Why it’s important to have a spiritual practice every day!

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Sadhana is the Sanskrit word that means “spiritual practice”. The goal of the spiritual practice is to calm the mind and bring less attachment to the outside comings and goings of life.


Living with a sense of detachment is KEY to living a spiritual life.


This doesn’t mean we don’t care, or we are apathetic. It means that we know that life and crazy stuff happens, but it doesn’t define us. It means that no matter what happens “out there” we are not affected “in here”.


A sadhana practice can be a simple 5, 10 or 20-minute morning and/or evening meditation. Or you could chant a mantra or even go for a walk. The idea is to have a practice that calms the mind and brings more awareness to the breath and to the Divinity in your life. When we have less attachment to the outside world and the circumstances thereof, we are more powerful creators and co-creators of our life.


We are no longer defined on an experiential level by our circumstances, so we can begin to mold our outer world to match our inner world, instead of the other way around. Without a spiritual practice every day we can become lost and so attached to what happens that we get lost in the world.


The great spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti was once asked the key to his happiness, to which he said, “I don’t mind how it goes.”


This is a POWERFUL statement. This is the essence of LOVE. Our definition of LOVE here at TDL is “unconditional acceptance of what is”. Note, I did NOT say unconditional TOLERATION of what is. There’s a difference. We do not and should not tolerate hateful behavior. But we are powerless to change anything without first accepting it.


So, with our spiritual practice we can accept what happens in the outside world without it needing to define who we are. And in doing so, we start to cultivate a POWERFUL perspective that will allow us to transcend our circumstances and truly give our gifts to the world.


What’s your spiritual practice or sadhan

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  • Nadirah

    Everyday I ask the Universe for protection from any negative energy or being that wants to feed off me emotionally, physically and mentally.  I just started a few weeks ago and it has made a great impact on my attitude for the day.  I’m not irritated nearly as much by the small things anymore.

  • Shelly

    I started doing meditation daily over a year ago and see a big change in how I react to things. I am not as quick to get angry. I added in Yoga about two months ago and feel more centered and confident.

  • I have a morning ritual that I’ve been doing for years and it has made such a difference in my life. I start with some inspirational reading, prayer, be in gratitude then meditate. It takes about 30-45 minutes and it is so worth it. When I do this, I don’t experience chaos-on the inside. I teach my clients to have their own practice. Thanks, Mastin for your work!

  • Wanabphd88

    I agree that you need a “grounding” practice. I have been struggling with balancing my intellectual rational mind and my heart. I saw an energy healer at an integrative medicine conference this weekend and she gave some good advice. Go within and feel at your heart center. However, it is incredibly tough for a sensitive person to avoid taking on the energies of the people. Does anyone have any recommendations for this specifically ??

  • Catt

    Acceptance v. Toleration is realllly important 🙂

  • I have shivers down my spine after reading this one. I have been serving fear to blog about my personal Sadhanas given by my spiritual guru, Cinnamon Lofton. “WHY?” Because I have told myself people might think I am giving this woman way too much power and not understand me. I first mentioned my Sadhana in a comment on TDL weeks back. I did blog about my “NO-MAkE-UP” Sadhana which was lifted a few weeks ago. I have been working on my courage to blog about it next and have researched all the definitions. The one thing I would like to add IS…The pitfall of doing a SADHANA WITHOUT a guru can be: “1.EGO can increase. 2. Needs a lot of time for little spiritual progress. 3. One can lose motivation as fast progress is not achieved.”  THis has been the HARDEST decision of my life to take these challenges on. AND, I have already seen such a huge change in myself. I am in utter gratitude and in awe that I created the perfect, loving teacher to learn how to…NOT MIND!. Thanks for the encouragement Mastin! Your DL, Kathleen butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/

  • dap

    the things that happen in our lives have no power–we give them power depending on how we respond to them–you do not detach from or attach to these things–you elevate your life condition to be able to create value with whatever you meet up with–your environment is only a reflection of the place you are in your life–every person has the ability to unlock the potential that they possess–chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO is the key I use…

  • Valentin

    Sending a prayer everyday to the Universe is our only true contribution to better life.  Another great spiritual exercise entails writing, if you make the habit to write everyday one or two pages expressing your feelings toward you and the Universe,  you will feel greatful to be part of this world.   

  • Susan

    This was so important for me to read. My life is utter chaos and stress right now. I started meditating about a year ago and when I am faithful to it; it makes a big difference.  In the last 2 weeks I have re-dedicated myself and when I do guided meditations (I like Gabrielle Bernstein) and then sit in silence and listen to my inner voice and free write, I get alot of comfort and answers to keep my going.

    This post affirms how important a daily practice is and gave me some more information about some goals for detachment and inner peace and letting my inner world shape my outer world.

    Thanks so much Mastin. I am grateful for TDL!! ♥