Why I wrote Growing Into Grace

I’ve benefitted most from hearing about how people that inspired me got through the tough times of their lives. And I’ve been so appreciative of those who have been honest and forthright about parts of their lives that many other people would hide or not talk about. Their doing this made me think, “If they can do it, so can I.”

That’s why I wrote my new book, “Daily Love: Growing into Grace” – I wanted to share with you the ugliness, the messiness and the not-so-perfect journey that I went on from crisis to Grace.

In this week’s episode of Daily Love TV, I took a pause from normal teaching and recorded a video that is perhaps my most heartfelt, raw and honest video. It’s really scary to be sharing this with you, because it’s super vulnerable. I wanted you to hear from my heart, why I wrote my new book.

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One of the things I value most with being able to email you and dialogue with you through Daily Love, is the connection that I feel. I know that we inspire you, but you help me feel like I am not along, that I belong and that I am connected to something larger than myself. This saved my life. You saved my life.

In today’s video, I wanted to let you know that.

My new book has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to make. It wasn’t easy. It took two years of effort. And I wrote it for you.

I’m super excited that it’s coming out, I can’t believe it actually.

In the comments on the blog today, I’d love to know your thoughts about what I share in the video + tell me about a major project that you’ve completed that took forever, but made you super proud.

Lots of LOVE,


P.S. Take what resonates and leave the rest.
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[Begin Transcript]

Hey there I’m Mastin Kipp, Founder of TheDailyLove.com and author of the new book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” and this is a special Daily Love TV.

You heard it right, author of the new book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace”. I’m going to take a pause from our regular Daily Love TVs and really share with you today why I wrote my new book. My new book comes out September 9th, very soon, and I can’t wait to share it with you. And instead of teaching you today on Daily Love tV style stuff, I want to share with you why I wrote this book.

There is a lot of information below if you are watching this on my website or on YouTube about how you can pre-order the book, but what I want to share with you is really why I wrote this book. So the name of this book is “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” and I can’t wait, its my first book. I’ve been doing the Daily Love now for, gosh, almost 7 years and never wrote a book. I’ve done so much, and I never wrote a book. And I have to tell you its one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I wrote this book in Bali, I took some time away to really just go and focus on it. And really what it is, is that its a story about my life. You know, I could have written a lot of different types of books like ‘how to do stuff’ and I plan on doing that in the future. But for my first book I wanted it to be a story, but not just a story where I show you all my best parts I want to show you how I messed up. You know, kinda of all the messy parts of myself, when I was struggling with my addiction, there were times where I thought about taking my own life, there were times where I really thought that “This is the end.”

And so I wrote this book because I know that sometimes, you know, when you are learning from someone who is a little bit further along the path than you are you kinda, I know I would always wonder looking at Tony Robbins or Wayne Dieter or Deepak Chopra or Carolyn Myss or Eckhart Tolle or any of these people I always thought it was great for them to have that success and I am happy for them, but I am also happy to be learning these lessons but “What were they going through before they had achieved that success?” and what was the struggle like because the reality is, is that you might be becoming aware of me for the first time or recently found out about what I do, but the reality is that I have been doing this for almost a decade and the reality is that there was a time in my life where I was struggling with deep addictions, you know drug addictions and issues with alcohol and food and sugar and relationships & I certainly did not have it together.

And so I talk about that time in my life, that time where it all seemed lost. And also the teachers I learned from along the way, in this book. and I wanted to share with you because one of my intentions here at the Daily Love is that I am definitely here to teach I am definitely here to teach you what I have learned about how to improve you life, but I am also a “student on the path with you.” I’m walking with you side by side I am learning just as much as you are each and every day.

And I really wanted to write this book to share with you how I got through some of the toughest times of my life, times when I wanted to quit, times when I wanted to end my life and times when I really felt that all was lost and also really show you these lessons that I have learned from these incredible teachers like Wayne Dyer and Carolyn Myss and Joseph Campbell, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey all these amazing teachers that I talk about in my book.

The lessons that I have learned have led me to live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Like if you could rewind 10 years ago and say “Hey kid, you are going to go through all of this crazy stuff all the stuff you write about in the book all the addictions, all the down points, all the betrayals, losing all the businesses you care about, couch surfing for 2 years, not knowing where money is going to come from. Having a dream, failing at it, you know, like having all kind of crazy things happen to you. Having a week like having your divine storm week, or having all this crazy stuff happen where you feel like the universe or god was against you. You are going to go through all of this, but at the end of it there is going to be a beautiful lesson. At the end of it you are going to figure out that there is a big dream for you, there is a calling for you to answer, life has a purpose, and on top of that you are going to be able to help work and inspire literally millions of people.”

