Why Uni-verse? - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

Why Uni-verse?

We at The Daily Love refer to the Universe as The Uni-verse. Why is this? We like to point out the obvious beauty in this simple word. Uni = one. Verse = song. Together, in all our own unique ways, we are all participating in One Song. We believe that underlying and orchestrating this One Song is a creative and benevolent Presence that has our best interest in mind. We use the word Uni-verse to highlight our similarities and as an attempt to reference this Presence without any dogma, stigma or other associations.

We wish to point out what we lovely and amazing human beings have in common, rather than highlight any differences. We feel that the word Uni-verse is our little part to help create a new vocabulary that unites instead of divides our many diverse cultures, traditions and faiths.