (lost of Oprah Network! haha), I am slowly being reminded of my own power. As Mastin talks about, I am slowly finding things to be grateful for. If you stay focused on what you dont have, you close the door to miracles; however, if you focus on what you do have, Creator will meet you half way and introduce miracles into your life. Today, I am so thankful for this life I live. Blessings. 

  • Jesica Davis

    Mastin, this post touched me so deeply. I moved to Los Angeles almost 16 years ago with dreams of “conquering” Hollywood as a writer/director. My dreams too were the fantasies of my ego and it was only after seriously crashing and burning out that I was able to move on to my true calling in life – providing intuitive guidance and leading people to their own inner wisdom. 
    The sweet irony, of course, is that I never would have been able to do it if I hadn’t so completely pursued that initial illusory dream. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. May you continue to serve people from your highest self. Love, Jesica

  • Candice Peetz

    🙂 love it – My take on tapping into gratitude!! http://iamcandicepeetz.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/find-your-groove-be-awesome-04-november-2012/

  • Great post.

  • Lindahburke

    It was wonderful seeing you on Super Soul Sunday!  It really made my day — in so many ways!  The three of you were fantastic!  Thanks for giving me the words to describe what is going on with me.  I realize that most of my dreams could be called “ego dreams”, which I am learning is why many of them have not yet come true, or get derailed.  I am getting more comfortable with the idea of my dreams coming true by my stopping, being quiet and re-focusing my attention on how to be of service to others.  Thank you so much!

  • Elixabeth

    Thanks for TDL! Every day you help me move toward my dreams, and do so with a giving spirit.
    I think some of my reasons for wanting to be a singer in a band used to be ego-centered. I wanted to get out of the monotony of every day life and I wanted to prove something to someone- I don’t know who.
    But music didn’t really start taking off for me until this year, when I started changing from the inside. I started wanting to give people music to uplift them, to make them feel less alone, to make them feel like they are going to be okay. I wanted to give my best lyrics and my best vocals to my bandmates so that every time we play, we all feel elevated and feel love rushing through us and around us…. connecting us to the Uni-verse, each other, and anyone we share our music with. I find the more I go into our creative time and practice time with the desire to give them that love, to give them all I can, my insecurities and self doubt melt away- because in that moment, I don’t matter, but giving them the best music I have in my soul does. And now I can’t stop it!
    It just grows and grows, the more grateful I am for it and the more I want to give of myself.
    This blog has been a big part of it all. Thank you for helping me find my path! Much love to you and TDL team!!!

  • My dream is currently transforming — I’ve spent my life chasing the image of a powerful career woman, thinking that with financial independence and the power to call the shots, I would feel protected, safe, and powerful. I spent over 10 years in this career–I’m successful, good at what I do, have influence. BUT, I don’t feel protected, safe, and powerful. Worse, I don’t feel inspired by what I do. 

    Two years ago, I found myself in a Power Vinyasa 40 day program–a program that gave me a glimpse at my true self. This summer, I went through yoga teacher training, and my soul spoke through my teaching so loud it almost scared me. Right now, I’m slowly making room for more yoga in my life and my dreams, asking the Universe and my heart to show me how I can put my gifts in the service of healing our collective consciousness, melting the fear away into love.

  • Eliz

    I saw you yesterday for the first time on Oprah and I am on your site today.  I have learned not to seek  appreciated for the efforts I may put forth.  I need to get in the mind-set that whatever good I may do will move on.  You all taught me not to await the returned appreciation (instant gratification)  but to enjoy the moment of giving.  “what you reap will sow 10 fold”.  I am grateful for finding you.  Happy Thanksgiving. 

  • hi!

    i love that you write about dreams so much. i had a dream of being a famous actress. and yes, i wanted to show all the people in my home town and high school that i was not a total loser…bc i was kind of an out cast back then. i didn’t even get invited to my 10 year hs reunion. oy!

    i have stopped trying to pursue that dream bc the drive behind it is my ego. something i have ALWAYS done, ever since i can remember…is write. i love movies and television. i love being transported by the stories and the humor and the tragedy that always seems to work out in the end. so now i am focussing on writing screenplays. in many ways i feel that by writing stories as opposed to portraying the characters, it is less about “me” and more about the audience receiving an experience. 

    has my dream transformed into a spiritual calling? i suppose so. i am dedicating myself to pursuing my own dreams (not the ego-driven ones) the ones that are pure and meaningful and to inspire others to do the same. though i don’t think the ego is all bad. i want to follow my own bliss to show others they can, too. i have been inspired by so many people…i feel i need to pay this forward. 

    my entire life is spiritual. i want to be able to share that spirit in all of what i do, not hide it at work. 

