Why gratitude and success go hand in hand.

Tomorrow is a big day in the US – we are celebrating Thanksgiving.

I’m celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow in Bali with our Writer’s Mastermind, and I’m missing Jenna more than I ever have.

As we enter the day before Thanksgiving in the US, I have a question for you…

What are you grateful for?

And I’m not just talking about the good stuff. It’s easy to be grateful when life is good – I want to know what triggers, unforeseen circumstances and upsets can you be grateful for.

You can choose to see what happens to you as a curse or as a blessing. You can choose to blame others, or you can choose to see your part in it.

What’s so beautiful about this time of year is that we are focused on the energy of gratitude.

Can you be grateful for the bad stuff, the good stuff and the small stuff?

Little moments that can easily pass you by can be some of the richest experiences of your life, but not if you miss them.

Gratitude is the bedrock of an abundant life.

Money without gratitude is a trap.
Romance without gratitude is a fling.
Success without gratitude is the ultimate failure.
Health without gratitude is wasted.

You see, when you make the decision to be grateful, you stop blocking yourself, you cut the cords that bind you, and you start the process of forgiveness, momentum, self-acceptance and healthy standards.

You stop blaming others. You realize that every upset, trigger and hard time comes with the Grace of a spiritual lesson, that when learned, brings you closer to God and closer to your purpose.

So, here is my Thanksgiving challenge for you, whether you are in the US or not. You game?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re grateful for.

Got a big problem? How could gratitude turn it around?
Had a small win? How can gratitude amplify it?
Had a setback? How could gratitude help you see the bigger spiritual lesson?
Are you with someone you love? How can gratitude help you express and show that love even more?
Are you with someone that triggers you? How can gratitude turn this into an opportunity to tell the truth with kindness?

Leave an answer below and let me know.

I hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving, that your heart is full of gratitude and that you know that in each moment, you are guided, blessed and full of Grace.

Make it a great day. Enjoy tomorrow & have some pumpkin pie (my favorite) for me!

Lots of love from Bali,


[Begin transcript]

Hi and welcome to Claim Your Power TV with your host Mastin Kipp, where each week I guide you to live your purpose with passion! This week we’re going to talk about why success and gratitude go hand in hand.

It’s a big day tomorrow here in the States. It’s Thanksgiving. We are gathered with our families, we’ve come from all over the country, today’s a big travel day, and tomorrow we’re going to be stuffing our faces with God knows what kind of incredible, fattening foods! But the real spirit of this holiday is about family. And it’s about gratitude. Gratitude is one of those things that you see talked about on Facebook quote cards and in book titles and at seminars and on TV items like this, and it’s something that can lose it’s meaning because you hear about it so much. I want to talk about why gratitude is so important.

I believe that gratitude is the bedrock of an abundant life.

I believe that gratitude is the bedrock of an abundant life. And so let’s really help understand and define what success is. I don’t believe success is necessarily just financial gain. I don’t think you’re successful if you’re rich. I’ve met lots of rich people who are not successful. I think success ultimately is about living a fulfilled life, a life where you feel connected to yourself and something larger. That is impossible without gratitude because the truth is, setbacks are going to come, bumps in the road are going to come, there are going to be disagreements – it’s Thanksgiving, which means you’re with your family and by the way, you want to think about how spiritual you are, just wait until you spend some time with you family and see if you get angry and pissed off, right? So there might be some family dynamics that are coming up as well.

But if we can start to trade negative expectation or entitlement for gratitude for everything, we claim our power back.

We claim our power back because if you can be grateful for everything in your life, you start to realize that there’s something else going on here besides the same old drama, the same old family dynamics, the same old story of lack. There’s a lesson happening. There’s a spiritual lesson.

You are an infinite soul that has this temporary, corporal body and you chose this life. You chose these parents. You chose these dynamics. And there’s an opportunity to grow. Can you be grateful for the triggers? Can you be grateful for the blocks? Can you be grateful for the lack?  Because in the contrast of not getting what you want is created a burning desire to get what you want. In some strange way, the universe works in contrast. When we learn through contrast, when we don’t get what we want we are never more clear on what we actually do want.

So when there’s the frustration, when there’s the fear, when there’s the anxiety, can we find gratitude for the opportunity to have that burning desire and to learn, and then to realize… One of my favorite quotes of all time, Byron Katie said this about relationships, but it applies to family and for everyone. “Everything you’ve ever said, any advice, any complaints you’ve ever said to anyone else was for you, yourself, to hear.” So can you be grateful for the opportunity to take your own advice? Can you be grateful for the opportunity this holiday weekend to connect back to love? Because when you tap into gratitude, you are immediately on the pathway and vibration of abundance.

