Why forgiveness is the best revenge (podcast)

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Today is Saturday and we’re back to our normal Mentoring Podcast’s on Saturday’s. When I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about today, the idea of forgiveness came up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic recently – it’s a powerful lesson. And one that is misunderstood. There’s this idea that if I have to forgive someone, then I will admit or make right what happened – almost like endorsing the trauma.

But that’s not true. In fact, it’s a lot more powerful than that – and when you truly forgive someone, it can be the most liberating experience of your life – in face it can be the best “revenge”.

In the comments let me know what your next steps for forgiveness will be in your life.

Have a great Saturday! Oh, and enjoy the quotes, images and contributor blogs below!

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P.S. Take what resonates in this podcast and leave the rest, umkay?



  • TVJackieM

    Well, I’m going to forgive someone whom I knew would do what they always do yet I chose to engage and interact with them. So I’m forgiving both of us since in this instance, we acted like leopards, we can’t change our spots.

    • The Daily Love

      Powerful Jackie! Thanks for sharing this and listening today <3 – Team TDL

      • TVJackieM

        Thanks. I also know that I was hoping to be wrong about this person and wasn’t, and it was a risk I took consciously.

  • Deborah Harris

    Myself. Today I acknowledge that despite knowing what I have done was horrendous. At the time I couldn’t do any better for if I could have, I surely would have. So I forgive myself for all that haunts me from my past.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful @disqus_LwIiAsz4Ac:disqus <3 Thanks for sharing this today!! – Team TDL

  • DJ

    I’m going to forgive a past love whom I thought loved me. I’m also going to forgive myself because although he made me believe he cared about me I saw some signs that proved otherwise and i made excuses for them.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful DJ! Thanks for opening up and sharing this 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Beauty B

    Although nothing traumatic has happened to me. I choose to forgive my brother’s girlfriend who I have grown to greatly dislike because of the way she treats me and her attitudes toward me. Even though we interact with her on a daily basis, I will choose to forgive her behavior because I know that how she acts and expresses herself is a reflection of herself and how I respond is a reflection of me. So I will respond always in the most forgiving and loving way!

    • The Daily Love

      Awesome Beauty B!! Let us know how it goes!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Linda

    Mastin can you speak to me about if i am able to forgive the person who has hurt me the MOST in my life over and over and over again (in the past) (my Father) emotionally, physically, psychologically to myself,my siblings, my mother and he has never ever owned it or said sorry. In spite of over 40 years of abuse I DO FORGIVE him in my heart but I DO not want to have a relationship with him because I know how this story starts and ends the same way. More abuse. I respected myself enough to walk away from the abuse and the narsicissim a few years ago and and even though my life is so much better I still struggle with guilt. He is sick mentally and physically and his health is failing. I feel nothing for him. God is my father now. I wish him the best truly in my heart but know he is incapable of love and ownership of what he has done to my siblings and my mother and I. How can I “move on” mentally for good and make peace with it.
    I pray for him and take the gifts of my faith and my life as the greatest things he gave me inspite of the rest.
    Thank you soooooooooo much for your time and for your blogs and for all of your wisdom and for the dent you are leaving in the universe.
    The daily life is a daily lifeline for me for the last year that I can’t imagine my life without

    • Julee

      Good morning. I just want to say that what you have expressed, how you are handling the trauma of your past with your father, seems a very healthy, healed and evolved way, to me. Your guilt is a natural human emotion, because you are compassionate. It sounds as if your father has very limited capacity for the same. Forgiveness for that kind of pain is very hard, takes a long time, and old feelings are likely to bubble up and recede again and again. Keep your center, and when I am feeling guilty about leaving behind someone or something toxic which does not serve my highest good, when they arise in my mind, or when I feel guilty, I take 2-3 seconds to surround them with love and light, healing and forgiveness, and I quite literally let them go. I see them fade. Its a way of energetically forgiving, sending healing for them and separating at the same time. Maybe you do this, but just thought I would share. It helps me to release any residual hold or guilt. Many blessings, love and light to you! You sound amazing and strong to me!