I would have been like Bullshit. Haha. Right? It just seems like it was so impossible because I was so stuck, but it is incredible what can be accomplished. For me I have been on this path for over a decade, I am going to share with you in my book the things I have learned in that decade so you can read it in a week, and really condense my knowledge into a week of time, a decade of my knowledge into a week of your time rather than you know, just going on, and going on, and going on and stumbling and that kind of stuff because I want to shorten your learning curve. Ultimately the Daily Love is what it is because of you, you made me, you saved me, you saved my life and gave me purpose. So this book at the end of the day is written for you, the Daily Lover the reader who shows up everyday, whether you comment in or not, whether you are just a passive reader or a passive watcher, not commenting which is fine I am here talking to you. Or if you have been commenting and you have been an active member of the community I am super grateful. If you have been to one of our live events, or you’ve come to Daily Love live, or to any of our retreats at Maui or Bali or Ibiza.

What ever that might be, this book is written for you because, because without you I wouldn’t be here filming this, you know, video right now, I wouldn’t be able to write a book I wouldn’t have a platform to give it to you.

So my book comes out September 9th, I cannot wait for it to come out. Its been a labour of love, literally written from my heart to yours. Its called “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace”. Starting soon there are going to be a lot of interviews that I have done with people like Wayne Dyer and Chris Carl and Carolyn Myss, Nick Ortner, and Gabby Bernstein and I will be sending you all kinds of free interviews where you can check this out, there will be pre order information, all the information is around the page.

If you are not on the website theDailyLove.com if you are watching this somewhere else head on over to theDailyLove.com and get on my blog and really comment, I am curious what have been moments in your life where you felt like the universe was against you, you know there was this crisis you were going through and as you got some space from that crisis that hard time was there Grace, was it a blessing, was there a lesson there for you?

I really want to know because thats what my book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” is all about. Its about really learning those lessons and recognizing that when things don’t go your way thats ok. Sometimes a delay is not a denial, and sometimes things don’t work out so you can believe in yourself, thats really the core of what my book is about.

So go on over to the DailyLove.com and below this video on the blog leave a comment about your journey form criss to grace. What was that crisis moment that wake up call and what did you do with it? How did you turn it around?

In the comments I would love to know. I will be in touch soon with more information with how you can pre-order my book and it comes out September 9th and I am very very excited about that but for now leave a comment, and most importantly and as always here on Daily Love tv remember to take action and make it real.

Can you believe it my new book “Daily Love Growing Into Grace” is out September 9th I can’t wait to share it with you. To check out all the information on how to preorder the book head on over to GrowingIntoGrace.com

[End Transcript]

  • Infrequentcommenter

    Thanks for this Mastin and I can’t wait to read your book! What you say makes a lot of sense. It really helps to know someone’s journey, and I think those who have been through the wringer before they are successful are the most inspiring.

    Once I went to a writer’s conference where some very successful authors spoke about their process. For me, who struggles with getting the work done, hearing that there were days they only wrote a paragraph was incredibly helpful 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Love the idea of taking one step (no matter how small) at a time Infrequentcommenter! Thanks for sharing this with us today 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Bharath Reddy

    Awesome Mastin 🙂 May happiness be with you all the time !!!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for watching today Bharath! Sending you Love and happiness your way too!! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Chris

    I’ve pulled my energy towards financial needs recently after 11 years of deliberate tenacious work. The nuggets of awareness I get now are the most tasty yet. My world is expanding in deeper levels of understanding, There is always a growth opportunity through grace to love. I’m interested in writing my story! Can someone contact me!

    • The Daily Love

      Powerful and inspiring putting this out there Chris! Sending you Love on your journey!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Paris

    I think the 20s can be a challenging stretch, especially right when you get out of college and are no longer simply following along doing what all of your peers are doing (i.e. school). It did feel like a crisis–figuring out what to do with myself and my life. I did a lot of reflection and realized that the question should be outward facing. How am I uniquely gifted and equipped to be of service to others and to the world around me? That helped me get centered and start pursuing and building a career that was a good fit for me and that feels right when I wake up everyday.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful and empowering question to ask Paris! Thanks for sharing this with us today! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Can’t WAIT to read this, Mastin! I am an ENORMOUS fan of yours and the things you’ve written have changed my life. Thank you!