And what’s interesting is when you feel grateful – not in this phony way like, “Okay, thanks for the food. Blah, blah, blah. Thanks for the lesson. Thanks for the spiritual lesson.” Not this sort of bratty, entitled gratitude. But from the heart, humble gratitude. When you can truly be grateful for everything in your life, you have arrived and you can truly begin to live your purpose and you start to become soul-realized, where you are living from your soul rather than your ego. There’s nothing wrong with your ego, but you want your soul and your heart to drive the boat.

So, what can you be grateful for?

What lessons can you be grateful for? What opportunities are you not getting that’s producing this burning desire in you to pursue them? How can you be grateful for that? How can you be grateful for all the advice that you’re giving your family that YOU get to embody? How can you be grateful for this incredible abundance that is provided in the West here for this time? And if you’re not in America and you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, what can you be grateful for either way? Because this is true whether you’re an American or not.

You might be watching this video over on YouTube or over on Facebook. My request is that you come on over to TheDailyLove.com and leave a comment and let me know truly, from your heart, from your soul what are you grateful for? What burning desire is being created inside of you right now through that contrast? And how can you take your own advice when it comes to your family? This may be a hard pill to swallow. It might be easy to step into blaming other people, but it’s about taking personal accountability and personal responsibility for your life. That’s how you take your power back.

Also, please feel free to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube. And make sure you head on over to TheDailyLove.com and enter your name and email address so I can send you email updates that we only send through email. And most importantly, and as always here at Claim Your Power TV, remember to get out there, take action and make it real. Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll see you next week!

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  • Tania Angelis

    Great question Mastin! Here’s what I’m grateful for:

    * I am grateful for my husband walking out on me – so I could learn to stand on my own two feet.
    * I am grateful for going bankrupt – so I can teach other women how to handle money better
    * I am grateful for my life completely falling apart a couple of years ago – so I can rebuild it to my own satisfaction
    * I am grateful for my 4 beautiful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren
    * I am grateful for my 2 wonderful dogs – with whom I walk in the magical woodlands each day
    * I am grateful for the dose of laryngitis I’ve just had – so I can learn to use my voice better
    * I am grateful for being able to help a group of neglected horses and donkeys – so that they can be treated better

    And of course, I’m grateful for all the teachers who have crossed my path, including you Mastin 🙂

    • Mastin

      Huge Tania! You inspire me!!!!!!!

    • Alicia King Estrada

      Beautifully said!

    • Denise Geiger

      Thats perfectly Beautiful !!

  • Alicia King Estrada

    I’m grateful to have a family, Even through tough times. I am also grateful for all the adversities that I have had to go through that made me know what I really need and, which way I should travel in life. I learned very much through the hard things to make me appreciate everything now! Love, Alicia

    • That is wonderful, Alicia! ~Team Mastin

      • Mels

        “A Divine Storm”: these words which I first heard on the CD of Rhonda Byrne’s book Hero and that had been spoken by Mastin struck me like a ligntening bolt when I first heard them! Could the extremely painful divorce I was going through actually be a Divine Storm? You bet! I’m nearing the end of the tunnel and on those rare occasions, when I am tired and get discouraged, I think of the Divine Storm that has been at work in my life since May 29th, 2014 and my next thought is: boy have I come a long way and boy have I received incredibly useful insight through hardship. So press on and have faith! Thank you Mastin for your amazingly inspiring videos! Happy Thanksgiving to all wherever you may be on Planet Earth!

        • This is awesome to hear, Mels! It’s great that you are able to see this as the Divine Storm it is and find the lessons and insights that have been provided. We are sending much love! ~Team Mastin

  • Christiana Hill

    I really needed to read this, Mastin. Thank you! I’m beyond grateful for:

    The last 3 months of caring for my husband after a serious accident (he’s ok now!). It brought us together, strengthened our relationship, and showed the both of us just how much we will do for one another

    Not landing my “dream job”. Turns out, it was the kick in the butt I needed to start my own business!

    My husband. He is my rock and #1 fan ALWAYS. As I begin this new professional chapter, he’s been so supportive and nurturing

    My health – both mental and physical. I have this wonderful body and mind that will take me wherever I want to go in life.

    Gratitude has been the gift that has set me free in all aspects of my life. Thank you for holding me accountable!