      • Linda

        Julee how kind of you and loving that you have given me the gift of your wisdom to help me along the path of my life right here right now in your words……………..i can’t thank you enough for sending your love my way. I am a survivor and you have given me new hope and help in dealing with that which at times comes into my soul. Thank you for being you a loving caring amazing soul. I feel so lucky to have been able to receive this grace from you through Mastin’s website and of course from the source of all grace God. Thank you again and please continue to let your light shine just he way you did today !!! 🙂

  • Tobie

    I need to forgive my MIL. She is a toxic person and weaves her way into our lives and i get no support from my husband about her. However, i dont want to let her have any more power over me so I am forgiving her for not loving her granddaughter, for saying mean things to me and about me to my husband, for expecting bad things to happen to us and for having to put my dog to sleep because of her. Marley knew she was evil. But i forgive her and let it go so she can be out of my mind.

    • Denise

      Hi Tobie. I had a toxic MIL for 15 years. I gave my power away for quite a while before I realized that everything she disliked about each person was something that was impossible for them to change. I suddenly saw that it was all about her insecurity and it had absolutely nothing to do with me , as a person. She was afraid of losing her authority over her son and disliked anyone he cared about. When I understood that, it was easier to respond compassionately to her. I minimized my contact with her but when I had to interact, I tried to do it from a detached place. Now I use that lesson to try to forge a more healthy bond with my own son where he feels free to make his own decisions and know he is loved always.

  • Rhonda

    I need to forgive my husband. After many many years together he jumped into a relationship within months of us separating I need to forgive that and the emotional toil he put me and my children through. I also have to forgive the other woman. I need to forgive so that I can move on. I am not responsible for their actions just my own. I also need to forgive myself. I stayed in a abusive relationship too long and it hurt many people. I need to forgive myself for letting it happen.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Rhonda <3 – Team TDL

  • Lou

    I will forgive my ex who took advantage of me for 2 years and who couldn’t step up to do the things he said he would do and ultimately left when he got what he needed.

    • The Daily Love

      Powerful Lou! How does it feel? <3 – Team TDL

      • Lou

        a little better

  • PG

    I really needed this. I thought I was forgiving my ex but I wasn’t. I am now. He really screwed up, he hurt me and basically ghosted out of my life after 4.5 years and hasn’t looked back once. I need to take back my life and accept that he did this and it’s over and I will be okay and new things and people are coming into my world. Thanks for this. I needed it.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for listening and sharing today PG! <3 – Team TDL

  • Jessica Elaine

    Today I forgive my best friend who has hurt me beyond belief. The fact that my friend doesn’t even feel remorse for what was done is even more hurtful. However, I am releasing this pain and moving forward in life.

    Thank you Mastin.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Jessica! Let us know how it goes 🙂 – Team TDL

  • slellman

    Mastin it is amazing that this is the topic today. Forgiveness has been this logical concept for me but illusive in “how” I forgive other than it just being words. I want to feel it in my heart. Thank you for this and the video because I feel like it can finally happen. Also thank you to Julee who spoke to Linda about how exactly she forgives. Surrounding them with love and light, healing and forgiveness is exactly what I needed to hear and feel in my heart. Many blessings to all.

    I forgive my friend that hurt me with her words, lies, and manipulative behaviors. I forgive her because she does not know better. I forgive her and surround her with love, light, healing and forgiveness. I also forgive myself for my past and the bad choices I made. Although I thought I knew better at the time I did not trust and I caved into ego driven behaviors that were harmful to my soul and the path of where I wish to be. Thank you for this site, blog, Mastins drive to help, and I am so grateful to all who participate and make the world a little better place this Saturday morning in May.

    • The Daily Love

      Awesome Slellman 🙂 Thanks for sharing this and reading today <3 – Team TDL

  • Anna Regina

    Mastin, Mastin, Mastin! Thank you for this podcast. I’ve spent a large amount of my focus forgiving people who hurt me in a large way. After listening to your podcast, I was reminded of the little things that I’ve been holding onto, like the boy in high school who criticized me or the elementary school teacher who scolded me in front or the class. These weren’t huge or recurring events, but I’ve still carried them around for year.

