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When you numb your pain, you numb you joy! STAY OPEN!

Negative energy is an interesting thing. We tend to dislike it – and it makes sense. It’s not fun to experience either giving or receiving. But, it’s a part of life – and to deny this part of life is to deny life.

My mom said something REALLY wise to me last week. She has had MASSIVE back troubles in her life – surgery, dying and coming back from it and she is a token of perseverance and rising above the diagnoses of doctors. She has had a relationship with pain her whole adult life. And if anyone is justified in being negative, it’s her.

And you know what – she’s not. She is my constant spiritual teacher in being cool, calm, collected and present. We talk pretty much every day and it’s something I’ve done for the last 11 years since I moved to L.A. Last week she said, “When you numb your pain, you numb your joy.”

And this is a BIG statement coming from HER. She knows A LOT about pain because she lives with it daily. And it really got me thinking. I get asked all the time how folks can “be open, but not feel pain.” And that’s just not how it works. And my mom’s wise statement pretty much sums up why. When we are open to life, we are open to pain. And life is a duality. Positive and negative. To be open, is to be open to both.

The KEY is in how WE interpret these energies. It’s easy to interpret positive energy in a powerful way. It’s not so easy to interpret negative energy this way. It’s damn hard. It’s almost impossible.

But that is one of the keys to happiness, fulfillment and spiritual growth – to be open and to give negative energy an EMPOWERING meaning. I didn’t say – make negative positive. NO. And I didn’t say DENY negative energy, I said give negative energy an EMPOWERING meaning. That means to learn the lesson, see it in a way that honors the negative’s existence, but doesn’t make you dwell in it.

Hurt, pain, anger, loss – all these are natural parts of life. To stop ourselves from living because we do not want to go to these emotive places is to stop ourselves from living at all. As we open to life, we open to all of life. And that’s what we signed up for in this human experience. To be on this rollercoaster and to not let it consume us, but instead, to become steadfast enough in our practice where we feel – and float with it – instead of against it.

When we are open to life in its BRILLIANCE, BEAUTY, JOY, ABUNDANCE and its HURT, PAIN, TRAGEDY and SADNESS – then we are fully alive. And as we open to the negative, it also gives us more empathy for the negative that others are experiencing – and this tends to unite us.

Don’t cut yourself off from life because you only want to feel the good and are scared of feeling the negative. The journey is worth it. The pain is a teacher. The negativity brings us lessons that we NEED to learn. Stay open.

The awesome conversation always gets rockin’ on the BLOG, so head on over there and let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section. And let’s support each other to stay OPEN to life!

Lots of LOVE,


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