Wish Out Loud!

Robin Lee burgandy102411I remember being tiny, sitting in front of my birthday cake, and getting ready to close my eyes. Everyone around me yelled, “Make a wish!!” — and they explained that if you make a wish and share it with people, it loses its magic and it won’t come true. SHHHHH!!!!! Don’t tell anyone!!

Although I believe the most incredibly beautiful things are meant to stay close to our Hearts and can not be expressed verbally — this past year I have experienced something completely different that I wanted to share with you.

I have believed forever that wishes come from the Heart. It’s as if our hearts are born etched with dreams that we have come here to experience. When the time is right, we are shown these dreams and given desire to fulfill them.

This year for my birthday, I remember closing my eyes to make a wish. I felt this deep fullness inside of my Heart. I began thinking of all of the incredible opportunities, people and relationships coming into my life. What was beginning to seem so random became something I began to embrace as perfectly orchestrated to fulfill the desires that I came here to experience. I noticed a bit of heaviness in my Heart as I sat there looking at the candles burning. I took a deep breath inquiring what that was about and I could hear a little voice inside that said, “I don’t want to be quiet anymore.” I took another deep breath and could feel a tug at my Heart. I don’t want to keep my wishes to myself anymore.

I looked around the table and saw people smiling at me, celebrating the fact that I was born. I thought about all of the random meetings of my life over the past year that I could never have created on my own. Obviously, life is here to support me. I then saw a vision of myself at the top of a mountain with my arms spread wide yelling my wishes and asking for help and support to make them come true. I didn’t want to wait silently for my wishes to come true anymore. I wanted to commit to creating them and have all of the support possible to be able to make them happen easily and effortlessly. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face and blew out all my candles.

I made a commitment, instead of a wish, to live my life out loud. I committed to express what I want and ask for the support when necessary to make it happen. How often I have had the attitude of “I can do it by myself.” I can — but I don’t believe that is the point any longer. I have proven to myself how strong and capable I am in so many areas of my life. I committed to surrendering to the feeling of overwhelm and will choose to see it as an opportunity to reach out to those around me, that we may become more connected and closer. It is time for me to allow my life to be easy, flowing — and full of magical support and freedom.

To all of your beautiful Hearts out there, let’s make this the year to Wish Out Loudly and know how truly supported we are in every area of our lives.

From the deepest place of my Heart that I have learned to love from,

# # #

Robin Lee is a Medical Intuitive and Healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.

  • So resonant, Robin!!! And fascinating, I’ve never thought about that tradition of keeping wishes silent – perhaps some remnant of a society built on not expressing our personal wants/needs/wishes… I love this new paradigm. Thank you!

    • Robin Lee

      xoxo Michelle! 🙂 You are so very welcome! Enjoy Wishing out loud and seeing how much support is and has been waiting for you!

  • Bestdogcooper

    Last night as I lay in my grandson’s bed reading Robert Lewis Stevenson to him & my precious grand daughter I realized the fufillment of my dreams. Decades of heartache, grief & abuse from the man who said he loved me melted into history & I was so incredibly blissful. Even after they both fell asleep I continued to read while both snuggled in my arms, a Bubby’s dream come true! Was the journey to this moment in time a painful one, indeed is was. Could I be so grateful had I not known the heartache? Never did I imagine what was waiting for me at the end of my rainbow. Every day now I give thanks to my new life where I feel so loved, valued & complete.

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Bubby (how cute is that name for a Grandma)! I was just having a conversation with a client about this very thing–the stress and overwhelm of life–and the path that is being paved towards perfection and support through it all.. At the end the lessons of grace and compassion are always shown.
      “Everyone moment of my life supports me. I am not a victim. I am a co-creator in my life.” My favorite affirmations. xoxoxo Enjoy the snuggles and story times! xo

  • ChaCha

    I could not agree more. I too have been asking and sharing my dreams. I have had that old “on my own” most of my life and I am waking up to asking for help that I need. It may be emotional or skill-set but we don’t have to do it on our own., but how can anyone help if we don’t voice it
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Chacha! When we change simple habits we can truly live extraordinary lives–yes? Keep opening up!! xo

  • KristiJoJ

    Robin, your article really resonated with me, and your timing is uncanny.  Yesterday afternoon, I came across the following quote and added my own words to it, and I posted it on Twitter and Facebook:

    “Tell everyone what you want to do, and someone will want to help you do it.”-W. Clement Stone.  I want to be a professional writer/blogger.

    To put my dream on public display left me feeling exposed and vulnerable, but it also made me feel very empowered, as too often I have silenced my voice.  Like you, I want to live a life out loud, and I am learning that when I do live in such a manner that others do appear to help me to be the best version of myself and to support my goals and dreams.

    My wish for you is that your every wish comes true!


  • Ellen

    Yes! I also often find myself spinning my wheels, thinking I am going to do everything myself – which is hilaaaaarious, because I can’t be my own client, right?  This morning I’m thinking about the fact that although opening myself up, expressing myself, and asking for help does increase my chances of finding friends, love, support, allies, collaborators, it also means I will inevitably experience indifference and rejection.  Inevitably.  And I think that’s why I keep my wishes silent.  For me, that’s where the rub is – the vulnerability and the challenge of coping realistically with indifference and rejection by realizing it’s nothing personal a la Don Miguel Ruiz and Byron Katie and Wayne Dyer et al.  

    • Robin Lee

      I was just in the shower thinking of Mr Miguel Ruiz and not taking things personally. I love syncronicity. For me,not wishing out loud was about shame and the thought of being unworthy and having people laugh at me. You know,its funny-because some people do laugh and I am sure they always will. But most are inspired by the fact that I have a vision and am willing to put it out there. Ellen, thank you so much for taking the time to share! Someone just told me recently that rejection is Gods way of saying-not now,wrong person-and a way of being able to be given a chance to  practice patience. The biggest rejection we could have is not giving our own Heart a voice. LOVE LOVE LOVE to you and your Heart full of dreams. May you have the courage to live your passions!

      • Ellen

        Thank you Robin.  I hear you.  Blessings on your work.  

  • Amanda

    Thank you Robin for your beautiful post it really hit home for me. I recently lost my entire apartment and most of my personal belongings  from Hurricane Sandy and my current job is not truly where I want to be.  What I have been learning from all of this sadness and heartache is that you have to say what you want out loud.  Whether to a friend, a family member, a boyfriend or a complete stranger.  Because you never know what someone may say or do that will have an amazing positive outcome and lead you on the path where you need to be. I say, say it out loud and be proud!!! May all of your wishes and all the other readers wishes come true!!!  🙂 Amanda 

  • Majestic

    Thanks Robin! This blog is indeed helpful as I’ve been struggling with unemployment – I am embarrassed about the circumstances around this topic; but I’m going to put it out to the Universe that I like help with employment in the Austin, Tx area.

    • Robin Lee

      Blessings to you on your journey! There is nothing to be embarrassed by…breathe through that and open your heart to all of the support you deserve. xo

  • wingedangelflies

    Thank you for sharing your touching and deepest inner thoughts. Say and stay the course of your heart, because from your writing we become enlightened too!

  • Andrea

    I turned 18 in April, and I made this commitment, I asked for help and one of my biggest dreams is about to come true 😀 Thank you so much <3