    Thanks for helping me release this baggage on a wonderful Saturday morning!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for listening and sharing @disqus_bLMtWbfvZ4:disqus 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Antoinette

    I want forgive my birth family. My mother was a drug addict for most of my childhood and aunt and uncle had gave up on me after my Grandma died and put me for adoption at 12. A lot of negative things happened to me when I was a child that had a profound affect on me for years that I can’t fully love the mom that I have now can’t forgive the ones that hurt me all those years ago. There not in my life anymore but I can’t let it go.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this and listening to the podcast today Antoinette <3 – Team TDL

  • Hope

    I am going to forgive my ex for hurting me yet again. I got over him and moved on, but then 4 months later he came back and told me he would leave his current girlfriend, but basically he just lied. I wanted it so much I went back to him. I wanted to believe him, but I knew in my heart he wouldn’t come through. He didn’t and I thought I would be plunged into my nightmare of pain and loss again. But I wasn’t, I have also forgiven myself for trying again. I love him so much. I would have regretted not trying. I actually think he meant it at the time, he’s just not capable of following through on his promises. I gave it my best shot, but its time to move on.

    • The Daily Love

      Yes Hope!! Keep going!! <3 – Team TDL

  • K.S. Thomas

    I don’t believe in forgiveness. My ex wife destroyed my relationship with our 3 children. I have not seen them outside a courtroom in 9 years. There is NO forgiveness for that, and there’s no doubt the children have suffered for her vitriol. My 15 year old daughter was molested by the monster she re-married, and she is trapped in the life her mother has made for her. There’s no capacity within me to forgive, to the degree that I have zero confidence I will ever be able to be alive within a version of authentic & real happiness ever again.

    • Carolyn

      I am so sorry for your pain, K.S. Sending love your way this morning.

    • Shany

      I feel your pain as well. It is hard when things seem unfair. One might think ‘how can you talk about forgiveness when a) this thing done to me was so deplorable (unforgivable), and b) this person is not even remorseful??’

      There is a belief that when you ask for something, the Universe or God, provides you with exactly what you need to develop that in yourself. Like when you ask for patience, you will end up at the end of check out line run by the slowest cashier in history and every customer paying in exact change combing the bottom of their change purse. Or when you ask for peace you get the most abnoxious co-worker right next to you, so you have opportunity to develop and learn the true meaning of peace.

      So where does forgiveness fit in? Who ever asks for forgiveness BEFORE they are given a reason to need it and seek it? Well, it may be the same as the above. Who asks for patience, inner peace, compassion etc… until they realize they could benefit from developing some of it?

      When I read your post I see a cup half full, though you present it as a cup half empty. Saying there is no capacity in you to forgive, and therefore you will never be able to find authentic and real happiness shows that you at least understand that there is a way to find authentic happiness, and that way is forgiveness. You have that understanding and that is huge. The ‘cup half empty’ part, is that you believe you have no capacity to forgive. Whether you actually believe that, or that statement is a beginning, I don’t know. But even if it is currently your truth, don’t close the door. It is a temporary truth, at best.

      I’m running on, so I’ll share a story, as a metaphor is an often more vivid and a memorable companion than supportive words alone.

      One day a man woke up and found that he had developed a rash around his mouth and all over his chin. The skin was red and peeled off in flakes when he scratched at it. So the man decided to take the week off work, allowing his morning stubble to grow into a beard that would cover the unsightly rash until it healed.

      He went into work the next week, and people said ‘Oh, you’ve got a beard’ and the man would say ‘Yeah, just for a change of pace’. But week after week the mans skin would continue to peel and flake and he kept the beard. He kept the beard for so long that he eventually became known as ‘the guy with the beard’. And that beard grew long and surly and people couldn’t really tell if he was smiling or frowning. And it became so heavy that his posture drooped forward. Still when he looked in the mirror he always saw himself as ‘guy without a beard, who had an unfortunate skin rash that required him to grow a beard.’

      See the thing he didn’t realize was that although the rash certainly came without warning and through no fault of his own, the beard he maintained to protect himself was now preventing the rash from healing. If he were to shave, then sure he might reveal the redness and flaking to others, and yes he would be bare and vulnerable and uncomfortable (and a target for office nicknames), but, in time… he would heal.

