Wipe Out Karmic Debt By Raising Your Consciousness

Ryf-Van-Rij-199x300I was asked my thoughts recently about “spiritual” leaders who bring up the concept that we can never avoid “karma.”

I am passionate about this topic. I carried a boatload of shame and guilt most of my life for being born “wrong” and for the choices I made later to confirm and compound my wrongness that hurt myself and others.

I became very familiar and comfortable up on the cross bleeding for my “sins.” I lived in perpetual victim mode. The “karma” concept was just another way for me to hang onto my guilt and shame parade.

It took me a lifetime of dysfunction before I reached my surrender point. It was only then, through therapy, 12 step and meditation that I became aware that Source/Uni-verse/Higher Power/God knows no evil and therefore cannot be in the business of revenge, punishment or even forgiveness for that matter.

Evil is not some dark force that exists in parallel somewhere out in the Uni-verse. Evil is simply the frustration and concealment of good.

Source has no perception of lack or evil. Source is love and knows nothing else.

The will of Source for each of us is to completely realize our full potential.

It could never be the will of Source to inflict any kind of limitation, bad luck, lack, sickness, disease or deformity on any human being.


So what of karma?

In Buddhist teaching, the law of karma says:

“For every event that occurs there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according to whether its cause was skillful or unskillful. A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things.”

Karma “could” be interpreted as the need to stay in the cycle of debt repayment until we have balanced the books for our past misdeeds. To some people it may mean that until their repayments for past misdeeds have been settled they cannot be cleansed and freed to live happy, purposeful and abundant lives.

We may feel we have truckloads of karmic debt that we need to “pay off” before we can live abundant lives and we certainly have the choice of paying off this karmic debt by retribution and suffering; choice “A.”

But we also have the choice of opting out of this more traditional and painful form of soul “debt cleansing” and we can opt for what Source is really calling us to do which is to elevate our consciousness above the conscious state we were in when we committed the act or “sin” that triggered the karmic debt in the first place, choice “B.”

It’s then that we slip into the place of spiritual understanding; a place where we would, with conscious awareness, not repeat the same acts or “sins,” that triggered the debt in the first place.

This is the great gift of raising our consciousness and connecting to Inner Divinity and Self Love that essentially wipes out our karmic debt and the need to pay it off by ongoing retribution and suffering.

That’s really exciting to me because if I attempted to pay off my karmic debt in the “traditional way,” option “A,” there may not be enough days left in the years of my life to settle the debt!

That’s why I choose to focus on option “B!”

The awareness is that there is no desire of retribution and revenge willed upon us by Source/Universe/Higher Power/God.

Source has no investment in making us suffer for our misdeeds.

No matter what our past “sins” are, by living in truth and raising our levels of consciousness, we wipe out the need for retribution and any karmic debt we feel we may have incurred is settled.

When our thoughts are in alignment with Source and our authentic selves and when we speak good things and do good things we are in effect raising our levels of consciousness to a place above where we previously frustrated our potential.

This has the tandem effect of wiping the slate clean of our past errors and transgressions (karma) and it also opens the way for future blessings to come into our lives.

So would you be willing to jump off the victim train and focus instead on raising your level of consciousness?

Could you accept that it is the will of Source that you completely realize your full potential?

Would you be open to a less harmful way of debt cleansing and realize that Source has no desire to punish you for your past?

Much Love & Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Mona

    Great article! Thanks for this. A recent past life regression I have experienced explains the load of guilt that was consciously difficult for me to understand. With this new awareness, I can “catch” myself more easily and it feels very liberating… That was my first regression experience and I didn’t necessarily “believe” in it but I now trust that it is a fantastic tool! Psycho-genealogy is also fantastic and helps bring behaviorial patterns to consciousness. Thanks again for this post. The awareness that “Source has no investment in making us suffer from our misdeeds” is indeed key to the process. Love, Mona

    • Ryf Van Rij

      Hi Mona,

      Really appreciate you commenting. The story we have about our past and the meanings we gave to specific events are not based in reality. That is not saying the things never happened it’s just that the perspective we gave
      those things may not of been correct perspectives and these disempowering perspectives have driven our lives and created blueprints that have become the foundation for dysfunction.

      Each one of us us is magnificent beyond words and anything short of that is just us frustrating our potential.

      It is impossible to separate ourselves from all that is. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are part of the magnificent whole of the universe therefore that part of us must be the same in kind and quality as the whole. The only difference is the degree to which we understand this awareness and the degree to which we use it to our benefit.

      I honor your journey.


      • Angela

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    • The Daily Love

      We’re happy to hear that you enjoyed the article, Mona! Thank you for reading and sharing with the community!
      -Team TDL