  • Lisa

    Hi Mastin,

    I saw you on Super Sould Sunday and was moved by the spirit in which you spoke of your journey. That is why I am on the Daily Love right now:)

    I have had an ego dream turn into a spiritual calling: I am a classical musician-an opera singer- and when I had a family I stopped traveling. I ended up taking many church gigs to pay the pay the bills and stay home. I ended up singing mainly funerals. I have begun to write essays on this transformative experience. If you like, check out my blog at http://www.thefuneralsinger.blogspot.com
    Simply put: it changed my life.

  • Rrzweifel

    Luckily I realized this while still in school. I started out as a Business Managment Econ major but through a series of different events and self discovery I found and was lead to environmental economic. Now my goal is basically to help the environment on a larger scale. My goal is no longer self centered and feels so right. And you were right, gratitude lead me here, and I believe it will guide the rest of the way. Thank you for being this topic up!

  • Brutherford7777

    We must unerstand that we are not our thoughts…we are the one who see our thoughts but are not controlled by them.When we get this we will lead a more peaceful life and alot less stress.  

  • Renee

    You’re so real! Life has a different plan for us than ego. Thank god! And thank you! @mindfulproject

  • Regibaby67

    I once thought I had “success” but I wasn’t feeling that I liked the person I had become.  I succumbed to drugs and recovered, and forced myself to rise above and challenged myself by opening a small business.  Now, after 7 years of doing this, I feel a different path calling me, to really be of service, yet I’ve carried the anxiety of uncertainty with me.  I know that I have much more capacity than I allow myself, I’ve been allowing myself to feel trapped in the old bad habits and ways that have kept me back.  I’m working on changing those habits, and allowing the work I really want to be doing to flow out of me.  It’s a very different way of doing things, but I’m so drawn into this, it’s all I want to do now.  Love your supportive works and words.  🙂

  • Cindy

    An “ego dream”  – science states dreaming is no more than spontaneous, self activation of the brain during sleep.  Is this the ego or the soul?  With this being said I have had many an ego.  I wanted to be a race car driver, actor, writer, travel the world just being and fell into teaching and then mentoring young managers in a second career.  What they all had in common was, I too, like you wanted to be important, influential, and noticed.  I wanted to teach others because it made me feel accepted and in charge.  In charge of what – I know now nothing.  What I learned after being laid off in our “second great depression” is that my gift is teaching, mentoring, making people feel special and when I lost that feeling in my work the work lost me. What I learned was that I also did have a soul dream I just didn’t have the tools to identify it at the time.  Allowing my soul and spirit to evolve and develop allowed me an opportunity to  recognize my calling and it led me to return to school and study what I know will evolve into the career – coaching for the next part of my life serving and supporting others to be the best they can be.  It has been a truly wonderful journey.  I am so happy to be in the moment.

  • Reikisouldance

    Thank you for sharing, a pleasure to read. I just came across this blog today for the first time and its a beautiful gift! It is always wonderful to be reminded that gratitude is the gateway to abundance. Somehow when we realize we have everything we need, there is suddenly a lot to go around!

    Thank you for your service. Like so many muses I know, we keep so little for ourselves yet have surplus to give. I am so grateful and humbled as I watch my dreams manifest before my eyes! I am surrounded by wonder and miracles!


  • Mauroalex80

    hey,im greatful recover alcohoolic,and thanks for your share.

  • Does anyone listen to Abraham Hicks?  They prefer the world appreciation over the word gratitude.  Appreciation is pure positive energy whereas gratitude implies a certain lack.  For instance, in this moment you are feeling grateful for the money you have but in the back of your mind you are remembering the time you had no money.  However, when you are appreciating the money you have you aren’t focusing on the possible lack of it.

  • Jen Clor99

    I’ve been reading TDL for several months and have to say this is the best yet… very powerful, real, true, engaging and uplifting.  Thank you Mastin, for doing what you do!  And Happy Thanksgiving!!  Much love…