  • Candace

    Everyday I work on forgiving myself. But today I forgive my sister in law. I was hurt by some of her words and actions a few years ago. I apologized to her on several occasions, not really knowing why but trying to make things right. So today, I forgive her for the hurts I felt from her and the negatives I experienced during that time in our relationship. I also forgive myself for choosing to be hurt and choosing to let it bother me and weigh me down.

  • Djlkmr

    I forgive the part that wants to be perfect in the eyes of others & slow to learn self-acceptance.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Djlkmr! <3 – Team TDL

  • Proud Mother

    I’m going to forgive the father of my children for being less than the father I thought he would be or that I expected him to be. I’ll forgive his parents as well, for being less than the grandparents I thought they’d be. I got out of my marriage to those people 15 years ago, which set me free from that situation, but I always thought our son and daughter would be treated equally, fairly, and loved unconditionally. This is not the case and it tears me up. I need to forgive myself for thinking it will change one day, my expectations were always hopeful for my children, especially my daughter, who continues to be treated as “less than”, when she is so awesome. Time to stop that nonsense and be the best mother I can be at all times, without thoughts or expectations of what I think a father or grandparent should be doing. I keep thinking he’ll “step up” and it just doesn’t happen. It has created way too much frustration and anger and it is time, long overdue…to LET IT GO.

    I also need to forgive myself for choosing the wrong person to marry and be the father of my children. I forgive myself for the way I handled the exit from the marriage. I recognized how wrong it was shortly after and vowed, never again, and kept that vow.

    Despite all the crap that goes along with a very messy divorce, I have two awesome…and I mean awesome son and daughter. Both in college, (son graduates college next week and off to get his Masters), both motivated, productive, working, responsible, beautiful human beings on the inside and out. Couldn’t be more proud. Happy Mother’s Day to me to all the Mother’s out there who want the best for their kids!

  • Carolyn

    Thank you, Mastin. I’ve been estranged from my daughter for over a year, despite reaching out to her on numerous occasions. She thinks that I’m a bad Mom and I’ve been beating myself up so much. It’s time to move on and forgive myself but also to forgive her for the terrible hurt that she has caused me. Forgiveness is exactly what is required so that if/when we reconcile, I am at peace with myself and able to love her just as she is. You are a healer and I am grateful for you.

    • The Daily Love

      Grateful to have you sharing this and listening today Carolyn! <3 – Team TDL

  • In September of 2011, I was sexually assaulted. It is not a matter of accepting what happened to me. I completely accept it and went through intense therapy to help in my healing. I KNOW i have to forgive him, not for him, but for me. I have been clear about this since the day of my attack. I am not quite sure how to do this, though. Lately, it has been more on my mind and it feels like the time is here to do it. I am thinking of going to visit him in prison. It feels like the right thing to do, the right way for me to get the closure I need to be able to fully and completely forgive him.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this Tamerie! You are not alone!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Barb Graeber Hathaway

    I too, need to forgive MYSELF! I’m always wanting a do over…..thinking about what I should have or could have done differently!!! My past haunts me…..hurts me daily, as I am reminded by the phone call from my son, who is in prison for several years.
    What could I have done to prevent this……
    I forgive myself today 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Powerful Barb!! Thanks for sharing this!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Love

    I forgive my stepfather for molesting me and physically abusing me. I forgive my mother for choosing a man over me and not protecting me. I forgive myself for not being able to save my mother from cancer and I forgive myself for not being able to strengthen the mother and daughter relationship before my mother died. I forgive myself for all the unkind things I said to myself and the destructive behavior I put upon myself. I forgive myself for falling in love with a woman that didn’t love me back and knew it but continued to give my heart to her anyway—i forgive myself for also allowing her to be mentally and emotionally abuse me. Thank you Mastin this was powerful!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Love <3 Thanks for sharing this – Team TDL

  • mp

    I was recently sexually assaulted and have found forgiveness even though I am still quite raw. It triggered the memory of my father’s abuse. I was able-after working through the trauma-to forgive my father. I was able to tell him so before he died. This process takes time and healing. It is not an overnight scenario. However is can happen even after deep wounded trauma. I hope for that healing for all who have suffered grave trauma…

  • Monica

    Thank you! so much for your messeges! am going to forgive my family, because they don´t stay with me in the time that I need, but I want to feel free and respect all the desicions that they take, I feel in peace with God and for me It´s the most important! if I have enemys that I don´t no way, am going to forgive, I have o I feel so much love in my heart, and I don´t want to think never more in that, I just pray and I feel fine! thank you so much, and God bless you!.