    • The Daily Love

      Grateful to have you here and part of the Daily Love community Marsha!! Thanks for being here! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Carrie

    Hi Mastin, Thanks for the blog, videos, and your work! I pre-ordered and am looking forward to reading it! I also love your first interview with Kris Carr – it is such a heartfelt interview, and a really creative way to market your book release. I wanted the pre-order right away…not only to read it and support you, but to have that interview on-file. Awesome marketing!

    I am in a “crisis” right now, so am looking forward to seeing how I will grown in grace and see the lesson in everything.

    I think the gift of most of the other times of crisis in my life was in shaking everything up, bringing me into the moment and making me focus on what was really important for me.

    This is my first comment on a blog ever. What you said about being a passive viewers – makes me think that maybe one small way that I could step up is by trying to give back in comments every time I read or see something that touches me or gives me value. So that I am giving something back too! Thanks for the love and inspiration!

    Lots of love,


    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Carrie! So grateful to have you here and sharing this with us today! Sending you so much Love <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations Mastin!!!Sending best wishes, appreciation n love yr way. Huge accomplishment in sharing yr journey. Can’t wait to read the book, will preorder shortly!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for spreading the Love Jennifer!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Rebecca Lines

    So excited! Just pre-ordered 2 copies of your book, one for my daughter and one for myself. I have been following you for almost 4 years and just by reading your blogs and, recently, watching your videos, I know how much this book means to you. Congratulations Mastin on this MAJOR accomplishment! I have so enjoyed your blogs. Many have really resonated with me and have kept me inspired to follow my dreams. At the age of almost 50, I left a long term, very destructive marriage and followed my heart to become an actress. Many would say I’m crazy, but through perseverance and dedication to my craft, I’m actually working! So, I’m here to say that it can be done. 🙂 Can’t wait to read your book and hope to meet you one day in person. Come to Nashville!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this today Rebecca! Excited for you and your daughter to enjoy “Growing Into Grace”! Mastin is in fact coming to Nashville, you can find more information here: https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/3862991

      Hope you can make it!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Thank you Mastin! You are always an inspiration! I can’t wait to meet you live in Philadelphia! P.S. I really felt like you were talking to me!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks so much for being here and sharing this with us today Jenn! See you in Philadelphia!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Lori Glier

    Dear Mastin,

    This video touched me truly deeply, as I too have been trying to get my book out and published to the world . If it was not for social media I could not have been writing and sharing my life and my challenges from dealing with mental health homelessness. It was rough road yet silently people around the world listened to my story for the last 14 years as I have journeyed Thank you Mastin For your inspiring words.
    All my love,
    PS You and your book will be a true success!

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Lori! Thanks for sharing this with us today!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • mmqc

    Thank you so much for the work that you do Mastin and sharing your journey here! Your open heartedness and willingness to share your story is such an inspiration! Looking forward to reading the book! On my path, I’ve navigated a childhood of dysfunction and abuse. It’s taken many years, a lot of inner work, a painful divorce, sitting in darkness, to begin to find peace and joy and know that these things that happened to me growing up are not indicative of my self worth. Inspiring words like yours, loving people on my path, and things like yoga and my creativity have aided me in gaining self love and acceptance in the not so pretty parts of myself and my journey. My focus this year has been practicing yoga and taking on writing my own songs after playing music for many years as I edge towards 40. I don’t know where it will take me, but I’m thankful for it all. Thank you for shining your light!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing mmqc! Sounds like you are rocking it and your story is inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us today! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • First of all Mastin, I want to say how proud and inspired i am by you finally completing and releasing your labor of Love! When we first met, I remember you talking about starting this book and how excited I was about you getting published and here you are! Meeting you and working with you has taken me out of some of darkest times of years of weight gain, job changes, self-abuse, being in a terrible rut, getting over heartache, THEN– finding my path to purpose and passion. I now teach in a whole new way and I get the chance NOW to share and inspire others through my writing, coaching and weekly group fitness classes.

