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When Was The Last Time You Just Said, ‘YES’?!

TaraTaylor001When was the last time you just said, “YES” and went for something that you have always dreamed of, like moving to a new location, leaving an old job and starting a business or creating healthier habits?

Some of us have been taught that we were not good enough nor smart enough to do and have what we want…. What if I told you that is a complete MYTH and a fixed belief that was taught to you by someone who has fear themselves and projects their own fears onto others (not intentionally though, because that person was taught to be fearful from someone else).

Some examples of fixed beliefs or fears are as follows:

One needs a uni-versity or college education to be successful. As we know, Bill Gates does not. Some people might not need a diploma to achieve their goals and some might. It depends on what your goals are. However that diploma does not define who you are; it’s just some extra training to do an even better job at what you are passionate about.

The early bird gets the worm. (This is one of my favorite fix beliefs that Bob Proctor speaks about.) I don’t know about you, but when I walk the dog in the morning I see all the birds eating. I love sleep and sometimes I don’t always wake up early, which does not mean I am not getting that worm. In reality when I work on my own internal clock, I achieve more in a day… so I would say I get a large sum of worms.

What this all really boils down to is that your dreams and aspirations are YOURS and it is important to look at your options, focus and say “YES” to deserving to live a life that you love.

These fixed beliefs/fears are just warning signals that you are on the right path; I tell my clients that it is just your ego giving you an option, which is what the ego’s role is. You see the ego tells you everything you are NOT, so that you can remember who you are. So when a fear or a fixed belief presents itself in your life, it actuality means that this fear or fixed belief will be something great that you will achieve.

I remember having to do a scene from Shakespeare in grade 10 and reciting it in front of my entire class. I read that scene at least a hundred times and when it came to my turn to do the scene I forgot most of what I was trying to memorize because I was so nervous. As I stood up there shaking in my boots, my teacher said, “You can stop there Tara, speaking in front of people really is not your strong suit.” I remember feeling so low and my ego made me feel even lower.

Something magical happened later that day after I had a good cry. I heard this little voice say to me, “You are already great at speaking; you just need to believe that you are.” I shrugged off that little voice and tried to avoid speaking in front of crowds through most of the rest of high school.

The most interesting things kept happening to me though. I kept getting asked to speak out my assignments or read out loud in most of my classes. The more I tried to avoid it, the more the situations kept coming to me to speak in front of crowds. Every time I got nervous I reminded myself of that little voice that said, “You are already great at speaking – you just need to believe that you are.” I was able to feel more confident over the years and now I speak at filled events and conferences on a regular basis.

That day in grade 10 was one of the greatest blessings I received from that teacher’s comment. She gave me a gift by projecting a fear upon me and that fear allowed me to grow and learn even more about my ego and that your ego just gives you the opposite of who you are and to remember why you are here and what you are meant to do in this lifetime. I am sure you can all see from this story, one of my life purposes here is to speak and share knowledge to help others move past fear and fixed beliefs.

Now I ask each of you to think of a fixed belief or fear that you might have and say, “YES” to following the steps to let go of that fear or fixed belief to achieve your goals and dreams. Your fears do become your greatest accomplishments.

Blessings, love and light,


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Tara Taylor is an international intuitive counselor & Hay House author of Through Indigo’s Eyes.