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Why I Laugh At My ‘Old Self’

166640_10150400227355604_7362123_nLast week, I celebrated my third sober birthday.  That’s right, 3 whole years of being alcohol and drug free.  Something I never thought would even be possible, but it is! So, every year I look back at the “old me.” I was filled with so much jealousy, hatred, anxiety, judgment, etc. Today – the glimpse of my past makes me laugh.

You may ask why – so let me fill you in.  I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania with two wonderful and supportive parents. My dad passed away when I was 19 and a few months later, I went off to Penn State for college. The second my mom left my brand new apartment, I let go of any inhibition I ever had (and I was a good girl up until that point). I started partying – hard. Once “Thirsty Thursday” came around, I was out for the weekend. I had no self love, in fact, I hated myself. I didn’t like the way I looked, acted, or spoke – so I started hooking up with random dudes, partying ‘til I plummeted to the ground, and made so many friends angry and worried about me. This is not the girl I dreamed of growing into.

After many years of rocking the party scene from coast to coast, a weird ending to a little/big fling, and meeting new spiritual and sober people, I turned a new leaf in my life.  I started picking up self help books, going to AA meetings, attending Agape’s services regularly, and started to engage in healthy activities. My life is now changed.

So, this past week, I took a moment to really laugh at my old self. The silliness, the drama, the gossip, the judgment are all in my past. I giggled at the fact that indeed that was me. More importantly, I forgave that self-hating girl I was. I also learned that the Uni-verse has my back at all times. Forgiveness is key, sweet friends, and it all starts with YOU.

What about your past makes you laugh from time to time? Share in the comments and I hope you can relate (or laugh) at mine!




Jennifer Lahotski is one loving firecracker currently living in Encinitas, CA. During the day, she is a marketing extraordinaire for a healthy food company. At night, she is a meditating soul sister, yoga enthusiast, and love bug. Connect with her on her website, Facebook and Twitter.