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Why you can’t change yourself & what to do instead

Our whole lives we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for Love, approval and to fit in. This happens first a child – when we adapt to meet our parents needs so that we can get Love.

Then, as we get older, it could be a group of friends, or adapt to how we think our romantic partner thinks we should be – or the opposite – we rebel against how anyone thinks we should be and we stand out by not fitting in.

No matter how we slice it, adapting ourselves to fitting in or being a rebel and standing out – all of these behaviors stem from our thoughts about what other people think. And living our lives from the perspective of what other people think creates massive pain in our lives. Because when we act based on what other people think, we are acting from the place of a deficit, that is – “I’m not enough, so I am going to change myself to be enough.”

And this core thought has caused A LOT of pain in my life. And this core thought has caused a lot of pain in general.

The journey is that through feeling all of this pain, we come back to ourselves. And we stop identifying with what other people think we should be, or we stop rebelling against other people – and instead tune within and listen to whom we really are – at a heart and soul level.

Each and every one of us – and that includes – YOU – is a unique soul. We have a unique gift. We are great at something. And life comes into balance and our fullest expression begins to be realized when we align with our true nature rather than being a part of the herd or rebelling against the herd.

The journey is within. When we listen to and act from that place – we are trendsetters – we are unique – we are special – and ain’t no one else like us is made.

And what’s cool is when we start to belong to ourselves and express ourselves – we put out a different frequency and, as a result, we start attracting and meeting people who are on that new wave length. And what’s so cool is in doing so, we no longer need to chase people. When we belong to ourselves, we find who else we belong to.

The joy of living a Self -Approved life is revealed when we begin to allow ourselves to be ourselves – we accept ourselves as we are – we accept ourselves as perfectly imperfect and the inner conflict begins to die down. And our true nature emerges and The Uni-verse supports us in miraculous ways.

How can you start to live a Self Approved life today? What are you going to do differently?

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