Why fear is RAD… not BAD!

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Fear is one of those things that gets SUCH a bad wrap in the personal growth community.

Sayings like – “There’s only Love and Fear” or “Only Love is real”, or “Fear brings you dis-ease” or “Thinking fearful thoughts” or many others just like it – though well intended – can create more harm than good.

Why? Because it seems as if we have turned  “fear” into the new “devil”. We tend to demonize it and make fear “bad” and “wrong” and then get down on ourselves for being afraid, as if that makes us unspiritual or something. And what many people tend to forget is that we live in a POLAR Uni-verse or a Uni-verse of DUALITY.

Darkness and Light are a part of the Uni-verse. We need both. Without it we would be out of balance. When we make the dark parts of ourselves wrong we perpetuate them and their power grows bigger. When we embrace them, they dim and become less powerful.

One of my favorite things to talk about when discussing dark forces or fear comes from The Bible. I LOVE having this conversation. One time when I was at Bible study a year or so ago the group I was with was having a hay day bashing Judas for “what he did” to Jesus. Judas was a sinner, Judas betray Jesus, Judas doesn’t deserve Love or forgiveness, Judas this and Judas that.

So, I raised my hand and said something that set off a storm, I said, “I think Judas was an angel.” This stopped the room cold. “Because without Judas, Jesus would have never been crucified and then resurrected. Hence, not fulfilling his destiny.” Now I know this can be seen as a controversial point of view or that I am supporting or justifying evil. Which I am not. I am also not telling this story because I want you believe in it, it’s just a story that I am using to illustrate a point. I honor ALL walks and Paths that go towards and come from Love.

However, if we look at those parts of ourselves that you could call our “inner Judas,” those places where we betray ourselves gives us an opportunity to learn from them and grow. It is primarily the inner conflict between the “Love” and “Fear” parts of our personality that gives us our life. And what many people tend to forget is that we have a caveman or woman nervous system that has not evolved at the same rate as our technology and its PRIMARY job is to keep us alive. And how does it do that? Through FEAR. FEAR is a survival mechanism, not some conjuring of a non-spiritually evolved devil person.

Being afraid is NORMAL and NATURAL and totally OK. And it is by putting our fear into perspective that we can begin to not see fear as wrong or bad, but as helping us fulfill our destiny. Our inner fear or “inner Judas” is a part of our life so that we can learn and push us FORWARD, instead of hold us back. When we have enough awareness to stop making ourselves wrong for being afraid we can actually step into a place of radical self-acceptance where we can LEARN from the fear instead of feeling guilty or shameful for having it.

This is also not to say that we should dwell on what we are afraid of or use this logic to justify being a jerk or “evil.” I do not celebrate or endorse evil acts. It is the responsibility of each person to be able to manage the fearful parts of themselves with the empowering intention to edify their life through accepting and learning more about themselves through their fear. When we get down to the root of why we are afraid, we can begin to wake up and make a new choice. And from that place, anything is truly possible in our lives.

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So, where in your own life can you embrace and learn from your fear instead of making yourself wrong for it? What is your fear trying to teach you? The action continues in the comments below, so feel free to leave a comment and let’s discuss! Also, feel FREE to engage with the other TDL Community that is leaving comments as well! I love it when you support one and another!

Until tomorrow!

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  • there are always two opposite side of everything but the human mind makes the dark or negative side a big issue because no one wants to be effected by it. And no one can help it. but to grow we all need to focus on the side which will replicate our success and it may be the dark or the bright, which is suitable until it is not hurting anybody.

    • Kim

      agree with Judas had to be part of the plan…as did the fall, because if that never happened Adam and Eve could not have progressed nor had children and we would not be. God knows the beginning from the end, fear is the opposite of faith and an opportunity to practice trust, and letting go…when fear arises I have to call on the author and finisher of my faith to cast it out, but it is a continuous process and I have to do my part, acting in faith dispels the fear…just for the moment…thanks 

  • Dick Sithole

    I would like to beleive that my fear,which resulted in me quiting my job, has surfaced and forced me in taking such a decision for me to realise my dreams.I could not function because I was not fully orintieted in my career as I was not registered with the council that regulates professionalism until after I had left my job anyway corruption was one thing that underpinned my decision.So,I hope and pray everyday that since I now have realised the essence of registration with council which will assist me take decisions in the future as far as my career is concerned,a new job will come my way soon.And thanks to TDL team that I am still motivated to look forward to a successful day everyday.Thanks,again.Dick,Durban South Africa

  • Amyrose13

    Oh Mastin, I love you for this! Yes indeed – fear is not bad – we need to bring love to our fears and hear them and respond and grow! Bring fear within love. And I agree – Judas is part of the story – Jesus needed him – I always thought about that – how we glorify the crucifiction and resurrection, yet damn the guy who catalyzed the process …good parable!Namaste! 