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    • Hi Christiana! Loved reading these and hearing how gratitude has really allowed you to be free! You have a Happy Thanksgiving as well! ~Team Mastin

  • I am grateful for my fear, depression and anxiety, for as I learn to love these qualities in myself I can overcome them and help others do so as well.
    I am grateful for all my failed relationships, as they brought me to my soulmate.
    I am grateful for the time I wasn’t sure if I would get pregnant, for now I love my two beautiful children even more.
    I am grateful for the confusion in my career, for it has given me clarity as to my purpose: to hold a loving and healing space for myself and others.
    I am grateful for this day, for I am alive, healthy, loved, in a peaceful country, abundant and free.

  • Armandmusic

    This is the cornerstone of our ministry. We are so grateful that we were humiliated on America’s Got Talent in 2011 so we could redefine what our purpose really was and become humble enough to be grateful to be of service.

    • What a great perspective you’ve found, Armandmusic! Sometimes we have to go through the difficult stuff to reframe our lives and our purpose. Much love! ~Team Mastin

  • Jennifer Conaway

    When I first started on a personal development/spiritual path I took a hard look at my background- at why my beliefs were so different from my parents. That led to huge gratitude for what they taught me about love, prejudice, relationships, attitude and beliefs- most of it in a way that challenged me to find my own way and to be brave enough to think for myself and be different. I am infinitely grateful for those lessons- they shaped who I am, who I am becoming and have helped my soul to grow in infinite ways. I am grateful that as I embody those beliefs I help others to find their souls way in a 3-D world that challenges our ability to be human and soul/heart driven at the same time.

    • That’s really great that you’re able to look back and appreciate those things, Jennifer! ~Team Mastin

  • Maddy

    I am so grateful for you, Mastin, for coming into my life through the Daily Love and showing me the way. I have been following you for years now and I always feel the love through your blogs and videos.. so appreciative of that.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Much Love to you and the DL team!

    • Thanks for the love for Mastin, Maddy! We want to thank YOU for being part of our community and being so supportive. Sending much love! ~Team Mastin

  • Gigi Ann Goyette-Jeffers

    I i’m grateful for having a roof over my head. I’m grateful for having food in the refrigerator. I’m grateful for my health. I’m grateful for mother Earth bring yes El Niño to replenish The water in her belly. I’m grateful for becoming more of a listener not a speaker, as I have learned more. I’m grateful to my ex-husband who’s my best friend for giving me a beautiful son. I’m grateful for my 78-year-old mother and her love for my animals, our home home and my son. I’m grateful that I woke up this morning.

    • Those are awesome, Gigi! Thanks for sharing 🙂 ~Team Mastin

  • Naomi Sanford

    Amongst many things, I am grateful for the challenges I experience on my job. In previous times, I would become offended, defensive and highly sensitive to correction. I received it as a personal attack instead of an opportunity to learn, grow and become more proficient. Now, when I am presented with criticism, I listen and take what I need to learn from it and discard the rest. I say “Thank you for bringing that to my attention”and keep it moving!

    **Ok… I have to add this note. Sometimes people try to trip you up because of personal issues they have or they are just being messy. They try to “find” fault in everything you do. So if you find yourself in that situation…step #1 refer back to what I said about keep it moving…#2 Utilize it as a teachable moment for you and them. Instead of getting frustrated, smile, you are being groomed for excellence! Every time they think they’re bringing you down, you are
    actually becoming better and better because now you are making an effort to do your absolute best!!
    Lastly #3 Relax…it takes so much more energy to be
    negative and messy. While that person is playing
    #Inspector Gadget” they are exerting so much more
    energy and wasting time that could be used on
    becoming a better person. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!2

    • Hi Naomi! We’re so glad you’re able to be thankful for those situations – because you are right, it’s an opportunity for you! And thank you for sharing your tips. We love your take on that. Lots of love! ~Team Mastin

  • Naomi Sanford

    Thank you Martin for creating a forum to learn and share!!

    • Thanks to you, Naomi, for interacting and sharing! ~Team Mastin

  • Naomi Sanford

    **Mastin (auto correct)

  • Ryan

    I have had some management ego issues that lead to some misguided priorities and disrespectful, false accusations. I am grateful for my ability to keep a cool head, and do the work I know in my heart is right for the business. I am grateful for my trust in my abilities to act independently despite the harsh delegations of a clueless management team.

    • That’s great, Ryan! And good for you to be able to trust yourself! ~Team Mastin

  • Aziz Sary

    Thank you Mastin,I am from Algeria,I am gratuful because i am still breathing,i still have a powr to change my future,your story inspire me to much,i still have the American dream even i am From another continent..Hope,Love,Peace,Health..for you and for everyone in this planet
    Thank you again.

