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Why I’m Taking a Social Media Break

OK – I’ll admit it – I am a social media addict.

I love it.

I love “engaging” with the platforms. Or just wasting time.

I think they are the same thing.

As I am working to get my book done, I find myself constantly distracted by social media. Especially Facebook. I love to debate with people on Facebook. It’s so much fun.

As I’ve been writing in Ojai, Jenna has noticed that my Facebook and social media addiction is really getting in the way of me getting this book done.

So, the other day she asked me a question, “How would you feel about giving up Facebook until your book is written?”

It was a scary thought. But that meant I knew I had to do it.

And so I did. Facebook and Twitter – gone.

I even installed an app called SelfControl that actually blocks those websites, so I can’t even visit them if I wanted to.

Like any other addiction I’ve kicked, it’s time to kick social media cold turkey and trade Facebook for Mybook! I’ve also deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps off of my phone.

I’ve never really focused all my efforts onto one thing. I’ve always been distracted. Always been a good “multi-tasker”. But I need to create a comprehensive and cohesive work of art with this book and fragmenting my attention to fun, yet not that important, communication on the social web is not helping me.

So it’s time to go cold turkey. Even as I write this blog, I can feel part of myself excited and part of myself scared. I haven’t been without social media for a long time. It seems so silly to even write about it because it seems like such a trivial thing. But it’s a major time suck and not helping me create my ultimate outcome.

So bye bye Facebook, bye bye Twitter – I will see you when I’m done.

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