    Your journey, your knowledge, your mentorship and friendship has shifted the way I look at the world and now I feel like the world looks back at me differently. The arrival IS my journey, which in turn is my form of Grace… each step is Grace, and I take one everyday….. The good and the bad… Looking forward to having your book in hand my friend!
    Love you M!! Sending you the best..
    Drew xo

    • The Daily Love

      We Love you Drew!! Thanks for these words! Grateful to have you here, sending you so much Love! – Team Daily Love

  • Stephanie Paslawski

    Congratulations Mastin! I love that you have chosen to share your story with the world and am so looking forward to the tour and getting my hands on a copy of your book! So often we see only the highlight reels of people’s lives, and never how they achieved their success or navigated the trying times. I applaud you for putting this out into the world! Being able to see how you have grown through the hard times is incredibly inspiring and makes you so relatable. In my own life, I am choosing to embrace the conflict, as Devon Franklin encouraged us to do at DLL. For without conflict we will never grow or know how much of a hero lies within 🙂 Thanks again!

    • The Daily Love

      That’s right Stephanie! Thanks so much for sharing this with us today!! <3 -Team Daily Love

  • Amy

    I have ordered tickets for the book tour & I am SO excited to grab a copy of your book at the event!! I am inspired to be an author & to watch you release your first book is motivating! Thank you! My recent experience, “crisis to grace” occurred on May 10, the day before Mothers Day. How could I forget! I experienced my first panic attack. It was the most terrifying experience of my life & it lasted way beyond the moment. I had symptoms the next 10+ days physically, mentally, soulfully, I was F’d up! There was a day I cried to my mother asking “is this my new normal?” I received a tremendous amount of love & support over these troubling days. But I also had a wake up call, I realized that what I experienced the last few days is nothing compared to my normal level of “fear/anxiety/panic” and that I need to appreciate how good I got it! I have always been a lovey but with the emotions I lived with those two weeks truly brought in deeper levels of love in my heart. The TDL sent me a daily dose of feel good love & then I read an affirmation from Gabby that summed up all I experienced, “some obstacles are put in my way to teach me a loving lesson” Amen girl! I am so grateful I follow the most amazing people, Mastin, Gabby, Marie, Oprah, Tony Robbins….. And I am SOOOO excited to hear you speak in SF Mastin! Xoxo

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing with us today Amy! Looking forward to seeing you in SF soon!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Amy

    I have ordered tickets for the book tour & I am SO excited to grab a copy of your book at the event!! I am inspired to be an author & to watch you release your first book is motivating! Thank you! My recent experience, “crisis to grace” occurred on May 10, the day before Mothers Day. How could I forget! I experienced my first panic attack. It was the most terrifying experience of my life & it lasted way beyond the moment. I had symptoms the next 10+ days physically, mentally, soulfully, I was F’d up! There was a day I cried to my mother asking “is this my new normal?” I received a tremendous amount of love & support over these troubling days. But I also had a wake up call, I realized that what I experienced the last few days is nothing compared to my normal level of “fear/anxiety/panic” and that I need to appreciate how good I got it! I have always been a lovey but with the emotions I lived with those two weeks truly brought in deeper levels of love in my heart. The TDL sent me a daily dose of feel good love & then I read an affirmation from Gabby that summed up all I experienced, “some obstacles are put in my way to teach me a loving lesson” Amen girl! I am so grateful I follow the most amazing people, Mastin, Gabby, Marie, Oprah, Tony Robbins….. And I am SOOOO excited to hear you speak in SF Mastin! Xoxo

  • Marie Egles Carhart

    Hi Mastin, I preordered your book, but had to cancel when I realized it was hardcover – not soft. I know this sounds strange, but I ordered it for someone in a 6 month rehab program that is through the Dept. of Corrections – in other words, technically incarcerated, but in a rehab program instead of “jail”. Anyway – they are not allowed (for whatever reason) to have hardcover books – only softcover. Audio CD’s and Kindle are not options either. Will your book be available in softcover soon? I know this person would benefit immensely from your book – but need to either get in soft cover or wait until his release in December or January. Thank you – I know it’s a “strange” question!

    • The Daily Love

      Great question Marie! Not sure on the release time of a softcover book! Will inquire about that one! Thanks so much for being here Marie, sending you so much Love! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • karen