  • Tweety

    My crush who has a gf and it hurts me soo terribly it hurts to talk a about it. Even to see them together holding hands or kissing or what not. It hurts me so much that I could have been a better girlfriend to him and way better understanding but she the bitch has him already. I so wish they will break up soon enough!!!!

  • JW

    I have forgiven all my life, that’s not the hard part anymore since I’ve had to do it so many times for so many different deplorable things done to me. The hard part for me is to come to terms with it when you know they DID know better and moving forward is so difficult when your life seems to be going nowhere despite how hard you try and how hard you’re working, while their lives get better and more abundant- even as they continue to treat people the same. Sometimes I feel like the universe is just taunting me with it. I still forgive because I know it liberates – it’s been proven to me – I just dont understand how the frustration doesnt go away and why people who are not good to themselves or others…seem to get all the breaks and good fortune these days and never have to be accountable. It doesnt help you not want to give up. And wanting to give up -I find- is a much worse feeling to me than not wanting to forgive 🙁

    • Lovejoy

      Don’t give up! I know all too well about the dark pain of experiencing this perspective, recognizing this bizarre phenomenon of the seemingly willfully awful behaviors, and the astoundingly hurtful consciousness some people exhibit–how it appears to go on & on with impunity and even with rewards: social/economic/etc. I don’t have the answer, who honestly does? Jesus, where you at? Call yo Daddy ’cause I got questions! Until then . . . I challenge you (and when I say YOU, I really mean ME baby!) to think on this: WHAT IS LEFT OF THE WORLD IF ALL THE TENDER-HEARTED, FORGIVING, SUPAH-DUPAH PASSIONATE TO EVOLVE, FULLY ACCOUNTABLE, LOVING, CARING, RESPONSIBLE-FOR-THEIR-ACTIONS-AT-ALL-LEVELS (and then forgiving self too: however many tries it takes pretty baby, However many tries it takes.) KIND OF PEOPLE GIVE UP? What if you are the only warrior of light on your block, in your family/school/work/town????????? What if you(we) are stronger than we think, and what if our weakness is a lie someone trained us to believe in? Like how they tie a baby elephant to a spike. What if you is a bad azz mamuh jamma and you just have no clue??? Could you be the only dot of flickering spark setting off right there? Could you holding that space be the only catalyst currently present for that change the like minded are so desperately anguished to finally achieve in this world? I have delighted in doing social/energy experiments all my life and I have often been anguished & outraged beyond description at this strange place called Earth, not Gaia of course Beauty Queen of Gorgeousness that She Be, but you know them pesky bipeds! I mean they ain’t even cute & fluffy! OK, okay somes izz prett-tee cute! And now back to our regularly scheduled program: I have found that it may take years to see any tangible, minute evidence, and then it can seem that one blind-siding left hook can crash it all down. But you learn some stuff, that you can take punches, they can knock you down, but not keep you there forever. Or when you catch that love fire inside of you . . . it can flip to a whole world of magic in an instant. Oh how the pendulum swings. I have experienced directly that it is possible with that playful, fully willing to go there, dark humored peaceful warrior consciousness (that you know you have inside) to spark this mother to another kinda level, and I mean your small neck of the woods and who knows how that ripples out? It’s fun to play with energy, see how you can shift it-ish-izzz ah ha ha ha! If like me, you enjoy &/or require PROOF look up studies on meditation for peace/efficacy of prayer, and the like, you will discover quantifiable evidence that you choosing the intention to hold that space regardless of the chaotic, seeming hopelessness around you does have an impact in the physical world. I say that’s super cool! It’s fascinating and maybe even: cause for non-naïve hope. What say you? Beloved JW: Just WONDEFUL /justice wildfire/ judicious waterfall . . ) HA ha ha! I likes to play with letters! Please: DON’T GIVE UP, I WON’T IF YOU DON’T! And just maybe someday we will connect the dots of light that we spark in our own teensy, tiny wayward ways, and light this whole mother up! Come on, let’s light it up uP UP! LIGHT THIS MOTHER UP UP UP! Can you hear it, the music? Oooo my god I feel it in the air telephone wires sizzling like a snare! Come on! Let’s play! Hear the music, feel the music! It’s a sacred tone. You spark there, I spark here . . . sooner or later baby, we light this mother up!

