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Wipe Out Karmic Debt By Raising Your Consciousness

Ryf-Van-Rij-199x300I was asked my thoughts recently about “spiritual” leaders who bring up the concept that we can never avoid “karma.”

I am passionate about this topic. I carried a boatload of shame and guilt most of my life for being born “wrong” and for the choices I made later to confirm and compound my wrongness that hurt myself and others.

I became very familiar and comfortable up on the cross bleeding for my “sins.” I lived in perpetual victim mode. The “karma” concept was just another way for me to hang onto my guilt and shame parade.

It took me a lifetime of dysfunction before I reached my surrender point. It was only then, through therapy, 12 step and meditation that I became aware that Source/Uni-verse/Higher Power/God knows no evil and therefore cannot be in the business of revenge, punishment or even forgiveness for that matter.

Evil is not some dark force that exists in parallel somewhere out in the Uni-verse. Evil is simply the frustration and concealment of good.

Source has no perception of lack or evil. Source is love and knows nothing else.

The will of Source for each of us is to completely realize our full potential.

It could never be the will of Source to inflict any kind of limitation, bad luck, lack, sickness, disease or deformity on any human being.


So what of karma?

In Buddhist teaching, the law of karma says:

“For every event that occurs there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according to whether its cause was skillful or unskillful. A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things.”

Karma “could” be interpreted as the need to stay in the cycle of debt repayment until we have balanced the books for our past misdeeds. To some people it may mean that until their repayments for past misdeeds have been settled they cannot be cleansed and freed to live happy, purposeful and abundant lives.

We may feel we have truckloads of karmic debt that we need to “pay off” before we can live abundant lives and we certainly have the choice of paying off this karmic debt by retribution and suffering; choice “A.”

But we also have the choice of opting out of this more traditional and painful form of soul “debt cleansing” and we can opt for what Source is really calling us to do which is to elevate our consciousness above the conscious state we were in when we committed the act or “sin” that triggered the karmic debt in the first place, choice “B.”

It’s then that we slip into the place of spiritual understanding; a place where we would, with conscious awareness, not repeat the same acts or “sins,” that triggered the debt in the first place.

This is the great gift of raising our consciousness and connecting to Inner Divinity and Self Love that essentially wipes out our karmic debt and the need to pay it off by ongoing retribution and suffering.

That’s really exciting to me because if I attempted to pay off my karmic debt in the “traditional way,” option “A,” there may not be enough days left in the years of my life to settle the debt!

That’s why I choose to focus on option “B!”

The awareness is that there is no desire of retribution and revenge willed upon us by Source/Universe/Higher Power/God.

Source has no investment in making us suffer for our misdeeds.

No matter what our past “sins” are, by living in truth and raising our levels of consciousness, we wipe out the need for retribution and any karmic debt we feel we may have incurred is settled.

When our thoughts are in alignment with Source and our authentic selves and when we speak good things and do good things we are in effect raising our levels of consciousness to a place above where we previously frustrated our potential.

This has the tandem effect of wiping the slate clean of our past errors and transgressions (karma) and it also opens the way for future blessings to come into our lives.

So would you be willing to jump off the victim train and focus instead on raising your level of consciousness?

Could you accept that it is the will of Source that you completely realize your full potential?

Would you be open to a less harmful way of debt cleansing and realize that Source has no desire to punish you for your past?

Much Love & Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.