    hmmm. first time ever speaking out in a blog. I have been a TDL reader for a few months and never miss a day. your message today did move me to speak and share my journey to grace. it’s been a year and 14 days since my crisis hit and broke me open. It was an overload of obligations, loss of my dog, tragedy in my home that hit all at the same time. turned to my best friend of 16 years and she walked away… told me she couldn’t deal with my issues. so left alone with my own confused, lost and frightening thoughts… i had to reach out for help. something i never did in my life. I was always self-sufficient, smart and overcame many obstacles, but i was scared and knew i was in trouble. this lead me to my dr., which lead me to another dr. which lead me to an extreme amount of prescriptions which i knew weren’t right for me. but with no sleep and increasing anxiety and a huge amount of trust i put in the medical field, i did what i was told. all the while, my little self inside kept telling me this was the wrong path. I was right. believing in my doctor, i have become addicted to prescription benzodiazepines. Its been a difficult additional journey i did not need, to step down. If anyone knows, it’s not something you can stop without supervision. but thankfully, i am making peace with this new challenge in my life and accepting in what i have to do no matter how bad a day can get. I am just glad that i listened to my heart and didn’t give up on myself. I began reading voraciously, anything to bring me peace and understanding. Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Mark Nepo, Michael Singer, Don Miguel Ruiz and every Oprah Super Soul Sunday Episode.. I could go on and on listing the books I’ve read over the last year in my search for grace and understanding. I even came across you, Mastin only recently but have been a devoted reader of your blogs because I agree, it’s comfort and reassurance listening to someone who walks in your shoes with the struggle of pulling ourselves out of the darkness and lack of hope. Today, I am doing great, not there yet and know i will always be a seeker. And through teachers and blogs like yours, it has made a huge difference in my life. I am a different person and live for the beauty of love and kindness. We can self-teach…and that is the gift you are giving to so many, Mastin. So thank you from me….from the bottom of my heart for all the “love” you send daily. So you talk about being vulnerable…i just laid my soul out there on the table for all to see…*smile this is a first time for me to ever reveal something so personal, so publicly…. i guess i’m doing it let others know, they are not alone in whatever struggle, whatever journey they are on today. none of it is ever easy. but once you get through the really bad stuff…it’s transforming. thank you again for all you do for people like me…stay with it. you are bringing good things to this universe. i look forward to reading your book, your story…..

    • Malia

      Hi Karen! Thank you for being so brave to share your story; It’s my first time sharing as well. Today Mastin’s message grabbed me, but I also really liked your message and wanted to acknowledge your courage. Know that you’re awesome one day at a time!
      Much Aloha!

    • The Daily Love

      So glad you decided to comment and share your inspiring story with us today Karen! We are grateful and honored to have you be a part of the Daily Love community! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m so proud to be a member of the DL community. On my path I’ve had a series of divine storms. Childhood was really rough, then I had another DS when I started going after my dream. Now I’m just coming out of another DS which started in 2012. That started me on a new level of my spiritual journey it really pushed me beyond my comfort zone and what I thought was “spiritual”. I’ve learned so much and the remnants of the storm are still here but I’m working through it. After each storm it feels like I’ve been born again. I think that’s really what JESUS meant when he said you must be born again. We go through these storms and we get this cleansing and you just feel fresh and clean like a lot of shit got burned off. I feel ready, because I’ve been doing the work and because I have a name for what I was going through a DIVINE STORM. I took your seminar earlier this year on the heroes journey and that gave me a whole new perspective of challenging times. So many, many, thanks.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us today Samiyah! Many thanks to have you here and a part of the community! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Linda Wade

    I have never written or responded but have been a faithful reader of the Daily Love. Your words have more than inspired me countless times over the past year. I found The Daily Love after going through a heartbreaking divorce with my ex (a 34 year marriage) where I felt so lost. Your messages uplifted me, gave me direction and refocus back to me, and countless, literally countless, support and Love when I needed it the most. You are genius at what you do. I will buy your first book and probably every single other because the messages you give will benefit me and those I hold closest to me. I can’t ever thank you enough for what I have learned through your words and your Love.

    • The Daily Love

      So glad you are here and commenting today Linda! We are grateful to have you a part of the community and sharing your story 🙂 sending you so much Love! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Ryan Smith

    So excited to read your book, Mastin. The Daily Love has truly saved my life. I have been stuck in a job that I hate with all my being for the last year and a half but I have finally gotten the courage to follow my dreams and work for MYSELF…which is going to be a long road and very difficult financially, but I want to live my life and not spend it working for someone else any longer! Thank you for the courage to take this step and hopefully get going on my path again. Lots of love!

    • The Daily Love

      Keep going Ryan! Sending you lots of Love! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Brother Mastin,

    Can’t wait til the book hits the shelves (and the best seller list) My own journey into Grace started several years ago when I walked away from my engagement just 28 days before walking down the aisle.

    I was thrown into my own uncertainty where i had to spend a lot of Mirror Time to take a look at the role I was playing in my life.

    Fortunately I was able to use that expensive learning lesson as a Divine Nudge showing me what I had to do to have the relationship I really wanted.