  • Candidlyclaire

    I am going to go to South Dakota where my fathers ashes reside and forgive him. Listening to this made me realize I’ve been focusing too much on the forgiveness of my romantic partner when it actually starts with my dad.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Claire, thanks for sharing this <3 – Team TDL

  • palloma

    I totally agree with what you said, forgiveness is very important, I’m a kind of easy to forgive, if it’s a friend I forgive once twice the third time I will, but I won’t trust that person anymore, and won’t keep that person next to me, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t forgive it just means I won’t want conection with this person anymore, and when it comes to family the loved ones I will talk, show my point agree in something and then live life happy again, in the end of the day it’s my family people that I love. But when it comes to something very hurtfull I will learn or change my thoughts in some point to not let it happen again. today I would maybe say I would forgive a guy- that helped a woman that nearly destroyed myself image with lies, about myself it have been hard to forget and let go, because I still suffering something from this situation till now, but whenever this stops I would not longer remember it, I like to remember good things not bad, You can forgive but you cannot forget if still few things happening because of someone who was lying, but forgiveness is my thing. But as I said if it was just a friend isn’t hundred% that person will be next to me again after the third time, I forgave so many for things that many people wouldn’t and I did, it had made me change my thought, but I not longer still with that wrong thought that I once changed, because of that situation, but I wasn’t keeping that situation-happening which happened to me, with me, I was just trying to protect myself after forgiving that person, it was too much, nobody can imagine, but I don’t suffer anything from it anymore, the last thing to let go was the wrong thought, that used to protect myself from that again. And letting that wrong thought I forgave myself, specially because I had my family on my head telling that I made that choice which someone of them didn’t agree, I don’t live with regrets as I learned so much from that, but that made me more picky with relationship, more than I already was before that, this was why I changed my thought which I got lately I was wrong on it, and that it happened just because I envolved with a wrong someone and I was too young to see or understand what today I do, it made me grow up in a insane way. So believe or not I thank God, it helped me become something better, the person almost took my life away for few times in different ways, but today I’m better that I was in those days and I’m good with forgiveness as I forgave that person many times and also the last thing which was more than I could imagine, and I forgave by that time so far.

  • Matreaca

    First of all,thanks for this. I’ll come right out and say it, I need to forgive the only and last person I’ve ever allowed myself to be vulnerable and intimate with; my last relationship, him an myself both, I need to forgive. It’s been roughy 3 years since I’ve shut down emotionally and I understand when you say not forgiving someone can lead to this type of behaviour. I question why it’s takin me so long to “get over” the experiences I push to the back of my mind that id much rather forget but questionably replay over and over in my mind. It’s been a struggle but a great growth aspect for me these past 3 years thanks to the daily love and other wonderful teachers. Although hearing that forgiving is not about justifying what the other person committed against you, but allowing yourself the freedom of a burden to be able to be your best for not only yourself but your loved ones and community. This absolutely adds some motivation to drop the pain I willingly carry and nt be afraid to move on once and for all. What’s scares me the most I think is the fact that I’ll be opening myself to the unknown, as ironic as that sounds. Anyways I digress .. Happy Saturday:)

    • Shany

      Thanks for sharing this Matreaca. I can definitely relate to every word. Especially when you say the thing that scares you most is that you’ll be opening to the unknown. But consider carrying this pain for 3 MORE years, or 10 more years. It’s a mistake I made because I didn’t have the tools to nip it in the bud. Hopefully that thought makes the unknown a distant second on the list of scary 🙂


