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Why Being Strong For Others Is KEY- Even If You Are Not!

Drew ParalesHi there! Happy Monday

Ever feel so empty, worn out and emotionally fragile, that you just feel like you have no strength at all? Especially when others start texting, calling and come ringing your bell because they need you. Don’t know where to gather the strength to help them? Read on, I think I can help!

For the very first time I have struck out on my own as a sole proprietor. I once had a business years ago, and sadly, it failed. So being in a position to launch another business and also something I consider something part of my soul and passion, you can see where I would be little gun-shy. Especially with a coaching practice!

But I continue to march forward and always look ahead. It is tough to stay focused and have unlimited faith in my ventures and especially my purpose. It is challenging and super scary to be as exposed as I am now, and knowing that as I continue, more exposure will come and my reputation will be held at scrutiny.

You can see, this is enough to just make someone want to quit all together and allow fear to be a decision maker instead of the sign that you push through. These last days, even though I keep going, have been making me have that “pit in my stomach” feeling be VERY prevalent in my body. It’s annoying and scary. Old fears come up and sometimes I feel alone.

As someone who by nature reaches out when I’m feeling insecure, it can be so blinding to see past my ego and fear. So when this happens, I call my support system, my loved ones, my co-workers, and I share my fears of having this huge transition in my life happening to me. I usually feel uplifted and less alone when I do. And I cannot be thankful and grateful enough.

But this week, in the midst of all my transition, I was called to step up. I was called to put aside my “woes” for that of others. A handful of people I Love are ALSO going through some very tough struggles in their own lives. They share with me all their trials, and oddly the feelings they have are similar to mine.

They are being asked to face past demons: sadness, loneliness, addiction, feelings of being overwhelmed, loss, separation and even death. As I get emails and phone calls for support, it had me question for a few moments: “Why am I being ask to Love and support now, when I need it too?” *Ugh* is right.

But I really had to stop and think. My first feelings were those of purpose. My practice is all ABOUT being of service to others and Loving them. My natural state of being is to nurture, Love, and support. (Tweet-worthy!) I can translate that as service, coaching, mentoring, and compassion. That’s when it dawned on me!

This is my place. I am being called to be strong for others in times when the impact of others’ lives are so heavy that they need support, and most of all Love. That is what I am all about. So I continue to deconstruct my own dilemma. Am I to be strong for others so that I can find my own strength to expand and grow? To recognize my gifts and share them with my Loved ones and others?

For me, all signs point to a big YES…

I want to share an excerpt of an email that I just wrote to an amazing friend of mine, a few mornings ago just after he reached out to me, that inspired today’s article and showcases this current emotional state I am witnessing:

“…I think it’s transition once again. I am and do get scared, a lot. I miss a lot of things and people. And I will admit that it is sometimes challenging and lonely to go through all these changes by myself. Though I’m lucky to have an awesome support system of friends! It’s tough to keep my head above and breathe. But somehow I tap into the courage and just reach, even if tears fall.

But isn’t that what strength is? I just have to believe that the path that I have chosen to walk will lead to my dreams… As I teach and mentor it brings comfort to know I do it together with them. No matter the situation, I feel the feelings, try my best to move up an emotional scale, and let the river flow through me… And somehow amazing things manifest…”

Hmm. Maybe like my strength that I have been searching for?

This email I wrote seemed to flow. And if I know this, why shouldn’t I try to Love and be there for people? Give what I can to make sure that others are uplifted and supported? That if I want to be recognized, that I must do the same for others? That if I want strength, I must exhibit it. And realize THAT is how MY strength grows.

Could it be that through these amazing lessons of strength, that is how I will be able to teach clients, and students even a more expanded way than I ever thought possible? I am beginning to believe this. Because as I write to you today, I can feel the shift. My message of compassion multiplies, as I show it and give it away. And I grow. But I gotta REACH, in spite of the emotions that may hold me back.

Sometimes when you want strength, you must find it within you to show it and give it. To be there for people when they reach out in times of need. Like me, sometimes you’ll feel like you cannot muster up the energy to, when you feel so empty yourself. And even though I completely live by the adage that “You must fill your cup, and everything left over belongs to everyone else,” it could be that sometimes to get our cup filled we sometimes have to BE the strength for other in need to find, own, and share our strength.

When you do this, your strength becomes an example to those who will look up to you. You channel your strength into areas of your life that need it the most. Your career, your relationships, your businesses, your friends and family, and many times, your passion and dreams.

I believe that your courage and strength will come looking for you when you are asked and challenged to make a difference in someone’s life. Come from a giving place as you do. It is KEY! When you act of out of a giving place, your intentions are felt energetically and quite possibly recognized for the loving and kind energy that you are.

You are left fulfilled, left satisfied, uplifted and left with the ability to feel the unlimited amount of gifts you were meant to share with your community and, quite possibly, the world. These gifts include your strength. It is there, and it will come and find you. You just have to answer. Being the strength for others is not the only way to find your strength, but it sure can be a very important one!

How are you feeling about your strength; are you lacking? Where in your life are you being called to be there for others in time of need? Can you recognize the opportunities for growth when this happens? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

All my Love, Drew xo


Andrew “Drew” Parales is the Creator and Mentor/Coach of “i LOVE Liberation” specializing in Personal Growth and Fitness! He is also a vocational rehab educator for students with disabilities in transition & employment, and the school site program events coordinator/trainer. Connect with Drew at: www.iLOVEliberation.com and on Facebook: iLOVELiberation and Twitter: @iLOVEliberation