    Well, that was several years ago. For the last 1 15 years I have been able to share my life with the woman who is everything I have always wanted and more.

    Part of my reasoning for staying with my ex was because I was trying to fill the void in my life that was left after my dad died from cancer.

    My life has been an incredible journey which has led me to use what I have learned to help others find love…real love…the kind that lasts and fills up your soul.

    if you would have told me the ay after calling my engagement that this is what I would be doing with my life, I would have said more than “bullsh*t”! LOL!

    Too many things have happened along the way which have let me know that the Universe is working for me, not against me. And one of those things is discovering you and your message.

    From day one I have resonated w/your ability to be real and to discuss your truth…all of it..the good, the bad and the ugly!

    You inspire me to share my gifts and truths with the masses. And just as important is the proof that of what is possible as we learn to embrace the uncertainty of life and dance with it.

    Keep shining bright!

    See you in NYC!

    With Much Love & Gratitude,

    • The Daily Love

      We LOVE you Joe!! Thanks so much for sharing your truly inspiring story with us today! So grateful to have you here and a part of the Daily Love community!!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Hello Mastin and congratulations. I will be at your book launch event in Columbus, OH so looking forward to seeing you there. I LOVE the title of your book.
    I have been the recipient of so much grace in my life. I went through a painful period following my divorce and I began journaling as a way of making sense of what I was experiencing. But I kept coming across other women that were having similar experiences and so I went to Italy by myself and turned the journaling into a book: Life, Love, Lies & Lessons: The Journey through Truth to find an Authentic Life.
    That was a big accomplishment and I’m proud of the book, but I’m more proud of the lessons learned and the growth experienced as a result of that time in my life. I know exactly what you mean when you say you came from the depths to find a purpose for your life. So much grace….so much beauty….and so much gratitude in my life now.
    Love the light you’re shining and sharing every day. Thank you.
    Sharon Pope

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today Sharon! See you soon in Columbus!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Wanda

    I just Love this website and it has really made my heart smile in the short time that I’ve known about it. I have been unemployed for a while now and ask myself what am I doing wrong since I seem to be getting the interviews but not the jobs. I trust God has a plan. It’s been a difficult time for me though and this is when I look forward to your inspirational quotes. That Daily Love works for me!

    • The Daily Love

      Keep going Wanda! Glad you are here and a part of the community 🙂 thanks so much for sharing your story with us today! – Team Daily Love

    • Sonia

      You are not alone. Cisco will be letting go 6,000 employees. These are technology type jobs, and technology is in demand. So really, there is no telling why these things are happening. Keep trying and don’t give up. I have met many people in our position. Keep the faith and love!

  • Darren Scherbain

    Mastin – I am so happy for you !!!! I have been following you and Daily Love ( it’s flipping amazing by the way ) for over 3 years . The message is always what I need to hear , funny how the Universe works 🙂
    Can’t wait to read the book -enjoy the rest of your day .

    • The Daily Love

      Wow! So grateful to have you with us for the last few years! Super excited for you to read Growing Into Grace Darren! Sending you so much Love 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Rose

    I cant wait to read your book!I just recently woke up to the fact that I was in my late 40 s and in an abusive 22 year marriage that I worked so hard to hide from everyone due to the shame and embarrassment. I ended up in an abuse shelter and my ex husband has lied to my children(who no longer speak to me). I am now living 2000 miles a way and starting over but with people like you and Oprah and Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, I know I can and will make it.Thanks Mastin

    • The Daily Love

      So grateful you are here and sharing your story with us Rose! Sending you so much Love! <3 – Team Daily Love

    • Sonia

      Focus on the present. All the things that have taken place are in the past. I struggled for years because of the lies my child was told. Right now, she is grown, married and is beginning to see the truth for what it is. Pray for their protection and for them to have clarity. Be at peace with yourself, the rest will come when it’s time. Be good to yourself and learn to be happy.

  • hayesstaci

    Congrats Mastin! Can’t wait to read it.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this Staci! We’re excited for you to read it! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Malia

    Aloha Mastin!

    This is my first time sharing in the Daily Love community and I had to step up and say that I admire your courage to share your story with the world. I like that you used the word GRACE because I really feel when coming out of that dark place and being able to rise above out of the ashes so to speak IS the definition of grace.