      • Matreaca

        Thanks Shany, considering another 3 more years with the same mentality definitely have me that hot sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Thanks for the momentum

    • Every single day, my friends and I say how much this site never seems to stop amazing us. Yesterday, i asked several of my friends what forgiveness was because I never had to do it. And look at the universe bringing wisdom through Mastin’s voice. Just like Matreaca, I found myself still emotionally torn from the first guy I made myself vulnerable to. The wound was further opened when I found out he was dating a girl I “considered” a friend. Although I committed to a spiritual journey, i lost it. From cutting myself off in the world, crying before bed and drinking to forget the pain. I also felt the lowest when I wished bad on them (WHICH I NEVER DO) and wanting to harm the both of them physically.

      I read each comment and in admiration of ALL of your courage, Im doing the unthinkable. I forgive my friend. I forgive my ex. But MORE, I forgive myself. I forgive myself for allowing these thoughts of unworthiness, allowing this to consume me, not living the moments of happiness choosing to be hurt but most of all not believing the universe’s great power of elevation. What I lost, I will receive in a greater abundance.

      Thank you Mastin esp. For the part about you will grow from this hurt and not act accordingly for the future.

  • Shany

    Today I forgive myself. For not always showing up for myself. For allowing other people’s words and actions towards me replace my own inner voice. For not being ‘where I should be’ in life. For allowing heart break to turn to a break from my own heart, a long-term closure. For letting my dreams become fearful and stressful rather than inspiring and actionable. For being hard on myself, and sometimes for forgetting myself altogether. For not keeping my highest self at the center of each day, and sharing that with others. For not keeping my creator at the heart of each moment…
    I forgive you.

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Shany!! <3 – Team TDL

    • This is powerful. You really hit an accord in me.

  • Raena

    I forgive those who lied to me such as my ex and the men I met who said one thing but did another. I could decide to just never trust again, but that would only hurt me. I decided today to forgive them all for saying one thing but doing another. People are human and allowed to make any decision in life that makes them happy. Sometimes it just doesnt cross their minds that their actions might hurt someone else. And thats ok because they are only human. Not everyone thinks alike and I realize that now. I learned how to change and be a better person, which means so can they. It takes time.

  • Spring

    So, if Hitler had your children, spouse and parents all killed, would you be able to forgive him saying “he didn’t know what he was doing” ?????? It seems rather naive and unrealistic in my humble opinion. LETTING GO AND MOVING ON is another matter.

  • xandy

    over the last week, i have needed to take forgiveness to a different level. i had forgiven so much that has happened in my life in the past. BUT, I hadn’t discovered that i needed to forgive *myself* for letting any trauma stop me from growing, stop me from living my life, stop me from loving myself…

    this has been huge this week. I have needed to grow and move forward in many areas of my life, and i finally feel as if i have created the space to do this because i am learning to forgive me.

  • inthebestinterestofourchildren

    I am going to forgive my ex-husband. For all the pain that he has created for our children. The PTSD that has shattered our daughters ability to attach and feel safe. For the court room ‘show’ that has removed my children form my life and even put me in jail. The separation that my children experience and cry for – today I will let go. Today I will forgive him as one person wrote ‘ hurt people hurt people’ and I can see how his childhood has left him hurt. big sigh. I forgive him now.

  • Andrea Cavazos

    My soon-to-be ex-husband. It’s been nearly a year since I left (after 10 years of marriage in which we share a son together), and yesterday for Mother’s Day he decided to intentionally hurt me and keep my 4-year old baby boy away from me on MY Mother’s Day. I told him about Mother’s Day weeks ago AND the Saturday BEFORE he picked him up for visitation. This is a speckle of the hatefulness that he’s bestowed upon me, however, I took a deep breath after reading this today, and I forgive him. I’m moving forward and being the bigger person not only for myself, but for my son as well! Forgiveness is definitely the ultimate revenge!

  • Jewels

    Today I chose to forgive a friend and former lover for not paying back the money I loaned him. I release it to God choosing to forgive him for this.

  • MonicaBacker

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