Why you’re not getting what you want!

mk_treesPlain and simple, we get what we ask for.

Not just with our words, but also with our actions. In fact, our actions will show us what we are asking for far more than our words. We only take action on what we truly believe, so if we want to see what we are really asking for, let us look towards our actions.

If you say you want to lose weight, but your actions are to eat high calorie food and stay inactive, you aren’t really asking for health.

If you say you have faith but your actions are faithless, then you don’t really have faith.

If you say you love someone and your actions are unloving, then you don’t really love that person.

Let us be mindful of our actions.

The precursor to action is thought. Sometimes it can be VERY hard to be aware of what we are actually thinking, especially because many of our actions come from unconscious thoughts. If we want to tap into what’s really running us, but are having a hard time, let us see what actions we are taking.

We want love, but we run away when it shows up. There is a misalignment there of desire and thought.

We want weight loss and a healthy body, but we don’t get off our ass and exercise. There is a misalignment there, too.

In this literal Uni-verse, we can LITERALLY create (from the inside out) any type of experience we wish to choose. It is when our desires, our thoughts and our actions are in alignment that this kind of life begins to emerge.

The seed of a desire for something greater lives within all of us, but our lack of action prevents that kind of life from unfolding.

Imagine if a farmer had seeds and land to plant his seeds, but doubted that the seeds would grow if he planted them. So if this doubt were strong enough, the seeds would never get planted. Or, they get planted, but then the farmer can be too impatient and dig up the seeds the next day or the next week because the crop hasn’t come yet.

The farmer still has no harvest. Then a second farmer comes by at harvest time with a full crop of harvest, and the first farmer gets jealous and angry at the second farmer for having abundance. The first farmer may blame The Uni-verse or say, “People like me aren’t supposed to have this harvest,” but in reality, it is the farmer’s own doubt and impatience that prevents him from reaping his harvest.

We are many times like the first farmer. Our seeds are our desires. Our fields are our daily actions. We must plant our desires in actions and then be patient. If weeds of doubt creep in, we must clear them out. And in perfect time we will be able to harvest the fruit of our faith.

This is how life is. We need to nurture the fertile soil of our actions with faith and patience.

So, today, are you not getting what you want? Look at your desires. Look at your actions. Where is there a disconnect? How can you adjust your actions to sync up with your desires? And, if that feels weird, how can you change your MENTAL habits to allow yourself to take the proper action that is in alignment with your desires?

The answers to the lack you may be temporarily experiencing is all within you. Show up, let go and trust The Uni-verse one day at a time. Get your desires, thoughts and actions in alignment and then let your patience and faith shower down on the fertile soil of your actions.

Your harvest WILL come.

How can you make this change today?

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  • Lisa

    Great! What is very often missing is faith in ourselves and the Uni-verse. So we stop halfway through, too scared to leave our comfort zones. For example I want to become a writer and turn what is now a hobby into a way to make a living. I have the desire, but my thoughts keep flip-flopping. One day I think I need to put all my energy into making it and I will make it, the other day I think ‘oh what happens if I am not good enough?’. So I don’t put all my effort into it. I need to believe in my dreams and fearlessly embark on the journey to fulfill them.


    • Carie Bean

      Sounds all to familiar! I too can flip flop with the best of them. You’re at least half way there. Try starting with something small and do it every day. Don’t give up. People make a difference every day with their words and get paid for it. Write. Write. Write. Your voice is like no other, beautiful, and unique. Share it. Happily, Carie

  • Carie Bean

    Mastin, great message. Recently i listened to your interview with Jacob Sokol and one of the things he spoke of was ACTION. Hes said something like Take the action first. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, believe in the action. If you know something is good for you then do it. Even if you don’t feel like doing it at the time. That really resonated with me.
    Happily, Carie

  • Gia

    True true…with me, it’s love. I’ve caught myself (literally) running away twice from a man I know is interested in me…and I in him. Yet, I say I want love. So next time I see him I’ll keep my feet planted in the ground.

    • Sonya

      Gia I do relate to what you are saying I spent 3 lonely years by myself I didn’t even want to date because of fear of putting myself out there again. I am in love with someone I dated many years ago, we have reconnected but am afraid to tell him as I do not want to ruin a great friendship…This topic just may give me the strength to push forward and go for it..whatever is meant to be will be…I will trust in the Uni-verse..!

  • Kathleen Chelquist

    It was by no accident that I popped on TDL EXTRAVAGANZA and listened to what I wanted and needed to hear. Firstly, I “wanted” to hear Panache Desai. I watch Super Soul Sunday, have read many books, etc, and often times my heart will not FULLY agree with the Spiritual Thought Leader. But… my heart leaped, danced, and belted out a tune, while listening to him. Panache so reminded me of my training with Cinnamon Lofton. I have had such a hard time NOT looking UP to her (as most of you can probably tell), but she continually reminds me that she is NOT a guru…she is merely my reminder of who I really am. A face in the mirror. A humble servant who is not greater or lesser than any other soul with a body. And, that our greatest spiritual tool is…BREATHING. Her book, “Here, Now” is as simple as it gets. Just like LOVE.

    Now, what I “needed”. Yes, I am OVER 40 and got through college without a computer. I absolutely loved and honored you, MASTIN, as I heard your compassion for us Non-Techy human beings out there. I have had a friend working on a website for almost a year who does not live by me. I have NOT taken action in a way that meets my own models. The reason? Well…as I am writing this…I could say the easy truth of my fear and computers…but even deeper than that and harder to admit…is….money. You see, I agreed that if I was going to post ANYTHING with CInnamon Lofton…that NO money will be involved. No advertising, etc. She is a FREE servant of Love who has NO issue with me or anyone else charging to teach. But her guidance was…to NOT charge. And since she is a servant, she complies.