    Not so long ago I was in that dark place for over twelve years; I call it sitting in my own sh**. I look back and can’t believe it took that long for me to get out. I liked when Kris Carr said when she was “brought to her knees”; that’s exactly what I felt in my moment of surrender and let go all the ugly. That’s when I finally made the decision to get up and get out of that rabbit hole and start living; choice by choice. Life is full of choices in everything we do; how we feel, how we react, how we treat ourselves; and I’m so glad that I chose grace. I look forward to reading your book…Bravo YOU!

    Mahalo (thank you) for choosing to share YOU today!

    • The Daily Love

      Aloha Malia! Thanks so much for sharing this and your inspiring story with us today! I’m sure many can relate <3 sending you lots of Love! – Team Daily Love

  • SKP

    Mastin: what is your definition of Grace? I am going thru a crisis in my life like none other. My partner of 23 years killed herself; and a series of events have caused me to deal with seven losses really; major losses. So seeking…..saw you first on SSSunday a few weeks ago. Peace.

    • The Daily Love

      So sorry to hear about your loss SKP, while the team can’t offer Mastin’s specific definition for him, we are sending you SO much Love right now <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Rachel

    It’s so interesting to hear you say that we saved your life because I’m sure that you saved most of ours. You definitely saved mine a year ago. I was very depressed. I was in a horrible relationship. He basically took a lot of money from me and I mean a lot. I was afraid of being alone, but I was afraid to stay with him and live a life of unhappiness. I remember reading a blog from you about going into the unknown and I realized that breaking up with him and being single might be better. So, I did just that and going into the unknown was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m grateful for everyone and everything in my life and I cherish every moment. I read another blog of yours about forgiveness, which helped me to be able to forgive my ex. As soon as I did that, a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. You have helped me change my life. I am so grateful. Thank you and you deserve all of the success you have and will have in the future.

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you so much for sharing Rachel! You are so brave for stepping into the unknown and it is wonderful to hear your success in doing so. We appreciate all the love <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Michele

    Hi Mastin, I am forever grateful to my children and the light they bring to this world. They are a complete joy. I’ve always been a giver, but don’t think I do a very good job of giving to myself always. Motherhood has given me new passion and creative inspiration. I just wrote and published my first children’s picture book, What Should We Do Today, Mommy? and I am very proud of it. Your daily love emails gave me the courage and confidence along with my husband, family, and a couple others to complete this project that was 5 years in the making. Thank you so much for being the friend that everyone needs! I can’t wait to read and share your book! And you continue to inspire me for future books and projects. All the best to you! Love, Michele 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      That is amazing Michele! Thanks so much for opening up and sharing your story with us! Sending you so much Love to you and your family <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Donna

    You show me hope! Im in crisis in the moment…trying to make good decisions without being emotionaly paralyzed…hopeful toward grace

    • The Daily Love

      Keep going Donna! Sending you so much Love right now <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Kristen

    I am in the mist of a personal crisis, struggling towards grace at the moment. That’s why I am so happy I’ve found your site, to give me a daily dose of love and help me learn the lesson I’m destined to in all this; to love myself. It’s difficult, but I think what helps tremendously is what you explain you detail in your book…hearing stories of others who struggled to, what they went through and how they navigated their way out of it to a better place. Knowing others have been on a similar path gives me hope. I’m going through a separation, the death of a dream and in the process examining and redefining all I thought of love, and even myself. Part of me knows it is a necessary experience in the evolution of my soul, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy by any means. Thank you for writing your book, I will be there at your appearance in Toronto and look forward to reading it.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing these inspiring words with us today Kristen 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Jolanda Ludwina Houben

    My personal crisis started in 2002 and again in 2005 when my son suddenly couldn’t walk and I was still dealing with an aching body. For years the medical world have tried to label me and my son with a ‘mental’ label. It frustrated me, it angered me to my core. A very tough lifepath (lost my job because of my health, lost my social safety-net, malefic and egodriven healthcare and many more struggles with authorities). It was a path full of selfdoubt, tears, despair and lots of pain. We have struggled on a daily basis to cope with life and all the obstacles. What was life telling me? I have read all kinds of medical and holistic literature and one day I have decided to replace my furniture and made room for self-therapy and rehabilitation…..just following this innervoice. Connected with an independent fysiotherapist for my son. Determined to get healthy again, but most important I believed strongly that my son could walk again. Our body is wise and can be selfhealing. In the meantime I was finally diagnosed with idiopathic polyneuropathy (damaged nerves), fybromyalgy and hypothyroidism. The daily practice, our perseveance prevailed! I am proud to mention that my son is walking again (2011) and is a happy student Europan Law……and me? My disease is balanced and I am working as a transformative coach and numerologist. I am a participant of TDL because of Mastin’s transparant, realistic and loving attitude! To me the most influential person of this generation. Wishing him more acknowledgement and lots of love and success! Xoxo

