Why We Do "The Work" - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

Why We Do “The Work”

Leora EdutFor a long time I just didn’t get it!! When I moved to NYC from Detroit my life was in a complete funk. Although I had left the city where I thought all my problems lay I was actually running from myself. I had no idea how to just “BE” with me. I was very uncomfortable in my own skin, cause I didn’t even know WHO I was?

Have you ever been in that PLACE before?

I drank to put on the “funny, happy ,party, girl persona” but the next day I woke feeling more miserable then I had before. Wasn’t the celebrating supposed to make me happy WTF?!!! When it came down to it I really had no TRUE friends, I decided I was alone in this world no one really liked me and it was much easier to take from everyone else because that’s what people did right?

I could not see that I was playing a victim, that I was in SO much pain, that there could be something on the other side that maybe a brighter light to live into.

Gratefully 3 months into living in NYC someone very close to me introduced me to the spiritual/transformational world. OMGODDESS!! I was blown away in a short time from that first day. I began healing my relationship with myself, my father, my immediate family, and my fear of failure.

For 7 years I immersed myself in courses and teachings and then I reached another point in life where my EGO was screaming “You are spiritually better then others?” WAIT WHAT WAS THAT? Isn’t the point of this work connection, love, and community?

It was time to go deeper, learn some new lessons, at that moment my lesson was SISTERHOOD. It was time to learn how to be vulnerable. That scared me to the core.

How often do you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

I began exploring my feelings and my body. As a result, I began loving my body for the first time and understanding that it had needs like rest and healthy food to give me lots of GOOD life-force energy. I even began energy healings that helped heal deep past wounds, allow me to embrace my sensuality and give up old guilt and shame. I learned how to be intimate with myself and others, and feel safe and open with men and women.

You see the work never ENDS! I’m certainly not perfect and no longer try to reach that unattainable expectation (although I did for many years.) It’s not about changing or fixing something WRONG with me. I learned to let go of the judgement I had for many years.

Healing can open up your life, create space, and have you experience living your best life yet! The most important lesson I learned is to LOVE, beginning with myself. When your love tank is full you are able to bring love into your community, into your family, your workplace, even complete strangers. This brings aliveness into your body, spirit, and soul. It connects you to everything others, animals, and the planet.

Are you ready to do the work? Do you want to experience love on the planet? Are you ready to live life NOW?