  • Sandy

    Hi Ryf, What I’ve discovered is that any judgment or labels (karma, victim) come from the ego part of me, the thoughts or stories it creates makes it bad or good, right or wrong, happy or sad, whatever it takes to get me to perform the same old habits, beliefs, self-image, patterns. When I come from my true essence, which is love, & I understand & accept the thoughts are an accumulation of everything I’ve ever ingested, observed or invested in, but not the true me, I find peace. The ego, when mismanaged, wants repetitive patterns, the false self or self-image it created upheld for survival sake, even if the habits, lifestyle, or consistent patterns are harmful, unhealthy or cause chaos. What I do is accept the thought as an ego thought, not the true me. I also don’t get in a battle with it or take it personal, I simply accept it & remain neutral. Instead of saying I want junk food, I accept it is an ego thought & will say, there is an ego thought that wants junk food.The thought vanishes, another may soon follow, but I keep accepting it as an ego thought. I reinvented a self-image to a healthy one that accommodates what I desire. I put in place positive patterns & habits that benefit me. Let’s face it the ego isn’t going anywhere, so I figured it was best to learn how to manage it or make it work for me. I decide the opposite of what doesn’t work, or get a goal or desire in mind, I put steps in place of what I’d like to experience along the journey to my goal, however I surrender the outcome, & I take each step. I show up no matter what, even if/when the ego balks, which it will, it hates change & it is extremely clever & cunning. I accept it when it does, but instead of agreeing or automatically obey its commands or instructions I stay true to the steps I create. Grant it it is still a form of the ego it is just putting in place the habits & thoughts that work best for me. When I pay attention to the mind chatter or give into what hasn’t worked I take my eye off the ball & go back to what doesn’t work. I can tell you from experience the harder it is the better the reward! Just wanted to drop in another perspective. Thank you. Much love!

    • Ryf Van Rij

      Hi Sandy,

      This is an awesome perspective. We are all the different levels of our consciousness journey. With someone who may still be deeply stuck in story and perhaps actual physical addiction it may be an impossible challenge for them to have the awareness that you have written about.

      I eventually realized that old hurts and damage of my past was in fact exactly what I needed to become consciously aware of my connection to Source/Universe/Higher power/God and without it I would never have got to this awareness.

      Now I live in a space where I realize my connectedness to universe. The creator could only create the likeness of himself and nothing else. Therefore I am a perfect creation of source mind. Anything else is just purely me frustrating my own potential. This is certainly a place where we begin to live in a non-egotistical state and where we have no opinions or need to fix people places and things.

      When we realize the truth of the enormous spiritual potential we have within us, we become free to be our unlimited selves and we are free to achieve unlimited things.

      Love and respect


    • The Daily Love

      Great thought patterns, Sandy. Looking at the thoughts as “ego thought” as opposed to as your true self is a great way to look at it! Thank you for sharing!!
      -Team TDL

  • Kahley

    Hi Ryf – your post resonated with me. As the eldest male of a dysfunctional family, I can relate to your story. The shame we accumulate from our past creates blocks to living in the present. Using behaviors and substances became an effective, albeit poor, coping mechanism. 6 years into 12-step recovery for codependence and relationship addiction I can now see clearly how my story, the narrative I tell myself about f my life and what happened had more to do with my happiness than what actually happened! I literally let my biography become my biology!

    Until recently I struggled to understand why my personal, professional and financial life were seemingly always in a state of near collapse. What was / is it about my choices that invariably led to such wildly disfunctional outcomes? The story I crafted about my past and the associated shame have become part of subconscious DNA which result in choices that I am not even aware of. The Buddhists have it right: “mindfulness”. The first step is mindfulness, which requires awareness. I believe your recipe of 12-step, therapy and meditation is the start. Thanks for putting it out there!

    • Ryf Van Rij

      Hi Kahley,

      That’s a powerful quote. “Letting your biography become your biology!” I can really relate.

      Thanks for sharing your vulnerability and cards so openly. Awareness on it’s own is incredibly curative. Your awareness is powerful. So many of us run our lives on a blueprint from the past. The first step is blasting out that blueprint and the story of your past that is blocked your future. Then you get to form a new and empowering blueprint which is the base foundation to build your new meaningful and purposeful life.

      The real awareness and powerful understanding is that everything that has come into our lives has come to point us towards our authentic selves so that we can move towards our greater good and so that we can serve the good of others. There will be a time when you will be grateful for all the dysfunction and the hurt and the challenge because without it you wouldn’t be heading towards the amazing awareness and powerful life that you are
      currently journeying towards

    • The Daily Love

      Kahley, these are great reflections! Thank you for reading and sharing!
      -Team TDL

  • guest

    I am just curious. I don’t know much about Karma, and I want to bring this from a different angle in hopes that maybe someone might be able to help me understand this better. What about the people (a couple in particular for me) who are in a powerful position over others, that abuse that power and literally squash, or stomp, on others to either climb further up the ladder or to hurt people that they assume are not worthy. How does Karma work for them? Are they somehow punished for their horrible behavior towards others? especially in light of the fact that I can’t imagine they are aware of having any knowledge about debt repayment, or cleansing. I couldn’t see any inner light within them. Do they just get to continue going through life gaining by using their power over others?

    • Ryf Van Rij

      It is a challenge to allow others to grow and experience the way they need to and to learn what they need to learn especially when it seems to be hurting others. The most empowering thing you can do is choose an empowering perspective like be grateful that they are showing you what’s so important in your own life. This Boss is trying to get his human needs met in the best way he knows how. Try to have no opinions. The only person we can ever really change is our selves.

      That being said the law of cause and effect is universal. What you sow is what you reap. You get what you give. There will come a time when this boss will need to face the music in his own particular way. But that is not for us to determine.

      Thanks so much for your sharing and comments. It’s really great to get feedback.

      I honor your journey,


    • Guest

      Hi Ryf,

      Thank you for your response, it has enlightened me. Without realizing it, what these people did for me was exactly what you said. Their actions have empowered me to be a leader with compassion, and to lead by example. That is my goal. I appreciate your response to the next poster below:

      “There will be a time when you will be grateful for all the dysfunction and the hurt and the challenge because without it you wouldn’t be heading towards the amazing awareness and powerful life that you are
      currently journeying towards.”
      I was raised in an extremely dysfunctional family, and I have had a tremendous amount of challenges in the past 14 years. This has led me to the wonderful journey I find myself on now.
      Thank you.