Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become

Community is everything. If you want to see a preview of your future, look to who you are hanging out with. This isn’t some moral statement about your peer group, it’s more of a vibrational or elevational statement.

You see, we live in a literal Uni-verse. That means that we become what we think and what we think is greatly determined by who we spend the most amount of time with.

Do you spend time with people who are constantly trashing your dreams? If so, then after time, you begin to believe their doubt and their fear; not because their doubt and fear are true, but because we are creatures of habit and our subconscious mind begins to absorb what we hear, especially the feedback from people we love and spend a lot of time with. And if you start to believe their doubt, then soon you will begin to take action from that belief in doubt and BAM – the manifestation of the belief of doubt becomes real. Not because it’s true, but because the belief of doubt became your dominate thought pattern and that thought pattern influenced your actions and your actions produced the outcome.

The outcome of our lives begins within us. If we water our dreams with doubt, then we think doubtful thoughts; take doubtful action and our lives become a living testament and proof of our belief. Then, what many people do is take this “proof” and use it to further justify their initial belief. But you see, what they’re missing this whole time is the fact that their initial thoughts of doubt is what created the outcome of doubt. They unknowingly participate in their own demise.

But, this can be prevented by hanging with the proper community of people. Let us hang with people who uplift us, who encourage us towards our dreams and who challenge our thought patterns. Let us not surround ourselves with people who always agree with us, but rather people who support our growth by challenging our beliefs and helping us break through to new mental and spiritual ground so that our lives may be enriched as a by-product.

Look around. Who are you spending time with? And more importantly, who are you believing? If you have a dream, do you believe people who are living their dreams and thus know the TRUTH about what’s possible, or do you take advice from people who aren’t living their dreams and thus will tell you it’s not possible.

Who you spend time with and who you believe is a major factor that will determine whether you are successful or not. Our aim should be to hang with people who are loving, who believe in us, who challenge us to go to the next level and who inspire us. Life is far too short to hang with people who are always negative and who want you to stay bitter and pissed off like them. It takes a lot of humility to admit when we’re wrong and to grow past our limiting beliefs. Let’s surround ourselves with people who support our growth, not necessarily the way we want, but most certainly the way we need.

Have a great Monday. Lots of love my friend,


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Mastin Kipp is the CEO & Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Ruth

    Fantastic post :), thanks Mastin!

  • Laura

    Yes, amazing post!!!! 😀
    Thank you so much for all you do!:)

  • Lauren

    This is fantastic; it met me right where I’m at, I needed to read this. Thank You!

  • I appreciate this life lesson. I am seeking to make a positive change in my life to fulfill those things that God has purposed in me. I have fallen to self-defeating behavior time and again and those voices of those close to me, or even look of disbelief in my “bright ideas” keep me stagnate. Change is coming and I am receptive to it.

  • Alicia C.

    Each post for me is just what the Uni-verse-ordered. So Uplifiting and in order with my thought. 🙂

  • Amazing post. I’ve recently had to make a decision based on this thought. Things are going to be so much better for me. 🙂

  • Rich Sace

    Hi Martin, I had to let go of some people & situations that weren’t good for my emotional & mental, and my soul.
    Living & being much better.
    Can’t wait to see more.


  • CinnamonBubbles

    Absolutely LOVED this post!

  • Mel

    Powerful!!!!! Thank you Mastin!!! Youre awesome:)

  • Nouf

    very true 🙂
    thank you !

  • blkmaverick

    this is my first time posting on a website, but this is so crucial i couldn’t help myself (plus, i love the Daily Love!). imho, relationships (family/friend/significant other) can impact our lives like nothing else, but we often give people passes b/c we love them, they are family, “we have been friends forever”- or they become like a comfortable habit…lol. through growth & experience, i have learned (sometimes the hard way) that in addition to the dreams of our heart, i/we are here for a reason and whoever is not in line with or supporting those things gotta go. it is really really hard to distance ourselves or completely cut someone off, but i think living a life unfulfilled because of life/dream/energy drainers is far worst.

  • mel


    Mel from London

  • Couldn’t agree more. A teacher of mine had a saying he loved to spout on a regular basis, which I never really took seriously until I saw the proof of the words…

    “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

    Thanks for the post, Mastin.

  • iAmEsEmCee

    awesome! super agree.. 🙂

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  • love this! i’ll be linking from my blog.

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  • Great reminder. Very wise. Thanks!

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  • Mh343jack

    suggestions of ways to finding those positive influence in our communities.

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