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When You Change Your Thoughts You Change Your World

Ryf Van RijWhat you have manifested in your world has been drawn to you by your level of consciousness.

It is our reactions and our attitudes to things that has created the attraction conveyor belt.

If you’re like me there may be some things in your world you have attracted that you are not so in love with.

It goes back to this reoccurring theme of responsibility and self awareness needed for the journey back to self. I had this crazy notion that if I numbed myself with coping mechanisms I could dodge the bullet of looking into my soul. The exact opposite was true. I failed to acknowledge the heart and soul of others and as a result I lost my our own heart and soul and eventually that become an unsustainable load.

So here is a way to fix this issue.

Unless you are superhero you may not have the ability to change the world around you.

But you do have the ability to change the thoughts you may have about the world around you.

And when you change your thoughts you change your world. (Tweet-worthy!)


But for most of us this is not so simple because we have been conditioned that we change things by changing our external world. If I had my aerobatic airplane I would experience freedom. If I had more money I could focus 100% on my Purpose. If I lived somewhere warm and dry instead of cold and wet my world would be complete. If I was younger I would be more attractive. If I was leaner I would find love.

The idea is to throw this type of thinking on its head because it’s not based in reality. Life is lived from within out and not from without in.

Our efforts would be better focused on the “Law of Consciousness” rather than focusing on what we think are our insufficiencies.

The Law of Consciousness states, “Change your Thoughts and you Change your World.”  And when you adjust your thoughts the attraction conveyor belt will deliver what you need to move you forward to Purpose.

All we need to do is decide what sort of success we want, picture the world we want to live in, determine how our work environment and our family should look and then think the thoughts that would attract these things by virtue of the “Law of Consciousness.”

And a byproduct of building a consciousness based on Purpose and love is twofold.

  1. You will attract positive people towards you who will support and further your Purpose.
  2. You will draw out the very best qualities of the people you interact with throughout your day.

So could you accept that by changing your attraction patterns, you could change your world?

Could you decide what kind of world you want to live in and change your thoughts and attract this world by tapping into the Law of Consciousness?

Would you be willing to keep your thoughts focused on the things that you would like to manifest in your world?

Much Love and Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.