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Wish Out Loud!

Robin Lee burgandy102411I remember being tiny, sitting in front of my birthday cake, and getting ready to close my eyes. Everyone around me yelled, “Make a wish!!” — and they explained that if you make a wish and share it with people, it loses its magic and it won’t come true. SHHHHH!!!!! Don’t tell anyone!!

Although I believe the most incredibly beautiful things are meant to stay close to our Hearts and can not be expressed verbally — this past year I have experienced something completely different that I wanted to share with you.

I have believed forever that wishes come from the Heart. It’s as if our hearts are born etched with dreams that we have come here to experience. When the time is right, we are shown these dreams and given desire to fulfill them.

This year for my birthday, I remember closing my eyes to make a wish. I felt this deep fullness inside of my Heart. I began thinking of all of the incredible opportunities, people and relationships coming into my life. What was beginning to seem so random became something I began to embrace as perfectly orchestrated to fulfill the desires that I came here to experience. I noticed a bit of heaviness in my Heart as I sat there looking at the candles burning. I took a deep breath inquiring what that was about and I could hear a little voice inside that said, “I don’t want to be quiet anymore.” I took another deep breath and could feel a tug at my Heart. I don’t want to keep my wishes to myself anymore.

I looked around the table and saw people smiling at me, celebrating the fact that I was born. I thought about all of the random meetings of my life over the past year that I could never have created on my own. Obviously, life is here to support me. I then saw a vision of myself at the top of a mountain with my arms spread wide yelling my wishes and asking for help and support to make them come true. I didn’t want to wait silently for my wishes to come true anymore. I wanted to commit to creating them and have all of the support possible to be able to make them happen easily and effortlessly. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face and blew out all my candles.

I made a commitment, instead of a wish, to live my life out loud. I committed to express what I want and ask for the support when necessary to make it happen. How often I have had the attitude of “I can do it by myself.” I can — but I don’t believe that is the point any longer. I have proven to myself how strong and capable I am in so many areas of my life. I committed to surrendering to the feeling of overwhelm and will choose to see it as an opportunity to reach out to those around me, that we may become more connected and closer. It is time for me to allow my life to be easy, flowing — and full of magical support and freedom.

To all of your beautiful Hearts out there, let’s make this the year to Wish Out Loudly and know how truly supported we are in every area of our lives.

From the deepest place of my Heart that I have learned to love from,

# # #

Robin Lee is a Medical Intuitive and Healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.