    • The Daily Love

      Wow!! What an inspiring story! We are SO grateful and honored to have you here and sharing this with us today Jolanada! Sending your son and you so much Love <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Rachel

    I have never commented on a blog before. I am not a writer or good with my words but for some reason, something bigger was driving me to comment. I first seen you on Oprah’s super soul Sunday. I cried, I felt empowered I felt hopeful. I came from a bad upbringing, you know the same story over and over of abuse and neglect and loosing my mother at 6. I have never had a family support system but have always been the supporter. Through life lessons I have always seen the ” lesson” from it and in the massive storms I hold on to knowing I will learn something. I read and listen to some of your teachers as well and am so very great up for you teachings and that God has lead me to you. 4 years ago I was told I’m going blind…I have went through all the tough grieving phases of loosing sight and all the trading to learn to live without sight. I have learnt so much through it and owe a lot to you and others teachings God and faith. I struggle with knowing the difference of doing right for my self and what my family says when I’m being selfish or a b_ _ _h? Ironically loosing sight has made me “see” many things and I’ve learnt not to be the yes person and do what’s right for myself and my health while in the back ground my family says I’m selfish. Keep in mind they have never supported me though any of this but keep taking and wanting… Givers remorse?! How do I show I still love them but I have boundaries with out the guilt I carry or name calling I receive. ? I am looking forward to your book and I thank you from my heart for yor daily love every day! God bless

    • Sonia

      You are not alone. Please, do take care of yourself and place yourself first. There is no pleasing some individuals and their put downs are just their way of raising themselves. I tried giving the others the opportunity to learn respect and put their abusive tactics aside, they have not been able to do this, so I maintain a great deal of distance between us. I have forgiven them and moved on. Don’t ever stop learning!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Hi Rachel, we are so grateful you are here with us sharing your truly inspiring story. Your words were written perfectly and just want to say thank you for opening up today. Sending you so much Love <3 – Team Daily Love

  • delina dimova

    I love u daily love an I can not wait for the 9th of September! Yesss 😀

    • The Daily Love

      Awesome Delina! We are excited, too!!

  • Sonia

    Mastin, I thank God for you and what you’re doing. You are really making a difference! I’m learning many things from you, I was reminded today, to keep it in the present and I am. The curve balls keep coming and I guess this will make me a great player when all is said and done.

    I’m happy that you’re getting to travel & that you will be getting the love back!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you Sonia! We appreciate the love and support 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Ehab

    Good luck man, Wish you all the best … Peace and love from Jordan 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for the support and love all the way from Jordan!!

  • Growing into Grace is on my Amazon wishlist! Can’t wait to add it to my collection:-)

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you so much for your support Michelle!

  • Amy

    Hello Mastin and the Daily Love Team,
    I am very excited for your book Mastin to be released. I’ve ordered my ticket for your book tour and will be heading to San Francisco in hopes of seeing you. The Dailylove blog has been just that for me, “A Daily Dose of Love” each and every day. I love Dailylove TV even more and has helped me through.
    About a year ago I was living in a different city and getting ready to start a job that I thought I was meant to have and do. I was so excited to start on this new path. The Universe had other plans however. Yet at the time I couldn’t see that. The job fell through and I was so disappointed. While I found another part time job I could feel that a change was coming. Turns out I couldn’t pay my rent and was very close to living in my car. I was so afraid during this time. The hardest thing I’ve had to do was swallow my pride and stop fighting against the current. I called my parents and asked if I could move back home. I packed what I could fit in my car and drove home. I was 35, jobless and no money and thought I had failed. Once I made this choice and released the attachment to how it was going to work out amazing shifts happened. I was back living in my hometown and everything fell into place. Although there have been hills and valleys I believe I was meant to come back. I am in a job that I love, have made new connections, rekindled my relationship with my parents and a few old friends, and am in love more with myself and trusting in the Universe. I feel the grace. 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Amy! Thanks so much for opening up and sharing your story with us today! We are grateful you are here and can’t wait to see you in San Francisco soon! Sending you so much Love! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Adja LY

    Congrats Mastin on the new book. I also have a question. How can I watch the Wayne Dyer interview you did a couple of months ago? I have been looking for it everywhere. Thanks.

  • Anne

    Why are there so many advertisements for people who cast love spells?