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Why I wrote Growing Into Grace

I’ve benefitted most from hearing about how people that inspired me got through the tough times of their lives. And I’ve been so appreciative of those who have been honest and forthright about parts of their lives that many other people would hide or not talk about. Their doing this made me think, “If they can do it, so can I.”

That’s why I wrote my new book, “Daily Love: Growing into Grace” – I wanted to share with you the ugliness, the messiness and the not-so-perfect journey that I went on from crisis to Grace.

In this week’s episode of Daily Love TV, I took a pause from normal teaching and recorded a video that is perhaps my most heartfelt, raw and honest video. It’s really scary to be sharing this with you, because it’s super vulnerable. I wanted you to hear from my heart, why I wrote my new book.

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One of the things I value most with being able to email you and dialogue with you through Daily Love, is the connection that I feel. I know that we inspire you, but you help me feel like I am not along, that I belong and that I am connected to something larger than myself. This saved my life. You saved my life.

In today’s video, I wanted to let you know that.

My new book has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to make. It wasn’t easy. It took two years of effort. And I wrote it for you.

I’m super excited that it’s coming out, I can’t believe it actually.

In the comments on the blog today, I’d love to know your thoughts about what I share in the video + tell me about a major project that you’ve completed that took forever, but made you super proud.

Lots of LOVE,


P.S. Take what resonates and leave the rest.
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Hey there I’m Mastin Kipp, Founder of TheDailyLove.com and author of the new book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” and this is a special Daily Love TV.

You heard it right, author of the new book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace”. I’m going to take a pause from our regular Daily Love TVs and really share with you today why I wrote my new book. My new book comes out September 9th, very soon, and I can’t wait to share it with you. And instead of teaching you today on Daily Love tV style stuff, I want to share with you why I wrote this book.

There is a lot of information below if you are watching this on my website or on YouTube about how you can pre-order the book, but what I want to share with you is really why I wrote this book. So the name of this book is “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” and I can’t wait, its my first book. I’ve been doing the Daily Love now for, gosh, almost 7 years and never wrote a book. I’ve done so much, and I never wrote a book. And I have to tell you its one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I wrote this book in Bali, I took some time away to really just go and focus on it. And really what it is, is that its a story about my life. You know, I could have written a lot of different types of books like ‘how to do stuff’ and I plan on doing that in the future. But for my first book I wanted it to be a story, but not just a story where I show you all my best parts I want to show you how I messed up. You know, kinda of all the messy parts of myself, when I was struggling with my addiction, there were times where I thought about taking my own life, there were times where I really thought that “This is the end.”

And so I wrote this book because I know that sometimes, you know, when you are learning from someone who is a little bit further along the path than you are you kinda, I know I would always wonder looking at Tony Robbins or Wayne Dieter or Deepak Chopra or Carolyn Myss or Eckhart Tolle or any of these people I always thought it was great for them to have that success and I am happy for them, but I am also happy to be learning these lessons but “What were they going through before they had achieved that success?” and what was the struggle like because the reality is, is that you might be becoming aware of me for the first time or recently found out about what I do, but the reality is that I have been doing this for almost a decade and the reality is that there was a time in my life where I was struggling with deep addictions, you know drug addictions and issues with alcohol and food and sugar and relationships & I certainly did not have it together.

And so I talk about that time in my life, that time where it all seemed lost. And also the teachers I learned from along the way, in this book. and I wanted to share with you because one of my intentions here at the Daily Love is that I am definitely here to teach I am definitely here to teach you what I have learned about how to improve you life, but I am also a “student on the path with you.” I’m walking with you side by side I am learning just as much as you are each and every day.

And I really wanted to write this book to share with you how I got through some of the toughest times of my life, times when I wanted to quit, times when I wanted to end my life and times when I really felt that all was lost and also really show you these lessons that I have learned from these incredible teachers like Wayne Dyer and Carolyn Myss and Joseph Campbell, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey all these amazing teachers that I talk about in my book.

The lessons that I have learned have led me to live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Like if you could rewind 10 years ago and say “Hey kid, you are going to go through all of this crazy stuff all the stuff you write about in the book all the addictions, all the down points, all the betrayals, losing all the businesses you care about, couch surfing for 2 years, not knowing where money is going to come from. Having a dream, failing at it, you know, like having all kind of crazy things happen to you. Having a week like having your divine storm week, or having all this crazy stuff happen where you feel like the universe or god was against you. You are going to go through all of this, but at the end of it there is going to be a beautiful lesson. At the end of it you are going to figure out that there is a big dream for you, there is a calling for you to answer, life has a purpose, and on top of that you are going to be able to help work and inspire literally millions of people.”

I would have been like Bullshit. Haha. Right? It just seems like it was so impossible because I was so stuck, but it is incredible what can be accomplished. For me I have been on this path for over a decade, I am going to share with you in my book the things I have learned in that decade so you can read it in a week, and really condense my knowledge into a week of time, a decade of my knowledge into a week of your time rather than you know, just going on, and going on, and going on and stumbling and that kind of stuff because I want to shorten your learning curve. Ultimately the Daily Love is what it is because of you, you made me, you saved me, you saved my life and gave me purpose. So this book at the end of the day is written for you, the Daily Lover the reader who shows up everyday, whether you comment in or not, whether you are just a passive reader or a passive watcher, not commenting which is fine I am here talking to you. Or if you have been commenting and you have been an active member of the community I am super grateful. If you have been to one of our live events, or you’ve come to Daily Love live, or to any of our retreats at Maui or Bali or Ibiza.

What ever that might be, this book is written for you because, because without you I wouldn’t be here filming this, you know, video right now, I wouldn’t be able to write a book I wouldn’t have a platform to give it to you.

So my book comes out September 9th, I cannot wait for it to come out. Its been a labour of love, literally written from my heart to yours. Its called “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace”. Starting soon there are going to be a lot of interviews that I have done with people like Wayne Dyer and Chris Carl and Carolyn Myss, Nick Ortner, and Gabby Bernstein and I will be sending you all kinds of free interviews where you can check this out, there will be pre order information, all the information is around the page.

If you are not on the website theDailyLove.com if you are watching this somewhere else head on over to theDailyLove.com and get on my blog and really comment, I am curious what have been moments in your life where you felt like the universe was against you, you know there was this crisis you were going through and as you got some space from that crisis that hard time was there Grace, was it a blessing, was there a lesson there for you?

I really want to know because thats what my book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” is all about. Its about really learning those lessons and recognizing that when things don’t go your way thats ok. Sometimes a delay is not a denial, and sometimes things don’t work out so you can believe in yourself, thats really the core of what my book is about.

So go on over to the DailyLove.com and below this video on the blog leave a comment about your journey form criss to grace. What was that crisis moment that wake up call and what did you do with it? How did you turn it around?

In the comments I would love to know. I will be in touch soon with more information with how you can pre-order my book and it comes out September 9th and I am very very excited about that but for now leave a comment, and most importantly and as always here on Daily Love tv remember to take action and make it real.

Can you believe it my new book “Daily Love Growing Into Grace” is out September 9th I can’t wait to share it with you. To check out all the information on how to preorder the book head on over to GrowingIntoGrace.com

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