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When’s The Last Time You *Really* Had Fun?

Jordana Jaffe portrait 052112I have something kinda sad to share with you —

For a really long time, I wasn’t having a lot of fun in my life – or really any fun at all. The saddest part of this is that I wasn’t even so aware of such a huge loss. I knew that I was leaving my apartment less, that I hadn’t explored New York City in months, and that hanging out with my friends had come to a minimum.

Was I depressed? No.

Here was the problem: my priorities were totally out of whack.

I had come to believe – for whatever reason – that the way to grow my business was to work-work-work-work – breathe for a sec – and then push on some more. I believed in computer time at any hour of the night, to-do-lists galore, and doing whatever it took, whether it was fun, nourishing or what I really wanted to be doing.

Did I get results from taking this route? Yes. Yes, I did.

But it came at a huge price. By early June, I was a mess. I was burnout, and so freaking tired. I was done.

I went to my health coach friends and asked what the magical remedy to feeling this way was. They told me to sleep and relax more. I remember first thinking – huh, for reals? It’s that easy? And then, I stepped back for a sec, and said, you know, I can totally do that. And I’m going to.

And that’s exactly what I did. And in doing that, I began to look at what my priorities had been. What I realized was that fun had left the building months – maybe even years – ago.

When fun goes, everything else will soon follow.

Here’s the thing – when you set a clear enough intention (in this case, to have more fun), magic can happen pretty quickly. And that magic came in the form of an amazing woman who I met on a Friday afternoon in late June while riding the F train in New York City.

Over the past two months, I have gone on more adventures, and experienced more fun than I possibly have ever experienced before in my life. We’ve traveled to fun cities, explored hidden pockets of New York, and danced. We’ve danced in hotel rooms, on coffee tables and on the street. We’ve just had a lot of amazing quality delicious fun together.

Now I want to be clear. The message here isn’t that you can only have fun in a relationship. That is the farthest thing from the truth. I’ve been in relationships where fun totally took a major backseat (probably part of the reason why they didn’t work out). The message here also isn’t that you can only have fun with other people. I’ve had more fun by myself over the past few months too.

The message is this:

Declare to the Uni-verse that you want to have fun and it will lead you there.

A week before I met F train girl, I quietly whispered to myself, “Uni-verse, lead to me fun. Bring me there.”

I had no idea where I would be lead to specifically or how fun would show up. But it did. In the form of a 5-foot-tall, brown haired, blue eyed spunk-filled beauty.

And in entering into my life, she reminded me of one of the most important things that I had been missing for so long – FUN. So we started doing lots of fun things all the time. Months later, I feel lighter, happier, my head is clearer. I sleep better. I feel calmer.

All because I finally got clear that the missing link wasn’t doing an extra hour of work or going to one more networking event, but really, it was to eat more ice cream, spend more time outside, play in the park, take extra long showers, read by candlelight, and generously give – and accept – many more hugs.

Want more money? Want a more successful business? Want to connect with more of your ideal clients?

The answer comes in a seemingly generic, three-letter word: fun.

Have more of it and watch the magic happen.

I’d love to hear what you plan to do this week to have more fun in your life in the comments below.

Heart-ing you,



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