    • Amyrose13

      oops, mis-spelling was not intentional…crucifixion…namaste

  • Magdalene

    I agree, the openess of accepting dual polarities is ideal. Just like fear, jealousy and envy get a bad rap too.  They are perfectly natural human feelings that dont serve us to be bad or painful but as a stepping stone to where we may grow more in love with who we are and who we want to become. I love your posts Mastin, you always are right on target with the issues we all face. Thanks for all that you do!
    Much love,

  • Another great post. I love the comment about Judas. If you read the Bible, you can see that God used every person from right where they were. I believe that it was Judas’ fear that led him to betray Jesus. But as you said, if he hadn’t betrayed Jesus then it wouldn’t have set into motion what Jesus needed to do. I believe fear serves us. It’s not to be stamped out, but acknowledged.  Instead of trying to ignore it or use it as a lens with which you see life, when it shows up it is an opportunity to look beneath the surface and say, “Why does this scare me?” I love this post and I love that you didn’t have the fear of sharing your thoughts among your Judas-bashing group. 

  • omalaska

    Judas was an angel.  Brilliant.  That’s coming with me, Mastin, thank you!

  • Bernadette Bradley

    I saw you on Oprah’s life class. Very cool! I absolutely love The Daily Love! 

  • i respectfully disagree. Tho fear is natural and shouldn’t be hated, we surely don’t need it. It is not a part of our true nature, undivided. It may has its use in the divided perception, but once u start to see again, it will no longer be even a choice. Trust trust and have faith in faith, no space for fear, no use for it.

  • Good discussion, MK. I agree that fear is normal, but it is addictive. When I don’t know what to do, which is often, fear gives me something to DO. It’s insanely, deliciously addictive, so much so that it feels normal to be anxious or fearful and irresponsible to be otherwise. It takes a lot of meditating and praying and do-overs to break that pattern. Onward and upward.

  • Erin

    Oh, I  think I needed to hear this.  I’ve literally been going through some big time fear the last 2 weeks..  and it has to do with a new-ish relationship and all kinds of fear about not being enough, fear of losing this person, fears I can’t even explain.  And I was keeping it all in because I felt ridiculous for feeling this way.  And eventually I blew up and tried pushing this person away.  All because what?  Fear makes me feel like a weak person and I feel guilty for having it when he’s not given me any reason to fear that our relationship isn’t going to continue.  Anyway, I think I’m talking in circles.. but this what something I needed to read today.  Thanks M.

  • “A Little Soul In The Sun” by Neale Donald Walsh is a perfect children’s book describing what you just spoke about Mastin.  It is about discovering the ANGEL in all of us and I would have been right there with you about Judas. My mentor, Cinnamon Lofton, was raped for 17 years by her father and at his bedside said, “Please go in peace.  If it had not been for you, I would not be who I am.”  Now, IF you are responding to anything I have been writing in your comment section (and indeed you may not be) about fear, please understand me. Fear is simply one side of the coin of life.  Fear shows up as a challenge and we either choose to feed the fear or absorb it with the light of love. 

  • The biggest lessons are those that scare us the most. 

  • SheenRe

    I feel like though we are spiritual beings, we are also physical, biological beings.  Since we are biological beings, the physical part of us is designed with fear instilled in order to bring awareness.  I think a gazelle when stalked by a lion may well feel fear, and the fear brings on biological readiness to exert energy in response, energy to fight, or run, for life.  So, when I feel fear, I accept it  as a wake up call. 

  • JJ

    On Monday I woke up in someone’s arms, full of bliss. Today I feel incredibly vulnerable and full of fear. She has the power to destroy me. I’m so scared of what she can do. But without this fear, I wouldn’t have the same liking for her. This fear makes me realize that the bliss on the other side is tangible and possible.


    • JJ

      I was going to say, this blog post was exactly what I needed to get through this fear. I’ve never been able to get through it before, worry has always become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But now I know. I embrace this fear.