    • Thanks Aziz! Love that you recognize the power you have to decide your future! Much love and empowerment to you! ~Team Mastin

  • Erica Gutierrez Vidal

    Thank you Mastin this blog was just in time for me. I have been experiencing some health issues recently and thinking, why me? I have been a healthy person so it has been difficult for me to accept what and why I’m going thru this. Until now….

    I’m greatful for the recent health issues I have been experiencing. In light of this it has put my family life and my personal attention into perspective. There are things I will be working on changing to continue to grow in gratitude and love for my family and myself.

    • Hi Erica! We’re sorry to hear about the health issues your dealing with. It’s great that you are able to have gratitude during this time though and that you have this new perspective on the things that are important to you. We’re sending lots of love and healing your way! ~Team Mastin

  • Iris

    I am grateful for learning that money cannot replace love. It does not fill you up – money without love cannot make you feel fulfilled..

  • Jade

    I’m grateful for my recent breakup that left me heartbroken and lost. It made me take hard look at myself and the work that needs to be done to heal. I learned more about communication, relationships, love, forgiveness, the ability to stretch for one another, and vulnerability in one year than I learned in the past 10 years from a previous relationship. For this I am forever grateful ❤️

    • That’s really SO great to hear, Jade! We’re sending you much love!! ~Team Mastin

  • David Whitesell

    Not getting what I want makes me most clear on what I want. Thank you for putting words to what I’ve recently experienced.

  • Christina Samoylov

    I couldn’t agree with this video and heard this at the perfect time. I know we’ve worked together for a year and I think exchanging my negative feelings, accepting responsibility has lead me to the place I am in today. I was thinking what success would have looked like a year ago and that was having a multi-million dollar company and being super successful. At that time, I had the miscarriage, had to leave my business for an extended time and could not continue to micro manage. Today, I look back with expecting my little one in February and was approached to have an article in Success Magazine. However, what I’m grateful for is not what I thought would drive my success. I’m so grateful for opening my eyes, being able to pursue my dream of having a blog and having the family I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you for being a part of my families life to make this happen.
    With Gratitude- Christina

    • Hi Christina! This is truly wonderful to hear. Sometimes we need to fall to really realize what’s important to us and what success actually means. We’re so happy that you have found your dream and are living it. And a big congratulations on expecting your baby this spring. Sending so much love your way! ~Team Mastin

  • Chantel

    This is such a great way to look at gratitude. I never thought about being grateful for the seemingly negative parts of life. I struggle with a mental illness and have recently had a huge episode that landed me in the hospital (more than once). However, I am grateful for the whole process because it’s showing me how important it is to take care of myself. I keep running into the same problems because I’m forgetting that my health and well-being is number one. Now, I’m forced to pay attention to myself and in the end, it’s all for my good.

    • Hi Chantel! We are so happy that you found this post! Taking time for yourself and caring for yourself is truly such an important thing for us all to do. When we are in top shape, things around us will be greater as well. We’re hoping you’re feeling well now and keep reminding yourself that you’re number one! ~Team Mastin

  • Abby Lopez

    It’s a very challenging thing to be grateful when things happen in your life that you may in the moment see as negative. But I’ve embraced that everything that happens, that feels like a disaster or failure, is really just a lesson, or blessing, or an answer to a wish. Your are putting out vibrations and the Universe delivers. Not always in the way we would want. But it does deliver.
    So these are the events I’m grateful for. They may have made me sad, or mad or whatever at the time but I never lost sight that there was something to learn if only I could put my faith in believing that I would be ok.
    1. My health-After 16 years in the gym my body turned on me and my life became filled with pain. But it also became the impetus to leave a job I had fallen out of love with years ago. My body was the one that saved me by not allowing me to stay stuck.
    2. My divorce-It was the most painful event in my life. But it was also a catalyst to look for meaning in my life and to heal the pain with love. And to begin, at 47, the birth of my spirituality. I have finally found the happiness that escaped me my whole life.
    3. Failing-yep, there’s so many different things I’ve tried in my business. So many failures. But not having a Plan B means that I have had to keep on, keeping on. It’s taught me that when giving up is not an option you have to keep your mind open to crazy ideas and new roads.
    4. Almost losing the business I had dedicated my life too-As it slowly crumbled away I realized no matter what I would be ok and that I had to trust that a new course would present itself. If I had fought the inevitable my goal to have balance in my life wouldn’t have happened. It taught me true faith, to believe and let unfold my course without defaulting to action out of fear or panic.