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Who Decided That Celebrating Ourselves Means We’re Conceited?

Jenna Phillips headshotI don’t know who started this belief that: saying, “I•▲M beautiful/sexy/brilliant/powerful!” also means that we are SO full of ourselves. We find shame in “talking ourselves up” or “celebrating our own accomplishments” while we find ease and grace in acknowledging others.

This shows up in every area of our life, but mostly in the relationship that we have with the human vehicle that carries around our spirit. I’ve discovered that most of the clients I’ve worked with have had difficulty proclaiming Self Love for their body. It actually makes their skin crawl to state how undeniably sexy they are.

“I’m not sexy yet. I will be after we train hard for 6 weeks, though!” 

Sound familiar?

Our egos like to be attached to results and futuristic ideals. But what if you decided RIGHT NOW that your body is already UNWORLDLY without the need to do any extra work?

I’m not asking you to cancel your gym membership or giving you permission to stuff your face with food products (garbage that was made in a factory and has a bunch of ingredients – even the stuff that claims to be healthy).

I’m asking you to ask yourself: “What if I celebrated all of the characteristics of my physique in this exact moment?”

I know, it’s a tall order. We are SO conditioned to have that unquenchable thirst for reaching our ultimate zenith.

Ok, so what if we DID reach our zenith? Then what??? Seriously, then what? If we reach our highest point, we can only go down from there.

What if we were happy, fulfilled, and content – in this exact moment – while we STILL continued to move forward?

I had a breakthrough the other day when I finally decided that my body is actually perfect. Not for any specific reason except for the fact that it’s MINE.

I went a little further to celebrate every square inch of my body, because it just feels a lot better than to wish I had someone else’s butt or abs.

We, as humans, naturally compare ourselves to one another but it’s something that we REALLY get to stop doing. You can’t ever have anyone else’s ANYTHING. It just won’t happen.

Celebrate the body you have now, and decide WHY it’s so amazing! (Click to tweet)

I love my strong calves and shoulders. I totally have the swimmer’s body going on! I love that I’m not crazy lean, because that allows for me to have sensual and womanly curves. I love being STRONG, yet still feminine.

I appreciate any amount of extra flesh on my body, because it serves me as a reminder for staying on top of my fitness.

I love being tall (barefoot) and even taller when I wear heels! 6’2″ is fun.

Have you EVER talked about your body like this?? I double dog dare you to do it. Share this article with the people you love and comment in your post: “I love my _____________!” Fill in the blank and be an invitation for others to LOVE THEMSELVES!

It feels awesome and I promise you, and your body, won’t regret it.

Love all that is you,
Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is a Total Wellness Philosopher, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & the founder of her lifestyle brand I’m On A Mission. Follow her on Twitter and visit I’m On A Mission and be inspired.