    So there you have it…I have prevented myself from taking ACTION because of money and figured…my blog was good enough. Which (by the way) it is…and that is the contradiction I will embrace. WOW…that wasn’t easy to write.

    The Daily Commenter,

  • Kim Gallman

    Thank you Mastin……….Very timely. I am taking a motorcycle class this evening…..actual hands on! I have some fear but I am clearing the weeds out. I decided that I didn’t want my experience on a bike to be determined on if I were dating a rider or not. Getting this license will be putting into action what I want. Namaste, Kim

  • Ann McFall

    I did everything I needed to, and still did not get what I wanted.

  • Kristine

    As an avid TDL reader for a couple years now I am confident in saying I think I’ve met “The One.” It’s still very new but also progressing incredibly fast which makes me unfcomfortable.. How do I know what’s too fast? Is it possible to be doing TOO much action? Does a “falling in love timeframe guideline” exist? I doubt it! I’m falling pretty fast over here, and I just don’t want to mess anything up. Help!

    • David McDreamy

      Yes, I’ve a man who being a hopeless romantic always falls head over heals when he meets that “one”. Yes they are rare, yet you don’t know the real them yet & no one ever does. I just wrote a comment below & was about to sign off;) For a man who has had a long term relationship(15years) & a few small ones(2 ~12month approx) with breaks I between, & to many dates/encounters it’ll make you blush(200 plus-men need to do this to get it out of their system when single again, I never believed it when i was first heartbroken from my long term relationship. I’ve always been a loving one woman man when with someone & wouldn’t have it any other way). I promised myself now to be celibate & since February even though I’ve gained some new female friends I haven’t slept with any until I’ve become really “good friends” first. I now see this as so important as by not having sex with them you get to learn who they really are & them I. It’s made the biggest difference ever, I promise you that. You can actually think without our “lower brains” as they always confuse us emotionally & we mistake lust for love.

      The answer I say to you as my new golden rule- I’m not revealing or saying directly to them that I love them. By holding back on these things you get a greater clarity than you normally would. It isn’t easy one bit as I still sleep in bed with them when they sleep over. Do you know how hard, quite literally it is not to go the next step? Drives me insane to be honest yet I shall not fall to temptation. My future relationship I’m taking it to a level not many people ever get to & it’s surreal. That’s another story in itself. Take it slow & being the woman make him chase you as that is a mans role & make him be patient because this will reveal if he’s worth it. If he won’t wait & leaves then there’s you hard yet honest answer because if he can’t be patient what’s he going to be like with you in the future?

  • David McDreamy

    We can have whatever we want! I wrote on another post here tonight & it explains why I say this. someone reawakened my soul literally as I’ve never encountered such a person. You name it they have done it, own it, seen it. Even as an adult I say to them “Tell me another story” & they are all intriguing especially the one’s with prince’s, princess’s & world famous ppl. I gaze upon them whilst they weave their tales. She is now working full time, Uni full time so she has the qualifications when she buys a winery in the south of state I live in! Awesome lifestyle I believe. She speaks four languages, has two degrees, has worked & run some of the most exotic hotels in the world, travelled the four corners of the earth, why haven’t I done this? Because I became content & didn’t live how she does by her number one rules I’ve written below.

    Their number one rule on how to live she said to me….

    What is the one thing people say/think when they are old & in their twilight years? Why didn’t I do that or go travel there or have children…it’s different for everyone. It’s regret because they never acted on their dreams which are our inspirations. The impossible is possible & I have never believed in it more than right now.

    Speaking of that…..I’m off to the land of dreams;) Sweet dreams.

  • Amina Bennett

    This is so true! Actions certainly speak louder than words, but there is something about making a verbal and intentional declaration that gets the wheels in motion. As a SAHM, sometimes I find it especially difficult to find the time to do me-centered activities. But lately I’m finding that my 4:45 a.m. wake up call is just the regularity that I need to jumpstart me on the road to my personal best! Good luck to everyone out there that’s looking to make change…it can totally happen! http://mommamina.blogspot.com/2013/07/we-never-changeor-do-we.html

  • Great article, Mastin! I’ve been asking myself this same question a lot lately. It seems to be particularly true in starting a new business. I think I have a lot of doubt if I’ll reap the success I so desire, and therefore I don’t always plant the seeds of action I need to be planting to attract followers.

    With love,

  • I think a problem I run into a lot is focusing so hard on the desires I have, and spinning my wheels going over every single option or possible outcome. Then before I know it, a whole day or week or month or year has gone by, and even though my intentions were in the right spot…NOTHING got done. This problem of thinking too much and acting too little is such an easy trap to fall into, because sometimes the thinking can feel like you are taking some sort of step forward.

    This is such an inspiring post, makes me want to get off my computer right now and get out there and sow some seeds of awesomeness 🙂

    What I like about this website that I didn’t get from the book “The Secret” (which turned me on to the law of attraction and positive thinking, etc) is that the book makes it seem like just THINKING positively about your desires is enough. It is NOT. That just makes you delusional, lol….thank you for being the kick in the pants and the inspiration a lot of us benefit from…it is totally possible to have everything in life we dream of…if we take action and work for it!


  • “If you say you have faith but your actions are faithless, then you don’t really have faith.” Yikes that was a hard lesson to learn first-hand! So easy to say we have faith and then fall into questioning and behaving in ways that contradict this. A great reminder to read this post today and bring mindfulness back to always having actions demonstrating faith, as well as my words. Thank you again for bringing awesome messages into my daily life! Bernadette 🙂